Monday, July 11, 2022

What I Wore - June 2022

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Today I’m sharing everything that I wore in the month of June, and there were lots of cutie outfits since we were at the beach for one of the weeks!  Again, these cutoff denim shorts were the real MVP of the month... I wore them FIFTEEN days last month.  They are truly the most comfortable denim shorts I've ever owned.  I love them so much I have four pairs.  And the best part?  They're so affordable.  Right now as I type this post, they are unavailable, but Target has been restocking them for several years now, so fingers crossed they'll be back in stock again soon!

I also loooove these tees!  I have them in three different colors and I wore them six times this month.  They're actually part of the NSale that's going on right now, and they're only $11.90 each, y'all!!  Load up!  They wash and dry beautifully, and my black and white one that I've had for 4-5 years now is still in excellent shape.  You can't beat that price and they come in 15 different colors and patterns!

As always, I’ll link all of the items that are still available under each of the pictures. 

June 1 - 

June 2 - Tee // Denim Shorts

June 3 - Jeans // Bracelets

June 4 - Tee // Denim Shorts // Bracelets

June 5 - 

June 6 - Scalloped Cami // Paper Bag Skirt // Bracelets

June 7 - Tank // Skirt

June 8 - Dress

June 9 - Dress // Bracelets

June 10 - Top // Skirt

June 11 - Dress // Bracelets

June 12 - Green Twist Front Top // Denim Shorts

June 13 - Tee // Denim Shorts

June 14 - Tank // Denim Shorts

June 15 - Dress // Bracelets

June 16 - Denim Shorts

June 17 - Tee // Denim Shorts

June 18 - 

June 19 - Bracelets

June 20 - 

June 21 - Pink Top // Denim Shorts

June 22 - Green Twist Front Top // Denim Shorts

June 23 - Bracelets // Yellow Apple Watch band

June 24 - Top // Denim Shorts // Bracelets // Yellow Apple Watch band

June 25 - Ruffle Top // Paper Bag Skirt // Bracelets // Yellow Apple Watch band

June 26 - Tee // Denim Shorts // Bracelets // Yellow Apple Watch band

June 27 - Tank // Denim Shorts // Yellow Apple Watch band

June 28 - Denim Shorts // Yellow Apple Watch band

June 29 - Tee // Denim Shorts // Yellow Apple Watch band

June 30 - Green Twist Front Top // Denim Shorts // Yellow Apple Watch band


Happy Monday, y’all!


  1. I love these fashion recap posts! You dressed very cute in June :)

  2. The t shirt is definitely a good price!

  3. So many cute Summer outfits. I can't believe you still have the Old Navy tank from June 2nd.

  4. Target needs to restock those denim shorts! :) lol! They're cute and I need a comfy pair. It was so funny, because on the 4th Autumn and I both had on a pair of denim shorts and we were both complaining about how uncomfy they were! Lol! I think we have been living in our workout shorts for too long!!!



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