Wednesday, January 3, 2018

What I Wore - December Recap

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Well, there was definitely a theme for December’s outfits and I think it’s pretty safe to say that theme was RED.  I always try to dress as festive as possible for the holidays but this year I think I was more festive than ever!  Lots of Christmas graphic tees, lots of buffalo plaids, and lots of RED!  

And I have to say, my VERY favorite piece that I wore all month is this sweater.  Y'all, it's from Walmart and it is only $14.96!!  I don't normally buy clothes at Walmart, but every now and then something will catch my eye.  This sweater is just darling and it's well made.  I bought it in a medium so it's a little oversized and perfect to wear as a tunic!  It comes in four different colors!

My second favorite has to be this grey bell-sleeve top.  It is so elegant yet comfy.  See how I styled it on December 19.

Here are all 31 of my looks from December, and as always, I linked everything that is still available... links are under each picture.

December 1 - Skinny Jeans

December 2 - Zella Live-In Leggings // Booties

December 3 - Skinny Jeans // Converse

December 4 - Skinny Jeans // Lace-up Black Flats 

December 5 - Skinny Jeans

December 6 - Zella Live-In Leggings // Nikes

December 7 - Skinny Jeans // Red Hunter Boots

December 8 - Grey Sweater // Zella Live-In Leggings // Red Hunter Boots

December 9 - White Puffer Vest (Similar) // Skinny Jeans // Boots // Toddler Skinny Jeans // Toddler Boots

December 10 - Booties // Red Dress with Bell Sleeves // Red Bow Flats

December 11 - Peplum Top // Skinny Jeans // Boots

December 12 - Skinny Jeans // Boots

December 13 - Zella Live-In Leggings // Nikes

December 14 - Cross-Front Blouse // Skinny Jeans // Belt // Boots

December 15 - Peplum Top // Skinny Jeans // Boots

December 16 - Booties // Red Bow Flats

December 17 - Gold Bow Necklace // Skinny Jeans // Boots // Toddler Peplum Top // Toddler Boots

December 18 - Skinny Jeans // Red Hunter Boots

December 19 - Grey Bell-Sleeve Top // Scarf (Similar) // Skinny Jeans // Belt // Boots

December 20 - Skinny Jeans // Boots

December 21 - Skinny Jeans

December 22 - White Puffer Vest (Similar) // Skinny Jeans // Boots

December 22 - White Puffer Vest (Similar) // Skinny Jeans // Boots // Toddler Skinny Jeans // Toddler Boots

December 23 - Filthy Animal Top (Similar) // Skinny Jeans // Toddler Skinny Jeans // Toddler Boots

December 24 - Gold Bow Necklace // Booties

December 24 - Gold Bow Necklace // Booties // Red Bow Flats

December 25 - Ruffled Buffalo Plaid Vest // Skinny Jeans // Boots

December 26 - Grey Sweater // Zella Live-In Leggings // Boots // Toddler Boots

December 27 - 

December 28 - Buffalo Plaid Scarf // Skinny Jeans // Boots

December 29 - Skinny Jeans // Toddler Boots // Red Dress with Bell Sleeves

December 30 - Skinny Jeans // Boots

December 31 - Zella Live-In Leggings // Boots

Happy Wednesday, y’all!!

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  1. That bell sleeve sweater from WalMart is sooo cute! Love it with the Hunters and the Cognac boots! When red works so beautifully on you, I’d go for it all the time too! Love and love that your Dawgs are in the championship baby! What a game on Monday!

  2. That sweater from walmart was my favorite of yours this month, too! Super cute!

  3. Love all your outfits. You know I love all the red.
    I’m ordering that grey sweater from WalMart right now.

  4. I need to add some more holiday shirts to my wardrobe next year. Ad I love that sweater!!!!

  5. Seriously it's all so cute!! You're stylish for sure!!! =)

  6. You make me realize I do not have enough holiday clothes! LOL!! Love all the outfits, especially that peplum top, too bad it's all sold out in my size!!

  7. Love it, now you just need to pick one of those outfits to wear next Monday night. I am rooting for Georgia! GO DAWGS! xoxo ERIN

  8. Super cute outfits! That walmart sweater is great!

  9. Super cute, as always! I love your December 27th! LOL!

  10. Loving all the pops of red and that believe tee is too cute <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. All the red for the win! Can't pick a fav! Cheers to the new year friend!

  12. Loving all of the red, buffalo plaid, and festive clothing! Y'all are the cutest!

  13. Oh my gosh, teach me your ways! You always look so chic and put-together. And omg, that bow necklace. Swoon.

  14. So many super cute outfits, as always! I love the bow necklace that you have!!

  15. You have some super cute sweaters! I think my favorite was that shirt from Day 12, LOVE!

  16. I love that you have so much red. I think I own maybe 2 things in red. I need to work on that. I follow that WhoawaitWalmart account on Instagram and they’re always posting cute clothing items they found at Walmart. I love that grey sweater on day 8.

  17. You both have such cute outfits! I think I own maybe a handful of red pieces. I always tell myself to branch out and buy more red but then I go right back to my basic colors. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  18. ARIGATOU(Thank you so much!!)
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and a prosperous new year!
    On Japanese New Year ‘s customs;
    Adults put money in a special envelope and give it to children.
    This is called “otoshidama” and many children look forward to it very much!


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