Monday, January 3, 2022

What I Ordered from Amazon in December 2021

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Amazon orders were surprisingly light in December, but that’s probably because we did most of our shopping in November.  Ready to see what I purchased?

Merry & Bright Sweatshirt

For someone who loves Christmas as much as I do, I have surprisingly few Christmas tees and sweatshirts.  As a matter of fact, prior to purchasing this one, I had zero Christmas sweatshirts.  I came across this one and loved it, and I sized way up to an XL so I could wear it with leggings.  It’s soft, not overly thick, and it covers my butt well so I can wear it with leggings.  It comes in many other colors, too.  I love it!


Cocktail Shaker

My momma retired last month, so I put together a big basket of all of the goodies that she needs to make her favorite cocktail (my Winter White Cosmo) at home.  She didn’t have a cocktail shaker, so I included this one in the basket, and it’s so nice – great quality and the perfect size.  I highly recommend it!


The Pioneer Woman Cooks Super Easy!

For all of you Pioneer Woman fans, she released this new cookbook a couple of months ago!  This one was a purchase as a Christmas gift for a friend.


Inflatable Reindeer Ring Toss

I was in charge of planning Olivia’s class Christmas party since I’m the room mom, so I purchased this set of inflatable reindeer ring toss games.  For less than $12, you get two sets of reindeer antlers, a gajillion rings, and a pump.  It took me, like, 5-6 minutes to get all of these inflated with the pump, and I was so impressed by how well it worked.  The antlers are huge, and they come with little strings that you can tie under your chin to hold the antlers in place, and it is the cutest game.  Unfortunately, Olivia was out with the flu, so we missed the Christmas party, but she and Jacob have been having fun with these at home since then.  I highly, highly recommend this for kids and adults alike.  It’s such a fun Christmas game for all ages, and it is perfect for a Christmas party.


Black Disposable Masks

When the Delta variant made it here and started spreading like wildfire, I switched from cloth masks to disposable ones as I had heard that they protect you better from infection.  I ordered a set of 50 on Amazon months ago and I LOVE them, but the listing was no longer available when I went back to reorder.  Instead, I found these, and they’re identical to the ones I had before.  These are comfortable, they fit my face well, they have the nose clip so you can mold them to your face, and the ear loops are super soft and don’t bother my ears.  I love these.


Tea Well Ginger Mint Tea

I love making hot toddies when I’m sick or even if I feel like I have something coming on, so the week that the kids and Brian (and maybe me??) had the flu, I made them nearly every single night.  I use this tea in my hot toddy and needed a refill, so I ordered them from Amazon.  It’s slightly cheaper in stores, but it’s been really hard to find lately for some reason.  They recently changed the packaging, so I’m thinking maybe that’s why?  This tea contains ginger and mint so it’s excellent for immune support, and it tastes really good, so it would be great to drink alone every day as well if you don’t like whiskey.  ;o)  I highly recommend it.



My allergies are bad year-round (although, they have improved since my rounds and rounds of allergy shots a couple of years ago), so I take Xyzal every day.  I needed a refill, and Amazon always has it the cheapest… even if you have a coupon for another store.



Maui gets a little treat every evening after the kids go to bed, and these Dentastix are our go-to treats for her.  I love that they can help reduce tartar and clean her teeth.  And she loves them!


Happy Monday, y’all!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. Happy New Year. Oh how I wish I would’ve seen that Mary and bright sweatshirt! There’s always next year! lol.

  2. I love the sweatshirt! Zachary uses disposable masks that we were getting in costco, but now they don't have them. I wonder if I can find a good set on amazon.

  3. We bought more masks in December too! I also love that ring toss game - such a great idea! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. Love that sweatshirt!!! And I love the Pioneer Woman and literally can just read her cookbooks as books haha!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Thank you for including the black face masks. My hair dresser gave me one to take home to try, because I noticed them at their salon. I loved it compared to my cloth masks. I just hadn't taken the time to look for them online. I also ordered some kid sized black ones, too. My daughter is 13, but has a narrow face. I can't believe we are still buying face masks, though! Sigh.


  6. I love that sweatshirt! I have always been a fan of the disposable masks. Thanks so much for linking up tomorrow. Happy New year!

  7. The reindeer antler game seems so fun! Definitely keeping that in mind for future get togethers. My mom got a bunch of the disposable masks and I love them, too. I snagged a whole bunch from her over the holidays!

  8. I love that sweatshirt. I should try disposable masks i always just wear one i can wash

    1. I used to wear washable ones, too, but I've found the disposables are so much more comfy! And supposedly they work better, too.

  9. I’ve added a Pioneer Woman Cookbook to my Christmas list every year and have never received one. Lol! It may be time to take matters into my own hands! 👏👏


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