Friday, July 1, 2022

Five on Friday - Ikea Billy Bookcases, Old Family Picture, and Friends

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Happy Friday y’all, I hope you’re all enjoying your week.  Here are a few favorites from mine…

O N E – Ikea Billy Bookcases

If you’ve been following along, we took a trip to Ikea last week to grab all of the pieces needed to create a wall of shelves for Jacob’s bedroom to hold his Lego sets.  Many people asked about the bookcases that we are using, so I thought I’d talk about them a little bit on the blog today.

Ikea Billy Bookcases have been around forever, and I can see why they’ve stood the test of time.  I’ve had the Ikea Billy bookcases in my office for years, and they are the absolute perfect bookcases.  They’re so sturdy (none of my shelves have cracked or broken or even bowed the slightest bit over the years), they’re super easy to put together (each one took me about 20 minutes), they’re always perfectly made (no crooked ones like others we’ve purchased in the past), and they’re very affordable. 

They also have tons of peg holes so you can adjust the shelves inch by inch to find your perfect spacing, and you can buy as many extra shelves as you need so it’s totally customizable.  Plus, they come in different widths, and you can add extensions to the tops to make them even taller. 

We bought Ikea article # 890.178.27 and this is the configuration:


This configuration is six separate pieces – two standard bookcases, one skinny bookcase, plus an extension for each of the three.  We also added on a few extra shelves for both the standard bookcases and the skinny one.  It fits perfectly in Jacob’s room and gives him tons of space to display his creations.

He is thrilled and I am thrilled, and we heart Ikea Billy bookcases.

And if you don’t have an Ikea within driving distance, you can purchase the Billy bookcases on Amazon, but they are loads more expensive there.


T W O – Boxes with Lids

We also purchased five of these boxes from Ikea because they are made to fit perfectly on the Billy bookcases.  They’re made of hard plastic and they each come with a nesting lid, and they are absolutely perfect for holding all of Jacob’s Lego manuals as well as some extra pieces. 

Seriously, this whole system is organization at its absolute finest.


T H R E E – Another Old Family Picture

You longtime followers probably know that I’m very close with my grandmother (Mama Cass as you all know her), and my parents sent this picture to me recently.  That is Mama Cass (in the front near the left) at a family wedding when she was just a kid.  I adore old photos and I just love this picture of her.  What a treasure.

F O U R – Friends Enneagram

I love all things enneagram, so naturally, I’m going to love something that pairs the enneagram with my favorite show of all-time.  I’ve always thought of myself to be exactly like Monica, but apparently, she’s a 1 and I’m a 6.  I do, however, get to share my enneagram 6 with CHANDLER BING!  By far, my favorite guy on the show!  Anyway, I thought this graphic was too cute so I thought I would share.


F I V E – Friends

And finally, friends are a favorite every week, but they have especially been a favorite this week.  I typically use these Five on Friday posts to share favorite things, (products, books, fashion, plant updates, old family photos, etc.) and not things we do or places we go or people we hang out with as those things are always included in my “Our Week” posts.

However, this week, I’m just feeling extra grateful for this group of kiddos right here and their mommas as well as a few other girlfriends of mine who I have been close with since high school who do not have kiddos pictured here. 

It was hard saying goodbye to our friars this past week and I have been struggling to put on a happy face these past couple of days since they left, but I’m so grateful for my girlfriends and their sweet kiddos and all of the time we’ve been able to spend together this week.  They have been the brightest spot in my week.  What a gift to have these old friends to turn to when I’m feeling a little blue.


Friday Funnies

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Happy Friday, y’all!


  1. Interesting post! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.
    Happy Friday

    Abdel | Infinitely Posh.

  2. The shelves sound great, if I had space I'd definitely want some!

  3. I saw all your stories with the shelves. They seem like they are amazing. You had a huge project and nailed it. I love those boxes for the kids stuff too.


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