Thursday, November 4, 2021

Unique and Affordable Ornaments with Target Wondershop

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Each year, I purchase one new ornament for each person in our family, and I always try to find something that suits their personalities or captures one of their most favorite things from the previous year.  There have been times that I’ve looked for some off-the-wall items, and sometimes they’re hard to find, especially at an affordable price.

The other day when I was browsing for this year’s ornaments, I fell down the rabbit hole that is Target Wondershop, and y’all, I cannot believe the unique selection of ornaments that Target offers… I mean, they have a sushi ornament, a stick of butter ornament, a beehive ornament, a grill ornament, and a bacon ornament.  What?! 

All of their ornaments are so detailed and gorgeous, and shockingly, they’re only $3 - $5 each.  Some of them are made of felt and sequins and glitter and some are glass, but all of them are just amazing quality for such a low price.  

None of these are offered in my local store (yet?), so the only way to purchase is online, and I actually already bought and received the donut ornament as well as the glass of red wine ornament.  Y’all, the quality is INCREDIBLE on both of these.  The donut ornament is glass with tiny little beads that look like sprinkles.  It’s the perfect size, and it is so unbelievably cute.

The glass of wine ornament is literally a miniature wine glass (made of glass, not plastic) and filled with something that looks exactly like red wine.  I cannot get over how adorable this ornament is, and I especially cannot get over the fact that it’s only $5. 

There are pages and pages of specialty ornaments similar to these, and I picked out a random assortment of my favorites to share with you today in case you’re searching for a very specific ornament for one of your loved ones.  There is literally something for everyone.   


Glass of Red Wine (they also have a Glass of White here)


Ballet Slipper



Stick of Butter


Dinosaur Tangled in Lights



Ice Cream Truck

Ice Skates

Martini Glass






Taco Truck

Wasn’t that just the most unique assortment of ornaments?  I hope you found something that you loved!




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