Friday, November 5, 2021

Five on Friday - November Goals

Today I’m recapping my October goals and listing my November goals.  As always, I’m using a Y for YES and N for NO to indicate whether or not I accomplished my goals. 

October Goals

Relationships/Connect/Be the Light

Y  Go to dinner with girlfriends. – Yep, went out with some of my high school besties!



Y  Meditate, quiet time, and affirmations every day.

Y  Drink 64 oz. most days. 

Y  Close all rings on my Apple Watch 20 days.

N  Keep focusing on toning abs and arms. – I did a ton of cardio this month, and absolutely no abs and arms toning.  Whoops.

Y  Visit with my therapist.

Y  Go to my annual physical.

N  Wash makeup brushes.

N  Read 1 fiction book. – I tried, y’all.  I read 1/3 of one book, stopped.  Read 1/3 of another book, stopped.  Both were terrible.  I did start the new Nicholas Sparks book, but I didn’t read enough of it to count for this month.



Y  Attend homecoming festivities at our school.

Y  Go to the mountains.

Y  Go to a winery.

N  Go apple picking. (Contingent upon the orchards still offering this.)Wasn’t available by the time we got to the mountains due to a late frost in the spring killing some of their crop.

N  Try a Pumpkin Cream cold brew, take two.

Y  Get a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Y  Go to the pumpkin patch. We went to Pumpkins at Callaway this year and we let that be our pumpkin patch trip.

Y  Carve pumpkins.

Y  Have our annual festive Halloween dinner.

Y  Go trick-or-treating.

Y  Watch Hocus Pocus.

Y  Watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Y  Record a video every single day of the month and upload to my One Second a Day app.



Y  Decorate the house for Halloween.

Y  Start Christmas shopping. – Yes!  Definitely got a solid start!

N  Start listing fall clothes on Poshmark.

Y  Complete 1 thing on Master To-Do list.


Blog/Social Media

Y  Post 4 times per week.

Y  Photograph house and share Halloween decorations.




22 items accomplished

5 items not accomplished


Monthly Stats

Books Read: 0

    Started Musical Chairs by Amy Poeppel and quit

    Started The Bucket List by Georgia Clark and quit    

Meditation Days: 31

Rings Closed on Apple Watch:

    Move Ring: 20

    Exercise Ring: 21

    Stand Ring: 31

Workouts Completed: 23

    Core Training: 0

    Dance: 0

    High Intensity Interval Training: 0

    Hiking: 1 (1.30 miles)

    Mixed Cardio: 10

    Outdoor Run: 1 (2.13 miles)

    Outdoor Walk: 9 (23.18 miles)

    Pilates: 0

    Pool Swim: 0 (0 yards)

    Stair Stepper: 2

    Strength Training: 0

    Yoga: 0

Time Spent Working Out: 19:04:41 (hours:minutes:seconds)

Calories Burned During Workouts: 4,747


Pictures of My Successes

Apple Watch Rings


Girls dinner out
Winery trip

Carving our pumpkin

Fall festival

Mountain trip

Watching Hocus Pocus

Homecoming festivities

Halloween decor

Halloween dinner tradition


Now for the November goals…

November Goals

Relationships/Connect/Be the Light

Go to dinner with girlfriends.

Have a lunch date with Brian.

Have a Brian and Lindsay Day of Fun Day Date!

Go to lunch with an old coworker.



Meditate, quiet time, and affirmations every day.

Drink 64 oz. most days. 

Close all rings on my Apple Watch 16 days.

Visit with my therapist.

Get my flu shot.

Get my annual mammogram.  (Here’s your reminder, ladies!)

Wash makeup brushes, take 2.

Read 1 fiction book.



Attend my friend Jessica’s 40th birthday celebration.

Celebrate Thanksgiving.

Go to Fantasy in Lights with the whole fam.

Have our annual North Pole breakfast.

RELAX, ENJOY, and SAVOR Thanksgiving Break.

Start watching Christmas movies.

Get a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks.

Start our new Christmas puzzle.

Have our first fire in the fire place.

Record a video every single day of the month and upload to my One Second a Day app.



Plan school fundraiser.

Decorate the house for Christmas.

Start my new “favorite things” Christmas tree in my office.

Finish most (if not all) of the Christmas shopping.

Start wrapping gifts.

List fall clothes on Poshmark.

Complete 1 thing on Master To-Do list.


Blog/Social Media

Post 5 times most weeks.

Share all holiday gift guides in early November.

Share Christmas card sponsored post.

Share some of our favorite things/gift ideas on Instagram stories.


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  1. Another great month of goals! And just another reminder I really need to get on my Christmas shopping, haha!

  2. So many great things you've accomplished last month and lots to look forward for November!

  3. You go girl and love the Halloween pics. Happy weekend.

  4. You and your goals are so inspirational!

  5. I didn’t read any books either. I started one but haven’t finished it. Ugh.

  6. Great job on your goals! Our apple season passed real quickly up here too.

    1. That's such a bummer! Hopefully we'll be able to make it next year!


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