Friday, January 19, 2018

Five on Friday - Faves

What a week!  We had two snow days this week and it actually snowed, like, a LOT.  Therefore, the kids were out of school Wednesday and Thursday so my productivity basically went out the window this week.  I’ll be recapping all of that for you on Monday, but in the meantime we’re rolling into the weekend with some faves…

O N E – These Storage Boxes

I’ve been working on purging and reorganizing the shelves in my office (there are a LOT of them) and the problem I have been running across is that some of my old diaries and scrapbooks that I am obviously not parting with were making my shelves look extremely cluttered.  I found these storage boxes on Amazon and they are perfect for wrangling everything and making everything look a lot less sloppy. 

The boxes are very sturdy and I love that they have lids so I can just close them up and nobody can see what’s inside!  They are a perfect fit for my Ikea Billy Bookcases!  (Best bookcases ever.)

They also come in several other colors in case these grey and white striped ones don’t meet your needs.

Here's what the shelf looked like before:

And here it is after!

T W O – Simplify 2018 Game is Strong

Well, it was strong until the kids were off unexpectedly two days this week!  Haha.  Tuesday I was able to get a good bit done in my office before the great Snowmageddon 2018 happened on Wednesday.  I cleaned out a lot of my craft drawers and got them reorganized and I also finished cleaning out my CD collection.  I still have to rip some of the songs from the CDs to keep in iTunes, but I’m loving having some extra space on my shelves!  Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram stories for the latest updates!  And if you missed anything, they are all recapped in my highlight titled Simplify 2018 in my Instagram bio.

T H R E E – These Baskets!

My entire office is decorated in pink, gold, black, and white, and I came across these gold wirestorage bins on Amazon.  How gorgeous are they?  My local Walmart has some that are almost identical and they are a fraction of the price, so I’ll be keeping them in mind in case I run into any needs for baskets.

F O U R – DMB Tour + New Album

Y’all know how crazy I am about Dave Matthews Band.  Well, they announced a summer tour this year along with a new album and I am bouncing off the walls excited!  They haven’t put out a new album since 2012, y’all.  That is SIX YEARS!  So I’m ecstatic!!  I know most of y’all probably don’t care, but for all of my DMB loving friends, here ya go!

F I V E – Target Valentine’s Day Goodies

As always, Target Dollar Spot is killing it with the holiday décor!  Valentine’s Day is not really one of my favorite holidays, but I sure do love decorating for it!  My favorite color is pink, and I love hearts so it’s obviously right up my alley.  They have some adorable stuff at the store right now and it took all of my self control not to buy anything the other day.  I’m trying so hard to be intentional with the things we’re bringing in, but there’s just something about Target that makes me want to throw that philosophy out the window and buy all the things!  Dang you, Target marketing department!!!!

Anyhoo, here are just a couple of the cute things I saw in our store…

This garland.

This candle.

Well friends, I hope you have wonderful weekends… I’m over here wondering how it’s already the weekend again since we just had a two-day weekend in the middle of the week!  

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  1. Those storage boxes are AWESOME!
    And I'm with you on Target! It makes me want to throw my simplifying motto for 2018 right out the window, too~ But all those cute garlands and such... I think I could use on the Valentine's bar cart so it has a purpsoe, correct! HA

    Happy Friday!

  2. Target really does have some cute things!!! It is hard to resist! I love all the progress you are making with your office. It amazes me the number of CDs you have! You are making me want to clean out mine, now, too! And yay for you for the DMB new album. I can only imagine how excited you are!

  3. I love using bins and baskets and those are so cute!

  4. The DMB news is so exciting! I love the rose gold bins that are out now! They are so pretty. It feels so good to purge and go through things! Happy Friday!

  5. Love those baskets and those bins!! And Target is killing it with the Valentine's decor -- they have so many cute things.
    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love that jewelry tray and the candle! I am such a sucker for pink can hearts as well. And how exciting that DMB has a new album coming out! 😀 Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. So two days ago I was jamming out to some Dave and thought Hmm when are they gonna come here again on tour?? They usually come to Hershey PA pretty often but I just checked and they are only coming to one place in PA. Bummer! Good job on the simplifying so far by the way <3

  8. Can you please come to my house and do a little de-clutter for me?!!? Hahaha You are doing an awesome job with all your things!!!

  9. Dave Matthews is actually coming to Reno for once. I think I am going to go see him! Love those gold baskets.

  10. How fun to get not 1 but 2 snow days!!! Such a treat! I love that gold wire basket, so so pretty and you are rocking your simplifying!!!

  11. Whitney shared those baskets from Walmart today too! I am really laughing now. I was literally oogling (is that a word) over them the other day, desperately wishing I knew how many to buy for the new place... or where I would even use them. Maybe I should buy like 10 just because.

  12. Yay for more snow for you guys! I saw the kids playing in it on your stories, how fun! I love all of the organizing you are doing. Life feels so much better when things have a place. I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  13. I just got out my valentine decor out. I don't have much but my kids were ready :) xoxo ERIN


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