Friday, January 26, 2018

Five on Friday - Favorites + I Need Your Help

This week has been incredibly productive and I’m feeling extremely accomplished today, so I’m thankful for that!  I was finally able to bag up all of the trash, recycling, and items to sell in my office so all of the junk is off of the floor and I can finally see the carpet again!  Woo hoo!  With that said, I still have a loooong way to go in there, but at least from this point forward I won’t be tripping over junk as I’m rearranging things. 

Anyhoo, here are a few favorites for you today! 

O N E – These New Bins

If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you may have seen that I have already switched out the Amazon bins that I posted about last week for some new Target ones.  I absolutely loved every single thing about those Amazon bins, but I couldn’t get past the fact that they were grey and white.  I love grey, but it just doesn’t go with my office décor.  I really thought it would since my colors are white, gold, pink, and black, but the grey just ended up looking dirty against the white and gold, and it was driving me crazy so I set out once again to find something different.

I ended up going with these bins that I found at Target… it was pretty much love at first sight.  They are white with gold foil polka dots and they are perfect for my office décor.  My local store only had three, but I was able to get a fourth from  It arrived in two days and my shelves are officially complete!  I love these bins… they are the same size as the Amazon bins, but they are slightly trapezoid shaped instead of rectangular which I love.  Having that slightly wider opening at the top allows me to use the vertical storage method for all of my scrapbooks and diaries and that beats stacking any day!  In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, vertical storage is where you line up all items on their ends so you can see everything that you have.  When you stack items you can only see the one item that’s on the top of the pile. 

Anyway, if you’re looking for storage, I highly recommend these, and they are slightly on sale this week, too.  They are sturdy enough to hold stacks of heavy books so they would definitely be sturdy enough to hold toys in a play room, clothes, or whatever else you could possibly need them for.  They also come in other colors and patterns, and they also come in cube form for those of you who have the cube storage systems, so if you’re in need of some storage bins, look no further than the mother ship.  ;o)

T W O – Sweet Memories

As I said before, my office is really coming along, but on Wednesday I opened Pandora’s box… AKA my office closet.  I am a self-proclaimed keepsake hoarder, and three quarters of my office closet is filled with my old memories... notes from high school, old stuffed animals, mementos from my first job and other periods of my life, sketchpads, awards, school work, and the list goes on and on and on. 

The closet is literally filled from the floor to the ceiling with boxes and I have vowed to clean out every single one of them.  Y’all, it is bad. 

I opened the first few boxes Wednesday afternoon and what did I find?  Every single bouquet from every single wedding that I have ever been in during my entire adult life.  That would be six.  I have six old bouquets, three made from real flowers, and three made from artificial flowers.  I know a lot of you probably think I’m absolutely crazy for keeping these, but I’m just such a sentimental person and all of these ladies are still my best friends to this day.  HOW DO I THROW THESE OUT?! 

One of my sweet Instagram followers DMed me and said that she has also saved every wedding bouquet, every corsage, and every flower her husband has ever given her and she said that she pulled the petals off of them and put them in apothecary jars and glass vases to use as décor.  Y’all, I LOVE this idea, and I’m thinking of doing something similar, so stay tuned.

Along with the old wedding mementos, I also started going through the first of three shoeboxes of old notes that my best friends and I used to pass in high school, and y’all, I sat on the couch reading each one and cracking up all Wednesday evening.  We were hilarious.  I’m proud to report that the majority of those are getting tossed and I’m only saving a select special few. 

Pulling out and seeing all of these old things has made me so nostalgic and just so happy, though, and this has been a really enjoyable journey so far.  I’m really struggling to get rid of a lot of it, but I’m proud of myself for the progress I’ve made so far. 

And if you're working on decluttering and simplifying like I am, be sure to check out my two posts about how I organized all of our digital and non-digital media (photos, videos, music, paperwork) from earlier this week!  Post 1 here and post 2 here.  It's extremely thorough and it gives step by step instructions on how to get it organized and backed up once and for all!

T H R E E – Concerts

If you’re a long time reader you know that Brian and I love live music and we are avid concert goers.  Last year we attended six different concerts – Dierks Bentley, The Lumineers, Chris Stapleton, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, Paul Thorn, and Ed Sheeran and I thought that we could never possibly top 2017 for concerts.  Well, 2018 is already looking amazing, and we may even surpass last year!! 

