Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Winter White Cosmo (Bonefish Copycat Recipe)

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One of my favorite cocktails ever is the seasonal Winter White Cosmo that Bonefish carries in December.  They go down so smoothly, and goodness gracious, are they delicious!  As much as I love Bonefish, the $9 price point per drink hurts so this past Christmas I set out to learn how to make them at home.

I turned to none other than Pinterest for a copycat recipe, but didn’t have much luck.  I tried two different recipes that I found but neither tasted remotely like Bonefish’s, so I ended up pulling ingredients from two of the different recipes I had found and then tweaking everything to come up with an original recipe.  I think I was finally able to capture the flavor pretty well, and even if it’s not exact, it’s still so darn good!

Back at Christmas I posted the picture below of three of the drinks that I made on Christmas Eve on Instagram, and my direct message inbox started blowing up with people wanting the recipe so for all of you who were wondering, here it is! 

Use It

Martini glasses (I love these.)

Buy It

1 1/2 oz. cranberry vodka
1/2 oz. triple sec
1/2 oz. fresh lime juice
5 oz. white cranberry juice
3-4 cranberries to garnish

Make It

1.      Combine first four ingredients over ice in a shaker. 
2.      Shake and then strain into a martini glass.
3.      Garnish with cranberries.

This recipe makes one cocktail. 

One warning before you get started – finding white cranberry juice was tough.  I searched a couple of our local Publix grocery stores and couldn’t find it, nor could I find it at Target.  I finally found it at Walmart, and it was the Great Value brand (Walmart’s private label brand), not one of the main name brands, which was fine with me!  Also, they only had one left in the whole store, so apparently it’s not a common item to carry.  SO – if you decide to make one of these, don’t be surprised if you have trouble finding the juice.  BUT – if you do make these, the white cranberry juice is the essence of the drink, so I highly doubt that it would be anywhere near as good if you use a substitute.  Just an FYI.

I hope you all enjoy these yummy little cocktails as much as I do!  My Momma sure does!  

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  1. I love adding cranberries to drinks for pretty and WOWZES, this looks delicious!! AND beautiful!!

  2. Ohhh, I can't wait to try! These looked so good. Definitely going to share with my mom, too. I think these would be a hit with her and her friends!

  3. This drink looks so fun and fest. I LOVE cranberry too, so I bet I would really enjoy it.

  4. This looks oh so good!! I will have make this!

  5. This looks amazing! Too bad white cranberry juice is so hard to find!

  6. What fun festive drink to enjoy all winter long! Yay for creating a recipe that matches! xoxo ERIN

  7. Drinks are so expensive nowadays! Glad you found out how to make this -- I've never tried it, so I'm pinning this for later.

  8. YUM!!! Thank you so much for sharing, definitely pinning <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. This so so good! Thank you for sharing!

  10. This sounds so good. I can't wait to try it!

  11. I'll take one of these right now (we're having a snow day! ha!)

  12. I don't drink, but I can admire it's beauty!!! Sometimes I think 1 (or 3) of those would help me get through my day, though!

    1. Haha. They most definitely would! But then you'd be sleepy and wouldn't get anything done. ;o)

  13. Just pinned this!! Holy moly - these look and sound incredible!

  14. Okay, first of all, these LOOK amazing. Second, they SOUND delicious! I need to try this!

  15. We almostttt went to Bonefish while we were in Florida and ended up going somewhere else instead. Definitely going to go next time!

    1. You should! And if you ever go in December, be sure to try this drink!

  16. I can see why everyone wanted the recipe! The pictures are beautiful and recipe sounds delicious. I've pinned!


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