Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Our Week - The One with a Tropical Storm and the Back-to-School Social

Dance and baseball started last week, so we had a very busy week getting back in the swing of things.  Throw in a virtual learning day from the Tropical Storm, and it was a little crazy.   

Monday, August 16

Monday morning, I dropped the kids at school and sent them off with extra prayers.  I knew it would be a tough day for everyone, but I knew it’d be especially tough for Jacob’s class after the unexpected loss of their classmate over the weekend.  The whole school wore pink in her honor on Monday.

I headed straight home and went for a run, and then I spent the rest of the day working.  

Jacob’s new baseball coach for the upcoming fall season called to give us our team assignment, and I was happy to have some good news to tell him when I picked him up Monday afternoon.  I thought he might need some cheering up.

Just before pickup time, we got a call from the school that in-person learning was going to be moved to virtual learning on Tuesday because of impending Tropical Storm Fred that was due to blow through in the middle of the night.  We were on track to take a direct hit, and they didn’t want everyone traveling to school in the rain and wind in the morning. 

I picked up the kids at dismissal, and Jacob told me all about his day.  He said that the school guidance counselor, one of our priests, the principal, and the vice principal all came into their classroom to spend some time with them first thing Monday morning so they could talk about the passing of their classmate.  He said that they laughed and cried and prayed together, and they decorated her desk with flowers, notes, a cross, and a basketball since that was her favorite sport.  They also made cards to send to her parents which I thought was such a sweet thing for them to do.  Jacob seemed to handle everything pretty well, and I’m grateful that he and his classmates had such amazing support from everyone at our school and church.

Jacob’s teacher sent an update Monday afternoon detailing everything the school is doing to help the kids get through this tragedy, and I’m just so grateful that they’re being so proactive.  It’s times like these that I’m especially grateful to have our kids at a Christian school… I’m sure it’s comforting for them to be able to pray with their friends and teachers and talk about how their sweet friend is in a better place now.

Olivia had her first day of ballet, tap, and jazz Monday, and it started at 3:45, so we headed straight to the dance studio after school.  This is her fourth year of ballet and tap, her second of jazz, and her first year starting lyrical (which she started on Tuesday).  She was so thrilled to be back at it, and she barely looked back at me when she walked in the studio. 

Because of Covid, parents are still not allowed to wait in the waiting room, so Jacob and I walked her in and headed back to the car.  She has officially graduated to the junior level, so her ballet, tap, and jazz class is now two hours rather than an hour and 15 minutes.  Two hours is a LONG time to wait in the car, y’all, especially after I’d already been sitting in the school pickup line for an hour.  Whew. 

Last year, the pickup line at school was so quick that we were able to drive Jacob home and then head to the dance studio so he didn’t have to wait with me, but this year that’s not feasible, so instead, we are driving straight to dance, and then Brian is meeting us there to pick up Jacob and take him home.  Thank goodness he is still working from home on Mondays!!

Once Jacob had been picked up, I had nearly two hours to burn, so I decided to run to the library.  In the past, I’ve always waited at the dance studio, but sitting in the car for two whole hours after I’ve already been in the car for an hour and a half for car line is going to be rough, so I just decided this year it’s probably fine to leave for a bit.  The library isn’t too far from her dance studio, so I dropped off some books and picked up a couple of new ones.  My BFF, Jeannine, was working, so I stayed and talked to her for a while, and then I headed back to the dance studio where I read the remainder of the time that Olivia was in class.

Olivia was bursting with excitement when she finished her classes, and she was thrilled to be in the same class with all of her friends from last year.  We headed home in the pouring rain and wind because the outer bands of Tropical Storm Fred had already started rolling through, and by the time we got home, B had already secured the back porch for the storm.

We made breakfast for dinner, and then spent some time with the kiddos before getting them into bed and watching some more of Ted Lasso.

Tuesday, August 17

We were awakened at 3:30 AM by the power getting knocked out from the storm.  The storm wasn’t really all that bad – just some torrential rain and a bit of wind – so we were surprised the power had gone out.  I figured it’d be resolved quickly, so we went back to sleep and sweated the rest of the night since we had no air conditioning and ceiling fan.  We like to be coooold when we sleep so we keep the thermostat on 72 and the fan on high all summer, so I didn’t get much sleep after that.

Since the kids were out of school Tuesday, we were able to sleep in a little later than usual, and when we got up, the power was still out.  Sigh.  We checked the outage map, and we appeared to be pretty much the only area that was out, so I crossed my fingers and hoped it would be back on soon because the kids had virtual learning to do.

By the time we were up, the worst of the storm had passed, so B went ahead and went into the office since he couldn’t work from home.  The kids and I had some Larabars and bottled waters for breakfast so we wouldn’t have to open the fridge, and then they played by lantern light for a bit.  

The power finally came back in just before 10 AM, but by then it’d already been out for nearly seven hours, so I knew I was going to have to trash a lot of stuff in the fridge.  That is always so heartbreaking.  I hate wasting food.

