Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

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Brian and I have never really done very much for Valentine’s Day, but I know a lot of people go all out for the holiday that celebrates all things loooove, so I thought I’d whip up a little gift guide! 

Ladies, if you see something you like shoot the links over to your guys so they can get something for you that you actually want, or just treat yo’self and call it a day!  ;o)


1 – This BP peplum top is on its way to my house as we speak!  You may remember how much I have been raving over these Old Navy peplum tops?  Well, the last one I ordered got lost in the mail and when I called to report the issue they told me that they were all sold out and would only be able to give me a refund.  (Cue all the tears!)  Well, as soon as I saw that these BP peplum tops at Nordstrom were on sale, I jumped on them!  I’m hoping that I love it as much as I love my tops from Old Navy!  For only $20.98, why not?

2 – Fringe earrings are all the rage this year and these in blush are perfect for Valentine’s evening, date night, and spring!

3 – Heart shaped sunglasses are always so fun!  I have some pink ones similar to these that I love! 

4 – I’m sure most people already have their new planners for 2018, but if you don’t and you’re looking for something quick and not wanting anything customizable, this planner fits the bill. 

5 – Why yes, these are making yet another one of my lists!  Brian gave these exact house slippers to me for Christmas this past year and they are AMAZING.  I’m really wondering why the heck I’ve never owned any good house slippers until now.  I wear them all the time when I’m at home.  Literally all the time.  I wear real shoes when I’m out of the house, but the second I walk through the door, I put these babies right back on.  They are so cozy and they keep me so warm.  I never realized how much my cold feet were preventing me from staying warm at home.

6 – I’ve had this necklace on my wish list for a loooong time.  It comes in all of the different birthstones, and it would make the perfect gift for any lady who wears jewelry.  Lucky for me, I’m an April baby, so my birthstone is a diamond.  ;o)

7 – Dark chocolate is my favorite.  I choose it over milk chocolate and white chocolate every single time.  These dark chocolate bars are perfect for someone who likes to receive traditional Valentine’s Day gifts and – bonus – they are covered in champagne sprinkles for a fun twist! 

8 – Because I adore my Hunter boots so much, I will continue to sing their praises until the end of time.  Yes, they are expensive, but it is highly likely that I’ll still be wearing the same pair 20 years from now, so they were worth every penny in my opinion.  These pink ones are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, or if you’re me, they are the perfect gift for any day!  One of these days, I will own pink Hunters, too.  ;o)

9 – Everybody should have a good graphic tee for each of the big holidays.  I know I do.  Wine lovers, rejoice!  This one is adorable!

So do you and your significant other go all out for V-Day or do you keep it low-key like we do?  I always love to hear what other people do!

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


  1. I love it all! I love the peplum shirts from Nordstorm. I have 2 of them! You know how much I adore my slippers! :)

  2. You soooo ave me wanting the Pink Hunters now!! And love the soft pink fringe of those earrings!

  3. I hope you like that top! I tried it on this weekend and it did NOT flatter me at all, but every time I see it on someone else I love it! Dark chocolate is my favorite, too (twins, again!) - I definitely would not say no to those bars, especially with the sprinkles! I thought about buying a pair of pink hunters when I got my pair years ago, but I decided to be a bit more practical and get navy blue. I definitely wouldn't mind adding a fun color, though.

  4. Cute ideas....we never do much but my hubby was being secretive with our daughter the other day so something is up! xoxo ERIN

  5. We don't do Valentine's Day either, but I'm always up for some presents!

  6. No Valentines Day festivities for us, I usually just get flowers and he gets a card and it is a normal day. I love a peplum top and that is a bummer about the Old Navy one. You inspired me to get it in the purple and I love it! Have a good day!

  7. I sure do love blush! We usually don't do too much either, but we usually get each other a little something and make a fancy dinner at home. I'm a sucker for celebrating love. I adore all of your picks here. So cute! You're always so stylish!

  8. So many cute ideas! We don't do a lot either but I love seeing everyone's recommendations. Dark chocolate is my fav too! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  9. Oh my gosh I'm obsesseddd with all of these!! Kyle and I usually do one gift each for each other, plus one for Lilli from the both of us!


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