Friday, November 12, 2021

Five on Friday - This is My Grown-Up Christmas List for 2021

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Twice a year, I put out a wish list of my own, and today I’m sharing a few items that have been on my radar…

O N E – Home

Hanging Travel Bag, Pink – I’ve been using a travel bag very similar to this one for nearly 20 years and mine is falling apart, so I could definitely use a new one.


nuLoom Jinny Trellis Wool Area Rug, 7’ 6" x 9’ 6", Ivory – I bought a smaller version of this rug for my office earlier this year and I am head over heels!  The rug we bought for our bedroom has been driving me nuts since day one because it refuses to lay flat and it constantly bunches up on my side of the bed even though I have rug tape under it to hold it in place.  This rug lays perfectly flat without rug tape, is SUCH great quality, and it the absolute perfect color and pattern to go under our bed. 


Adjustable Phone Stand, Rose Gold – I’m at my desk most of the day, and I’d love to have this phone stand to keep my phone upright and out of the way all day. 


Ted Lasso Hot Brown Water Mug, 11 oz. – My love for Ted Lasso runs deeeep, y’all, and I’ve been wanting a mug for a while.  This Hot Brown Water mug is absolutely perfect since I almost always drink tea!! 


Ted Lasso Believe Mug, 11 oz. – I also love this one, too.  I use a mug every single day, multiple times per day, so mugs are the one thing that I don’t feel guilty about having a lot of… I guess you could say I collect them.


41 Can Cooler, Blue – Dave Matthews Band is my favorite band of all-time, and I realized recently that I don’t have a DMB can koozie.  I loooove this one because #41 is one of my all-time favorite songs by them… ever.


Friends, The One Where I Drink Beer Koozie – We use koozies a lot, and I love a funny/clever/personalized one.  They're like graphic tees for your beer cans.  ;o)


T W O – Clothes

41 Burst Tee (Size – Medium, Color – Heather Team Purple) – Loving this DMB tee!


Homebody Sweatshirt (Size – Large, Color, Dark Heather) – I live in sweatshirts during the winter, and I love this Homebody one.


Heart Graphic Tee (Size – Small, Shirt Color – Heather Mauve, Font Color – White) – I love this graphic tee, too! 


CRZ Yoga Women’s Athletic Shorts (Size – Small, Color – Mauve) – I’ve been running/walking/working out at least 4-5 times per week for the last couple of years, and I only have one good pair of running shorts.  These shorts by CRZ Yoga are highly rated on Amazon and this is the same brand that makes my favorite leggings of all-time, so they have to be good, right?  They also have a zipper pocket on the back to hold your phone, keys, etc.


90 Degree by Reflex Lounge Shorts (Size – Small, Color – Heather Grey) – These lounge shorts are made by my other favorite leggings brand, and they are highly rated on Amazon with over 14,000 reviews and 4.6 / 5 stars.  Aside from PJs, I only have one pair of lounge shorts and they’re about 15 years old and falling apart, so it’s time for some new ones.


T H R E E – Accessories

Barrington Tote (Savannah Zippered Tote, Leather Patch with my initials, Black Gingham, BrownLeather) – Brian got a Barrington tote for me for Mother’s Day and I LOOOOVE it.  The one I got in May is pink and white which is perfect for spring and summer, but I’d love a darker print to carry in fall and winter.  The first tote I got was the “St. Anne,” and I love how roomy it is, but I think the “Savannah” would be better as it’s slightly smaller.  I love this black, white, and brown combo because it'll go with everything!


Boho Teardrop Beaded Earrings (Color – Yellow Multi) – I don’t change my earrings much, and I recently realized that I don’t because most of my dangly earrings are too heavy.  Therefore, I’m trying to phase out the heavy ones and add a few pairs that are lightweight.  And the reviews for these say they are lightweight!


F O U R – Books & Media

Trusting God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer – I’ve been reading my same two devotionals for several years now and I’m looking for something new for 2022.  This book is highly rated on Amazon, and the first few excerpts I read sound very down-to-earth, relatable, and encouraging.


The Year of Cozy by Adriana Adarme – This book has been on my wish list for years and I’ve never gotten it, so it’s still here.  Haha.


Untamed by Glennon Doyle – I’ve heard amazing things about this book for years, so I’m adding it to my wish list.


F I V E – Gift Cards

Amazon, AAF.


Friday Funnies


This is the most accurate description of November I've ever seen, right down to partying the night before Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving Eve is my favorite night of the year to go out.

I haven't seen these memes in a long time, so when I saw one pop up with my beloved Uga, you know I had to post it!  ;o)

And when I see someone with a firedancer sticker on their windshield, too!


Georgia sports in a nutshell.

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Happy Friday, y’all! 

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  1. I got Gabbie a similar pair of work out shorts, and the lounge shorts are on my wishlist too. I need some lounge pants too!

  2. I’ve been eyeballing those shorts for a while now! Guess it’s time to add them to my cart!

  3. Super great funnies my friend! And I love all these things and I hope you get them all! Yes to 41 and Ted Lasso! Have a super sweet weekend!

  4. I am definitely getting some ted lasso stuff for my BIL!! And for the Gator meme...not laughing LOL!

  5. I don't think I have EVER gone out the night before Thanksgiving! I have been on the hunt for some comfy hiking shorts (that I really only though about starting in September!) and they are definitely on my list.

    1. Haha. That was the norm for me in college and in my young adult days before we had kids. My girlfriends and I always went to margarita night on Wednesdays every single week for years, and the margarita night that fell on Thanksgiving Eve every year ALWAYS turned into hitting up the bars downtown and reuniting with old friends who were in town for the holidays. It was always awesome because we could stay out late and then sleep in the next morning since it was Thanksgiving. Those were the days! Haha. We don't do that anymore since we have kids, but I did go out with my coworkers just a few years ago on Thanksgiving Eve and did the same thing!

  6. I love 90 degrees things. I want those lounge shorts. The dangly earrings are really pretty too.

  7. Awesome list! Just added the Homebody sweatshirt to my list!!

  8. Grace has those shorts and loves them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I got Carly Jo that hanging travel bag last year for Christmas and she LOVES it!

  10. haha yes I already have the Christmas music going here! Last year I started my Christmas playlist early too - I haven't gotten just the Christmas playlist on but I have allowed some Christmas songs into my current listen! :)

    Hope you get everything you want off your Wishlist - especially that heart tee, it's so cute!

    Hope that you are having a good weekend :) We are enjoying the sunny days after a rainy and stormy week!

    Away From The Blue

    1. I'm glad y'all are having some much-needed sunshine! I hope it stays that way for you!

  11. I think I have that exact phone stand from Amazon, and I love it SO much. It’s the best! I also used to be more strict about waiting on Christmas music and decorating till after Thanksgiving, but after 2020 and 2021, that's all out the window! Haha


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