So far we already have tickets to see Ed Sheeran again and I just got our Justin Timberlake tickets yesterday and the seats are SO GOOD.  We also just found out that Phillip Phillips is coming to Atlanta next month so we’re working on lining up a sitter so we can go see him (he just released his third album and it is fantastic just like his first two).  Dave Matthews Band just announced their summer tour so I’m sure we’ll attend that concert since we see them every year AND Paul Thorn (another favorite) just announced he’s going to be in Atlanta this summer, too.  Whew.  In addition to all of these gems, I still have my eyes set on some Taylor Swift tickets.  It’s a long shot because they are ridiculously expensive, but goodness gracious do I love her new album and want to see her!

So six concerts in 2017 and potentially six more in 2018… GIMME ALL THE LIVE MUSIC!

F O U R – Dinner with Old Coworkers

As you know, I left my job of 13 years back in November after my supervisor was laid off.  A couple of other people had already left in recent months as well, and now it turns out that our big boss (who also became my direct supervisor after my other supervisor was laid off) has jumped ship as well.  And he was there several years longer than I was.  It was quite a shock to our whole work family. 

I had not been happy there for a couple of years before I left, but I am told that the morale now is just completely in the toilet.  While I feel so bad for my coworkers who are still there, I cannot even tell you how good it makes me feel to know that I made the right decision to leave… not that I really had much of a choice anyway, of course!  I was missing it terribly for a while after I left and I was worried that I had made the wrong decision (again, not that I had much of a choice), but at two months gone, I can officially say that I made the right decision and I have no desire to go back.

I do have the desire to continue to contribute to our family financially, though, but that’s another topic for another day.  ;o)

Anyhoo, now that I’m way off track, let me get to what I actually wanted to discuss!  I was able to get together with some of my old coworkes for a little farewell party last night for our old boss and it was such a fun time.  We all met for Mex and margs and we did a lot of laughing and reminiscing.  I sure don’t miss the job, but goodness gracious, do I miss the people! 

F I V E – Dress for the Ball

I love all of you ladies whom I have met in this blogging community and I value your opinions so much!  With that said, I need your help!  We have our annual benefit ball this weekend and I’m still not sure which dress to wear.  I bought four (crazy, I know) and I will return the three that I don’t use.  The reason I’m having trouble narrowing it down is because each of the dresses all has something weird about it that prevents it from being perfect.

Dress #1

This is my personal favorite overall.  I ADORE the neckline, the overall style, and the color.  However, it is about two miles too long and it also doesn’t flatter my body shape because it’s slightly too large. 

Dress #2

This dress comes in a close second and it fits like a DREAM from the bust down.  However, I was not blessed up top (thanks, Momma – haha) so the bust is too big.  I think I can get away with wearing it without having a wardrobe malfunction, but I’m going to have to be VERY conscious about holding my shoulders back and being careful to not lean forward all night.  One other thing to note is that the back dips down very low (but it has straps that criss-cross in the back so it’s not completely backless) so I’m not sure if that’s slightly too risqué for this event?  The event benefits our kids’ school but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen ladies wear stuff similar to this there in the past. 

Dress # 3

I love the lace and the color and most everything about this dress, not to mention the length is perfect.  However, the top area is a little bit too baggy so it’s not quite as flattering as it should be.  And I don’t love it as much as I love the first black dress.

Dress #4

I love the color, I love the style, I love the neckline, and this dress fits perfectly but… it’s too short.  Sheesh!!!!  Also, I’m not sure how I feel about wearing a color like this during the winter.  I know blush is all the rage for winter, but usually people are wearing blush in the form of sweaters and outerwear.  This sleeveless, lightweight fabric dress just screams spring.  Plus it makes my super-pale arms look even paler. 

So, you can see my predicament, right?  Although, after looking at myself in the pictures above, I'm thinking BIG FAT NO to the pink one!

Now for the big question – which one should I keep?!

Happy Friday, all!  I have lunch lined up with my girlfriends today and we have a jam packed weekend, so it’s going to be a good one!

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  1. Dress #2 is my favorite! I think it looks perfect on you!

  2. I think I need those gold polka dotted bins in my life! So cute!

    Ben and I are usually big concert goers but we have no plans for them this year yet! Bummer!!

