Monday, July 18, 2022

This is Eleven… Jacob’s Birthday Interview

My Boo is going to be eleven on Saturday and I can hardly believe it.  As I do every year, I interviewed him this past weekend and asked him the same 30 questions I’ve been asking him each year on his birthday since he was four.  As always, my commentary is in parenthesis.  Here’s the interview from July 17, 2022.


1.    What is your favorite toy?  “Legos.” (Same answer as last year and probably every year to come!)

2.    What is your favorite stuffed animal?  “I don’t have a favorite.  They’re all good.”

3.    What is your favorite game?  “Pictureka.”  (We just played this one earlier this week so it’s fresh in his mind.  He does love it, though!)

4.    What is your favorite sport?  “Mmmm… to watch?  Football.  To play?  Golf.”

5.    What is your favorite book?  “That’s a hard one.  Maybe 5,000 Awesome Facts.”  (He said that for three years in a row and then said something completely different last year, so 5,000 Awesome Facts is back!)

6.    What is your favorite TV show?  “Ultimate Beastmaster.”  (He and Olivia just started watching this on Netflix and they love it.)

7.    What is your favorite movie?  “Uh, Seabeast?”  (A new one that they just watched on Netflix and they both loved it.)

8.    What is your favorite song?  “I don’t know…” Me: “What are some of your favorite songs?” Jacob: “Without You (Kid LeRoi), Two Step (Ed Sheeran)… I don’t really know any more.”  (He loves music and he always has trouble narrowing it down!  He did say “Without You” last year, too.  He and Olivia both love that song.)

9.    What is your favorite band or singer?  “Mmmm, maybe Ed Sheeran?”  (That’s the third year in a row that he’s said this.)

10. What is your favorite holiday?  “Is my birthday a holiday?  Well, no, it’s not a holiday.  I would say Christmas if it had to be a real holiday.”  (So funny because he totally asked last year if his birthday counts as a holiday.  Then when I told him it wasn’t technically a holiday, he said Christmas last year, too, then.)

11. What is your favorite season?  “Fall.”  (Just like his momma!)

12. What is your favorite color?  “Blue and green.”  (Same as last year.)

13. What is your favorite animal?  “Dinosaurs!”  (Not sure they would count as an animal, but we’re gonna go with it!  Lol.)

14. What is your favorite shirt?  “Do PJ’s count?”  Me: <laughing> “I suppose so.”  Jacob: “Ok then, yes, these PJ’s that I have on right now.”  (He’s wearing his “Weekend Plans: Sleep, Sleep, Play” PJ’s.  And the shorts have little game controllers all over them.)

15. What is your favorite fruit?  “Honeydew.” 

16. What is your favorite vegetable?  “Those boiled carrots that you make.  That’s like the only vegetable I’ll eat.”  (He’s referring to the honey glazed carrots I make, and yes, those are his favorite.  He will eat broccoli, too, but he doesn’t really like it.)

17. What is your favorite snack?  “Um, Welch’s fruit snacks with those cheese sticks things.”  Olivia: “With the multi-colored cheese!!!!”  (They’re referring to the Sargento Colby-Jack Cheese Sticks.  They recently went with me to the grocery store, and they picked them out and have been eating them almost every day since then.) 

18. What is your favorite treat?  “Cake?  If that counts.”  (I thought for sure he’d say some kind of candy or even key lime pie… cake was a shocker.) 

19. What is your favorite drink?  “Gatorade.”    

20. What is your favorite thing to eat for dinner?  “Mmmm… cheeseburger.”  (I knew that was coming!) 

21. What is your favorite restaurant?  “Five Guys or <name of the local pub right down the street from our church>” (I’m leaving out the name of the second restaurant for privacy reasons, but he said these same two restaurants last year, too.  They both have his favorite burgers in town, so of course he picked those!)

22. Who is your best friend?  “Julian and Jack.”  (Same as last year!) 

23. What makes you feel happy?  “Legos and video games!”

24. What makes you feel sad?  “Sad dreams, when someone bullies me.”  (I asked him to elaborate on the bullying, of course, and he was just referring to one time a few months ago when a kid told him he was short for his age.  It was just a one-time instance, and I don’t think the kid meant any harm, but Jacob obviously didn't like that.)  

25. What are you afraid of?  “Mmmm… nightmares…”  Me: “Anything else?”  Jacob: “Mmmm… I don’t think so.” 

26. What are you thankful for?  “Mmmm… my family, my friends, my house, Maui, video games, Legos.” 

27. What are you really good at?  “Mmmm… baseball… golf… I’m pretty good at tennis… drawing, and math and science.”  (He said almost the exact same thing last year.)

28. What is your best memory?  “Mmmm… our most recent Disney World Trip.”  (Disney World for the fourth year running, this time the 2022 trip instead of the 2018 trip!)

29. What do you want to be when you grow up?  “Mmmm… architect or a YouTuber.” 

30. If you could have one wish, what would it be?  “Um, to have a cell phone.”  (That’s gonna be a no for me, Dawg.  Hahahaha.)

Happy almost birthday to my favorite Boo!!  


  1. Love the Lego love and my kids call any mean comment "bullying"! Simon also really wants a phone and he's almost 12... Happy birthday!

  2. I can't believe he is going to be 11!! Glad that 5,000 facts book is back!! :)

  3. This is so cute! Ha, ha! Love how he asked if PJ's would count for favorite shirt. And, Legos for his favorite toy is very obvious! lol!


  4. These are just so fun - happy early birthday, Jacob!

  5. I hope he has the BEST 11th birthday! The years really fly by!

  6. He wants to be a Youtuber or architect. So cute Happy 11th Birthday Jacob!


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