Friday, July 8, 2022

Five on Friday - July Goals

Today I’m recapping my June goals and listing my July goals.  As always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals. 

June Goals


N  Go on a date (or two) with B.

Y  Go to dinner with my girls.

Y  Go to dinner with my Momma.

N  Try to get canceled dinner from December rescheduled with my old coworkers.



Y  Meditate, quiet time, and affirmations every day.

Y  Drink 64 oz. water most days. 

Y  Close all rings on my Apple Watch 20 days. – I closed ALL of my rings every single day!!!!

Y  Visit with my therapist.

Y  Go to my semi-annual dentist appointment.

Y  Go to my TMJ specialist.

Y  Schedule orthodontist consult for Invisalign. – They can’t see me until the end of October, but I finallyyyy got this scheduled!

Y  Find a good arms workout. – A couple of different people sent this one to me and I am loving it.  It’s only seven minutes and you don’t need any equipment, but you get the best workout!

N  Start doing yoga again.

Y  Read 3 books.




Y  Try a new restaurant at the beach. – We finally tried Cowgirl Kitchen in Rosemary Beach!

Y  Send the kids to their first week of camp.

Y  Start piano lessons for Jacob.

Y  Start voice lessons for Olivia.

Y  Take Olivia to her annual well visit.

Y  Attend a goodbye celebration for our friars at church.

Y  Take the kids to their semi-annual dentist appointments.

Y  Spend lots of time with family and friends.

Y  Practice mindfulness and being present with the kids.

Y  Teach the kids to ride bikes. – Y’ALL, THEY ARE FINALLY RIDING BIKES!!!!  I didn’t think I’d ever be able to check this one off the list, but they’re doing it!

Y  Go swimming.

Y  Watch TV shows with the kids – We started and finished The Floor is Lava and we’re watching America’s Got Talent, too.  Lego Masters got moved to winter.  Boooo.

N  Kids get at least half of the kids’ summer homework done. – We’ve been having too much fun to even think about it.  EEK!  They are about 1/3 of the way done, though.

Y  Try making some new cocktails at home. – I tried a Mint Mule and it was yummy.  I’ll be posting the recipe soon!

Y  Record a video every single day of the month and upload to my One Second a Day app.



Y  Take a trip to Ikea to buy bookshelves for Jacob’s bedroom (if they ever have them in stock!).

Y  Put bookshelves together (if they’re in stock).

Y  Reorganize Jacob’s bedroom (if the bookshelves are in stock).

Y  Paint Olivia’s desk.

Y  Order items needed for Olivia’s desk area.

Y  Get Olivia’s desk area set up and organized.

Y  Clip plants and start rooting a couple for friends and family.

N  Redo 2021 One Second a Day video with new Windows program.

Y  Clean off front porch. 

N  Clean out garage.

N  Schedule somebody to install ledge in laundry room, take 3.

N  Clean out closet in Brian’s office, take 3.

N  Finish listing spring clothes on Poshmark.

Y  Complete 1 task on Master To Do List. – I did 10!!  They were all small-ish house projects and Jacob’s new bookshelves were included in that list as well as Olivia’s new desk area, so I put a huge dent in this list this month!  Makes up for all of the other things I didn’t do!


Blog/Social Media

Y  Post 3 times per week during the summer.

Y  Share our fun summer adventures on Instagram.




37 items accomplished

9 items not accomplished


Monthly Stats

Books Read: 3

    Don’t You Forget About Me by Mhairi MacFarlane

    Beach Read by Emily Henry

    Meant to Be by Emily Giffin    

Meditation Days: 30

Rings Closed on Apple Watch:

    Move Ring: 30

    Exercise Ring: 30

    Stand Ring: 30

Workouts Completed: 44

    Core Training: 0

    Dance: 0

    High Intensity Interval Training: 0

    Hiking: 0

    Mixed Cardio: 4

    Outdoor Run: 3 (6.90 miles)

    Outdoor Walk: 25 (43.43 miles)

    Pilates: 0

    Pool Swim: 2 (755 yards)

    Stair Stepper: 7

    Strength Training: 3

    Yoga: 0

Time Spent Working Out: 25:13:38 (hours:minutes:seconds)

Calories Burned During Workouts: 7,160


Pictures of My Successes

Apple Watch rings


Dinner with the girls

Dinner with Momma

TMJ dentist appointment

Beach trip

New restaurant

Olivia's well visit

Music and voice lessons

Saying goodbye to our friars

Bike riding


Spending time with friends

Tackling summer homework

A trip to Atlanta to go to IKEA!

Jacob's new Lego shelves!

Now for the July goals…

July Goals


Go on a date with B.

Go to dinner with my girls.

Go to lunch with a friend.



Meditate, quiet time, and affirmations every day.

Drink 64 oz. water most days. 

Close all rings on my Apple Watch 20 days.

Do arms workout at least 3-4 times per week.

Continue going on my evening walks/runs.

Start doing yoga again.

Go to my annual eye appointment.

Read 2 books.



Host a 4th of July party at our house.

Take Olivia to her ENT thyroid checkup.

Go to an Atlanta Braves baseball game!

Send kids to their final week of summer camp.

Celebrate Jacob’s birthday!

Soak up the last weeks of summer and make the most of it.

Continue practice bike riding.

Go swimming a LOT.

Kids finish summer homework.

Buy everything we need for back to school (uniforms, shoes, socks, backpacks, etc.).

Record a video every single day of the month and upload to my One Second a Day app.



Sell Jacob’s old bookshelf.

Sell old side table in front sitting room.

Get the upstairs back in order after rearranging Jacob’s bedroom.

Clean out Olivia’s bedroom.

Clean out the play room.

Drop old stuff at donation center.

Deliver plants that I rooted to friends and family.

Clean out garage.

Schedule somebody to install ledge in laundry room, take 4.

Clean out closet in Brian’s office, take 4.

Finish listing summer clothes on Poshmark, take 100.  Haha.

Redo 2021 One Second a Day video with new Windows program.

Complete 1 task on Master To Do List.


Blog/Social Media

Post 3 times per week during the summer.

Share Amazon Prime Day deals.


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  1. I would say you killed so many goals that you should be proud! Get you a date night! I really only wrote down fun goals at the beginning of the summer but I have done some productive things, too. Now is the time for my to re-assess and make the rest of my goals happen. I love that you are so intentional and you really motivate me to get stuff done!

    1. Aw, I'm so glad to know that I'm helping you get motivated. That makes me feel good! And I totally feel you on the fun summer goals!! I feel like we've been having too much fun and we haven't been doing the productive things, aside from Jacob's bedroom. It does feel good to have that done. Good luck with all of your goals! Y'all enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. Great job on the goals. Your apple watch rings look so much better than mine!

  3. You really rocked the goals this month. I love the goal - "go swimming ALOT." Sounds good after last summer with the cast. Have a great weekend.

  4. The closing of the rings all month is amazing! Great job!


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