Friday, November 26, 2021

Five on Friday - Black Friday Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

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Happy Black Friday, y’all!  What’s everyone doing today?  Are you out shopping or do you prefer to shop from home in your PJ’s?  We typically prefer to sleep in, stay cozy at home in jammies, and do a little bit of online shopping, and that’s exactly where you’ll find us today!

For those of you who are also staying home today, I think you’ll be able to find lots of good deals online, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorite online retailers to stalk.     








And just so y'all know (I'm sure most of you already do since I disclose it at the top of each of my posts), all of the links above are my affiliate links.  Did you know that if you shop through my links here on the blog I get a small commission?  That's how I make some of my income from blogging, so I always appreciate your purchases!  And it's, of course, at no extra cost to you.  :o)

In addition to sharing a few of my favorite places to shop, I also thought I’d share a round-up of my gift guides for 2021 in case you missed any of them.  There’s something for everyone, so hopefully you’ll find them helpful!

O N E – For the Ladies

I rounded up a whole bunch of nice things for the ladies in this post.  Prices range from $5 and up, so you can find something for everyone on your list. 


T W O – For the Guys

My gift guide for the guys can be found in this post here.  And again, the price range is broad so I think you’ll be able to find something fun in whichever price range suits your needs.


T H R E E – For Kids Under Age 3

My gift guide for the teeny tinies is in this post here, and there are so many precious little things!


F O U R – For Kids Ages 4-12

My gift guide for kids can be found here, and I shared a bunch of items that our kids either have and love or items that are on their wish lists.  So many tried-and-true items, y’all!


F I V E – For Teenagers

And finally, my gift guide for teenagers is here.  I found some pretty cool things that I know I would have loved to have had when I was a teenager, so hopefully you can find something for your teens, too.


Friday Funnies


Hahahaha.  I haven't written a check at a store since 2001.

Probably haven't paid cash for something since 2001 either, but, I guarantee you I said this the last time I did.  Hahahaha.

Target math gives a whole new meaning to the term "new math"

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Happy shopping, y’all!!

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  1. Yesss, why do we do that with cash? Hahaha, we can count! I will say, I have run into quite a few people paying with check at stores recently. I feel like it's been years and then it was like back to back to back. :)


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