    Oh the dress choice is hard! I really like Dress #2!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oh beautiful girl, you are stunning in them all, but I have to say #1 and #2 are my faves. The sparkle factor of 2 is soooo cool but girl, that black is striking!!! Eek, cannot wait to see which one you pick! I got some polka dot tubs from Home Goods and LOVE them. I adore your sentimental heart!!

  5. I love the idea of keeping flower petals in jars - I did that with all my dance flowers in high school and it made for such a pretty decoration! I have been loving following along with your office purge - you have been doing so great! My vote is for dress #2. I say get some stick cups and sticky tape to keep everything in place and you will be all set!

  6. I am going to target today to get some of those gold polka dot bins. I vote for dress #2, I think it fits you the best and is the most flattering! I love the sparkle in it! Happy friday, friend!

  7. Hahaha I was going to say the pink was one of my faves! It looks so good on you! But I do like #1 or #2, I can't decide! I love when I stumble across old memories, notes from friends, things I kept from Rick. It's so fun!

  8. I like dress two! Could you take the bust in just a little bit so it's more snug??

  9. I like dress 3 the best :) and you know I love polka dots! xoxo ERIN

  10. Replies
    1. Thank you! I just couldn't bring myself to do it since the top was so loose. :o(

  11. I like all the dresses! I can't decide. Great job with the organizing. It's impressive how well those flowers held up!

  12. I like the charcoal/silvery dress the best! Those polka dot bins and your shelves made me swoon. I love how organized it is and PRETTY! Your sweet notes and old bouquets remind me of myself. It's hard to part with sentimental items.
    Rebecca @

    1. It IS hard to part with sentimental items. It's refreshing to find someone who agrees with me. Most people just think I'm a hoarder. Lol.

  13. I have to jump on board with dress #2. They are all so pretty, but this one is my fave on you! Also, your organization skills are #goals. :)

  14. I love the pink one, it is so flattering, but yeah, it is short, can you wear flats? If not I say #1. I just bought those bins from target dot com to replace some blue and brown ones, I cannot wait!! OMG I love that you kept all that stuff. I have a few of the fun notes my friends and I used to pass and I cannot believe how silly we were! Have a great weekend!

  15. Man, you look great in all of them! I personally like number one the best if I absolutely have to choose!! Have a great time this weekend! <3

    1. Thanks, girl! I think you already saw that's the one I chose! I had to go for comfort this time around!

  16. I love number one on you! You have been a busy little bee..isn't it so fun looking back over old memories? Hoping to be productive myself this weekend!

  17. I love all of the organizing you have done! You are so good at saving things. I usually lose my bouquets by the end of the night at weddings :( I love dress #2! They all look great on you but that is a fav of mine. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  18. I like dresses 2 & 4 and if pressed I guess I'd lean more towards dress 2. It just fits you so very nice! What a fun predicament to have though and really you do look beautiful in them all.

  19. Dress 2 for sure!!! And so nice that you were able to still get together with your former coworkers!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  20. Can you get dress number 1 altered to fit you? It LOOKS AMAZING. You look like a Hollywood movie star in that! Dress number 2 is my second choice for you.

  21. Dress 2 hands down. It is really fun and playful but very eloquent. I love that you have so many keepsakes friend. I don't have very much stuff like that at all!

  22. I'm a person who likes to keep special stuff too. I have a cedar chest full of stuff all the way from the time I was born. Dress #2 is my pick with the pink one being my least favorite.

    1. That's so awesome! I love that you're sentimental like I am. And thank you for letting me know! I ended up going with #1 because I was too worried about the wardrobe malfunction potential with number two!

  23. Lindsay, I love that you have all of these wedding bouquets! My best friend got married 2 years ago and I saved the bouquet from her wedding... Now she is expecting her first child, and I used the flower petals from my bouquet to be made into a rosary and gave it to her as a keepsake for her son someday! Did you know you can have all kinds of jewelry made from flower petals? My friend has an etsy shop where she makes flower petal jewelry all the time! Its called Remember the Day Jewelry. Check it out!!

    1. Sara, that is so cool! I've never heard of anything like that before but I will surely check it out. And I adore that you used the flower petals from your bouquet to make a rosary for her son. That is such a thoughtful gift!

  24. Your dress looks so gorgeous on your and Happy Valentines day, I also love all those picks ..the pink boots are fab!


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