Monday, August 9, 2021

What I Wore - July 2021

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Happy Monday, y’all!  Our kiddos are heading back to school today and, as always, I’m a mixture of excited and sad.  It’s always so bittersweet sending them out into the world after having them home with me for 11 weeks.  Summer flew by this year, and even though I wish we had a little more time, I am looking forward to getting back on a real schedule and having more time to pour into this little space.  I always tend to neglect it during the summer, and this summer has felt particularly bad… I’ve been on autopilot!

You know what else back-to-school means?  We are one step closer to FALL!!!!  Yes, once the kids go back to school, summer is dead to me, although, if I’m being honest, once Fourth of July is over, summer is dead to me.  Hahahaha.  The summer heat is not my favorite and August is usually the worst.  Fortunately, September is right around the corner, though, and that means it’s almost time for me to bust out all of my pumpkins and fall leaves.  Yes, ma’am!

Anyway, today I’m sharing all of my looks for July, and in true summer fashion, it’s all a bunch of shorts and warm weather clothes… gotta keep it cool down here in the south!  As always, I’ll link all available items underneath each picture in case you want to shop any of the looks and buy something for yourself.

Here’s what I wore in the month of July…

July 1 - Tank // Necklace // Pink Apple Watch Band

July 2 - Top // Necklace // Shoes // Hot Pink Apple Watch Band

July 3 - Dress // Necklace // Bracelets // Hot Pink Apple Watch Band

July 4 - Denim Shorts // Necklace // White Apple Watch Band

July 5 - Pink Top // Denim Shorts // Necklace // Bracelets // White Apple Watch Band

July 6 - Necklace // White Apple Watch Band

July 7 - Denim Shorts // Necklace // White Apple Watch Band

July 8 - Denim Shorts // Necklace // White Apple Watch Band

July 9 - Top // Denim Shorts // Necklace // White Apple Watch Band

July 10 - Necklace

July 11 - Top // White Apple Watch Band

July 12 - Eyelet Top // Necklace // Bracelets // White Apple Watch Band

July 13 - Green Twist Front Top // Necklace // White Apple Watch Band

July 14 - Necklace // Bracelets // White Apple Watch Band

July 15 - Top (similar) // Denim Shorts // Tennis Shoes // Necklace // White Apple Watch Band

July 16 - Pink Top // Denim Shorts // White Apple Watch Band

July 17 - White Apple Watch Band

July 18 - Tank // Denim Shorts // White Apple Watch Band

July 19 - Top // Hot Pink Apple Watch Band

July 20 - Bracelets // Hot Pink Apple Watch Band

July 21 - Denim Shorts // Shoes // Hot Pink Apple Watch Band

July 22 - Top // Pink Apple Watch Band

July 23 - Pink Apple Watch Band

July 24 - Tank // Pink Apple Watch Band

July 25 - Top // Pink Apple Watch Band

July 26 - Pink Apple Watch Band

July 27 - Denim Shorts // Pink Apple Watch Band

July 28 - Shoes // Pink Apple Watch Band

July 29 - Tank // Pink Apple Watch Band

July 30 - Tank // Skirt // Pink Apple Watch Band

July 31 - Pink Apple Watch Band

Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. Good luck to the kids today (and to you!) wishing them a wonderful school year! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  2. I'm hyping myself for back to school by taking my kids back to school shopping today! Hooray. I hope your kids do great! And love seeing your outfits as always!

  3. I hope they have a great first day and that it goes well for you too!! We start two weeks from today and I feel the same as you, excited and sad. I love routine though and look forward to that. Love all your outfits, especially that pink dress!

  4. We don't start school here until the end of August but I definitely feel like summer is over once school starts too.

    1. Yes! Once school starts I'm ready for cool weather. Haha.

  5. So many cute clothes. Love those Target shorts. I can’t wait for Fall clothes too!

  6. Such cute outfits! That Amazon tank is adorable and looks even better on you in real life! Great pick, mama. xo


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