Once the power was on, the kids got down to business, and they had their schoolwork completed by lunchtime.  We picked up Chick-Fil-A for lunch as a little treat, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon working and playing.  The weather was nice and cool, although reeeeally humid, so we took a nice, long walk around the neighborhood, too.

Olivia had her very first lyrical class Tuesday afternoon, and on the way, we stopped by the sports store to get some new cleats for Jacob.  They had nothing in stock, so we left empty-handed and then headed on over to dance.  Olivia’s lyrical class is only 45 minutes, so Jacob and I sat in the car in the parking lot and read while she was in there. 

We got home just as B was getting home from work, so I whipped up some hot dogs and mac n cheese for dinner since it was about all that we had that had survived the power outage.  After dinner, I cleaned out the fridge and tossed everything that needed to go, and I made a grocery list of everything that needed replacing.  And in case you’re ever in the same situation, this website is SUPER detailed and tells you exactly what to throw out when there’s a power outage.

B and I also put the porch back together since we’d had to move everything around for the storm.  We watched a Walk the Prank with the kids before getting them in the bed to read, and then B and I watched a few more episodes of Ted Lasso.  Y’all, I am in LOVE with that show.  I wasn’t super hooked after the first one, but by the third one, I fell in love.  If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and watch.  It is hilarious and heartwarming and you will fall in love with it, too.  I have always loved Jason Sudeikis and he could not be more perfect for this role. 

Wednesday, August 18

Wednesday morning, I dropped the kids and then headed to Publix to grab all of the fridge and freezer stuff we needed to replace.  The rest of the morning was spent working, and then after lunch, I ran out to another sports store to grab literally the last pair of baseball cleats in Jacob’s size in the whole store.  Maybe the whole city??  Nobody has them right now! 

After that, I went to the groomer to pick up Maui.  B had dropped her off bright and early to get her hair cut, and she looked so dang cute!  Y’all, just look at that face.  I could just eat her I love her so much.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home cooking while the kids did homework, and then after dinner, the four of us went outside and played in the back yard for a long time.  Jacob was supposed to have had baseball practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but the fields were wet from the Tropical Storm, so practice was canceled all three evenings.

Thursday, August 19

Thursday, I had nowhere to be, so I dropped the kids at school and spent the entire day working in my office.  I still feel like I’m in a hole from summer break, and I’m trying to get ahead again. 

Jacob had his first fall baseball practice of the season on Thursday evening, so he and B headed off to that at 5:30 while Olivia and I stayed at home.  We played a couple of rounds of her favorite Hatchimals game, a round of Frozen 2 Surprise Slides, and a round of Guess Who after they left.  My little girlfriend loves some board games.

After our game-playing, I got dinner in the oven, and then I did a cardio workout while Olivia got a shower.  I had dinner on the table right when the boys got home, and then the rest of the evening was spent getting the kids into bed and watching more Ted Lasso.

Friday, August 20

Friday morning after dropping the kids at school, I headed to my Aunt Joy and Uncle Greg’s house to pick up a couple of things.  I ended up chatting with my Aunt Joy for a while and catching up with her

After a stop at the post office, I headed home and worked for the rest of the day, and then I grabbed the kids from school when they got out at 3.  Jacob’s class had been treated to chocolate chip cookies from the lunch crew in memory of their classmate, and a teacher from our big rival school in town had also brought over handmade cards from their fifth grade students to give to our students in her memory.  Each kid had made a card with a hand drawn unicorn on it since unicorns were his classmate’s favorite thing.  I thought that was just the sweetest thing for them to do that, especially since they’re our big rival school.  The outpouring of love our school has received during this awful time has been truly humbling. 

When we got home, I finished my book I’d been reading and then we picked up dinner from Five Guys.  The kids’ school hosted a back-to-school social Friday evening before the first football game, and they had the icey truck there to hand out free iceys (icies??) to all of the kiddos.  Since Covid cases are skyrocketing here we’ve not been going out much again, but since this event was held entirely outdoors, we figured it’d be safe.

Sure enough, the school did a great job of having everything spread out, so we were able to enjoy the evening and catch up with friends while keeping a safe distance outside.  Everyone wore pink in memory of Jacob’s classmate who passed away last week, and the school hosted her parents and extended family for the game.  Prior to the game, we said a little prayer and had a moment of silence for her, and her family was presented with some mementos in her memory. 

We only stayed for the first few minutes of the game, and then we let the kids play on the playground for a bit before heading home.  A big storm was rolling in, and we didn’t want to get caught in it. 

When we got back home, we all got into our PJs and snuggled up on the couch to watch Lego Masters from Tuesday night, and then after the kiddos went to bed, B and I watched a few more episodes of Ted Lasso.  So so good, y’all!

Saturday, August 21

Saturday was a lazy day at home.  I made homemade waffles with fall leaf sprinkles (too soon??), and then we were lazy for a bit afterward.  I finally got up mid-morning and got in a great cardio workout and I started our Saturday morning laundry. 

Olivia had been asking me all week when I was going to start decorating the house for fall, and after seeing the fall sprinkles on her waffles, she asked me no less than 10 times Saturday morning if we could decorate the house.  She even went to her bedroom and came back out dressed in her witch costume to convince me.  Hahahaha. 

