Friday, November 19, 2021

Five on Friday - Inexpensive Hiking Boots, Barefoot Dreams for Dogs, Filthy Animal Towels, and New Music

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Hey y’all, happy Friday!  It feels like I haven’t done a regular ol’ Friday post in quite some time… probably because I haven’t!  I had my Friday goals post up a couple of weeks ago, and then I had to squeeze in my Christmas wish list somewhere, so my traditional Friday posts had to take a back seat for a couple of weeks while I got all of that out of the way.    

Since I haven’t been able to post a typical Friday post in a while, I’ve been saving up some favorites, so this week is a really good one!  Y’all ready? 

O N E – Women’s Hiking Boots

I mentioned these hiking boots in my blog post a couple of weeks ago, and mine finally arrived so I can do a proper review.  I had several emails and DMs asking for me to report back once mine arrived, and that’s exactly what I’m doing today.

My honest review? 

These. are. awesome. 

These boots are so well-made, y’all!  They are durable and I think they’ll stand the test of time.  They’re, oh so, warm and cozy.  And the very best part is – they are soooo comfortable.  The soles contain memory foam that forms to the shape of your foot, so you feel like you’re wearing comfy house slippers rather than boots.  I cannot stress enough how fantastic these are, and they are only a fraction of the cost of the designer brands at just $39.99.  I went with this cognac color, but they also come in gray and taupe if cognac isn’t for you.  I have a feeling I’ll be living in these all winter!


T W O – Barefoot Dreams Dog Sweater

Y’all, this is perhaps the boujeeiest thing I’ve ever done, but I just bought our dog a Barefoot Dreams sweater.  Lol.  I had no idea that Barefoot Dreams even made products for dogs until last week when I was browsing Nordstrom and shopping for Christmas gifts, but when I came across it, I just could not resist it.  Honestly, who even am I?

Maui looooves a sweater, and she’s always freezing during the winter months, so much that she lives in my heated blanket in my office all winter-long, so I couldn’t resist buying one of these for her as a Christmas gift.  I’ve looked all over for a soft, fuzzy sweater like this for her, and haven’t been able to find anything besides traditional cable-knit or cotton, so I got so excited when I saw this one.  It’s going to keep her so warm and snuggly!

Yes, I’m aware that this is super boujee, but we just love our girl so much, and I always worry about her being warm enough on cold winter nights.  She has slept in our downstairs bathroom in her crate since she was a puppy, so she doesn’t have a human to keep her warm.  And before anybody thinks we’re super cruel, don’t worry, she has a warm, fuzzy bed and a warm, fuzzy blanket in there, and she actually really loves her crate and prefers to sleep there, so I promise she’s happy.  This sweater will just be an added layer of warmth for her, and it will give me peace of mind since she’s getting older. 

So anyway, Brian, please don’t kill me.  I promise to never buy her another sweater again as long as this one holds up.  Hahahaha.


T H R E E – Filthy Animal Hand Towels

My friend, Jeannine, gave me a set of these hand towels last year, and I had forgotten all about them until I started decorating for Christmas last week.  I got so dang excited when I pulled them out because I just think they’re the absolute best things, and I wanted to share them with all of you in case you love Home Alone in your house as much as we do. 


F O U R – Taylor Swift Red Album

If you’re a T Swift fan, then you’ve probably heard that she’s re-recording all of her old albums since she doesn’t own the rights to the originals.  Well, she just re-recorded her Red album and released it last week, and it has all of her original songs (re-recorded) + some unreleased songs that were left off of the original album.  Ed Sheeran and Chris Stapleton make appearances on the album and there are 30 songs on the album.  THIRTY. 

One of my favorite songs by her ever is All Too Well, and she not only re-recorded it, but she also released a brand-new version that’s ten minutes long, and y’all, it has been SUCH a favorite this last week.  ALL THE FEELS.  I’ve been listening to this album nonstop all week, and that’s really saying a lot since I had to put my beloved Christmas music on pause to do that.  I love her so much.


F I V E – Ed Sheeran = Album

Ed Sheeran (another favorite of mine) also dropped a new album a few weeks ago, and I’d been listening to it on repeat until Taylor released Red.  His album is also amazing, and just when I thought he could never top his very best love songs, he went and wrote First Times.  Y’all.  Oh my gosh, it makes me cry every single time I listen to it.  The boy can write a song.  If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and go listen to it.  It is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye.


Friday Funnies

We were always taught that rule growing up... why was that ever even a thing?  Haha.

Both hands raised

Ooooh watch me, watch me

Me last week

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. I really like how the boots look. Are they heavy on your feet?

  2. I have been eyeing up some hiking boots; they seem to be in this season. Love the ones you chose and appreciate your review. Have a great weekend!

  3. Adore your hiking boots and funnies. Have the best weekend.

  4. Ok that sweater is adorable! Duke needs one! He's little like Maui and I always worry about him being cold.

  5. I want that sweater for Walter. It looks so cozy. Walter is small and needs the warmth in the winter. I’m glad those hiking boots worked out!!

  6. Those boots are awesome - so glad you found them! And Maui definitely deserves that sweater. :) The All Too Well video got me - so dang good.

  7. Im so glad the boots worked out for you! They look very comfy. As does that sweater for Maui, I can just see her in it! I lol'ed at the microwave funny! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  8. I couldn't agree with you more on the Ed Sheeran CD! It's been playing non stop at our house too. Love that boy!


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