At 11, we watched Jacob’s classmate’s funeral via livestream.  The church was so packed that the preacher said they had to turn people away – because Covid.  It was a really beautiful celebration of her life… she was truly loved by so many.  And her parents are an absolute inspiration.  I have never witnessed such unwavering faith in anyone and I’m honestly not sure I would be able to be as strong if something similar happened to me.

I made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch (always a crowd pleaser), and then afterward, B and I worked on a couple of small house projects.  Jacob finally got his new laptop case in the mail, and he spent some time covering it in stickers.  He was so dang excited to decorate that thing!  He’s never showed much interest in decorating any of his school stuff, but this year he was all about decorating his binder and his laptop.  The tween years are upon us!

Saturday afternoon, I pulled out our boxes of fall decor to appease Olivia, but I wasn’t quite ready to take it on, but I ensured her that we would start decorating sometime this week. 

It was stormy all Saturday afternoon, so we stayed all cozy indoors.  The kids played all afternoon with a big box that they’d turned into a spaceship.  I mean, it has full-on windows, doors, and a windshield with a view of outer space.  I just love how creative they are.

I got all snuggled in at my desk in my office mid-afternoon with a cup of hot cinnamon tea and Friends on my TV, and I worked for a couple of hours while the kids played video games.  Brian had a project going on for work all weekend, so he was on and off of calls all weekend.

By the time I finished up with work, it was time to get ready for dinner.  B picked up Carrabba’s while the kids showered and got ready for bed, and we poured some wine and enjoyed a cozy dinner at home.  I was positively stuffed by the time we finished. 

After dinner, we finally got caught up on America’s Got Talent from earlier in the week, and then after the kiddos went to bed, B and I watched a couple more episodes of Ted Lasso.  Y’all, we watched the one where they spoof a scene from Love Actually, and it was pretty much the best thing ever!  Just when I thought I couldn’t love that show more they went and stole a scene from my favorite movie!  Love love love!

Sunday, August 22

Sunday, we started the day with cinnamon rolls and virtual church.  Ugh, y’all, I am just heartbroken about doing church virtually again.  It is just not the same as being there in-person.

After church, Olivia and I started sorting through the fall décor, and we got everything laid out so I could see what all we have.  I ended up getting my office decorated since there isn’t much to it, and then we took a break for lunch.

We were supposed to have been going to my MIL and step-FIL’s for lunch and my parents’ house for dinner, but because Covid cases are heavily on the rise here, my MIL and step-FIL canceled, and then my parents also ended up canceling for similar reasons.  Everyone is well, but we’re all just being super cautious again since things are so bad here right now.

I was in a bit of a funk early Sunday afternoon because the day was giving off such strong 2020 vibes, so after lunch at home, we got outside and walked to our neighborhood playground.  The fresh air and three-mile walk got me feeling a little better, and then the rest of the afternoon was spent working, getting a jump start on the laundry, and prepping for the week ahead.  

We ended Sunday with a charcuterie board for dinner and some cocktails, and that was our week!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


  1. I'm so sorry about Jacob's classmate. My heart broke when I saw your stories. I hope him and his class are doing ok. It's so hard when our little ones have to experience such hard life moments at a young age. On a side note, maui looks adorable and so do your precious babies <3

  2. Jason Sudeikis apparently went to the elementary school around the corner from me! He didn't go to the same high school Gabbie goes to though. Our school also has a back to school ice cream truck thing. A lot of people were even wearing masks outside at it. I'm glad Jacob feels like he has class and school support after losing a classmate. It must be really hard! Two hours for dance class is really long - Gabbie doesn't even have classes that long and she's been dancing over 10 years! (in total she does but not individual classes).

  3. That really is so comforting knowing the school is being so supportive of the kids.
    Ella lost a classmate in 3rd grade so we understand how tough it can be.
    Sweet Maui! And so thankful y’all were safe through the storm.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of that child. How heartbreaking!! Sending prayers for all those dealing with that.

  5. Sorry to hear about the loss of your son's classmate. That's heart breaking.
    We lost power this morning following a bad lightning strike that blew a transformer. The power was out for about 2.5 -3 hrs. I didn't throw anything out but I'd love a link to that website that you referred to. I think my stuff will be okay for such a short time but it'd be nice to know for the future! 😎

    1. Hey, here's the link! Sorry, I forgot to put the link in my original post, but I've updated it now.


  6. Just so heartbreaking about Jacob's classmate. You truly do have a wonderful school and it really seems like they are doing everything they can to support the family and the kids - plus the wider community, too. Very special!

  7. How wonderful to have the whole school (and even your rival school!) banning together in support. We lose our power so often that we have a HUGE generator that powers a good 90% of our household appliances (and our air conditioning!-- but we don't run it at night so sleeping without power is still a struggle).

    1. It really was wonderful how everyone came together. Man, that's crazy that you lose your power often. Thank goodness for that generator! We could really use one of those, too.


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