Wednesday, September 7, 2022

What I Wore - August 2022

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August is typically my least favorite month of the whole year.  By the time it rolls around, it’s been hot and humid for months and the heat has long worn out its welcome.  Considering I’m always yearning for fall by July 5, August usually makes for a long month.  Haha. 

Since the weather still screams SUMMER all month-long, I dressed for the heat every day even though my heart has been wanting to dress for a chill in the air.  I did try to mix it up by throwing some jeans in there towards the end of the month, but when it’s 95 degrees outside, it’s just too hot for jeans. 

I’m hoping September will bring slightly cooler temps so I can get out of this clothing rut I’ve been in, but until then, the shorts and tees will just have to continue.  I am hoping to try to wear something different every single day in the month of September, though, to mix it up a bit. 

In the meantime, here’s what I wore in the month of August.  As always, I’ll link anything that’s still available under each of the pictures.

August 1 - Lace Watch Band

August 2 - Denim Shorts // Lace Watch Band

August 3 - 

August 4 - Tee // Lace Watch Band

August 5 - Bracelets // Lace Watch Band

August 6 - Lace Watch Band // Shoes

August 7 - UGA Natty Shirt // Denim Shorts // Lace Watch Band // Shoes

August 8 - Tee // Denim Shorts // Bracelets // Yellow Apple Watch band

August 9 - Yellow Apple Watch band

August 10 - Tee // Bracelets // Yellow Apple Watch band

August 11 - Top // Bracelets // Lace Watch Band

August 12 - Denim Shorts // Sandals // Lace Watch Band

August 13 - Denim Shorts // Lace Watch Band // Shoes

August 14 - Shorts // Lace Watch Band

August 15 - Top // Denim Shorts // Lace Watch Band

August 16 - Tee // Lace Watch Band

August 17 - Shorts // Lace Watch Band

August 18 - Top

August 19 - Denim Shorts // Bracelets // Shoes

August 20 - Pumpkin Top

August 21 - Shorts

August 22 - Jeans

August 23 - Jeans // Bracelets

August 24 - Eyelet Top // Jeans // Bracelets

August 25 - Tee // Jeans // Bracelets

August 26 - Jeans // Bracelets // Shoes

August 27 - Paper Bag Skirt // Bracelets // Lace Watch Band

August 28 - Tee // Denim Shorts // Bracelets // Lace Watch Band

August 29 - Top // Denim Shorts // Lace Watch Band

August 30 - Top // Jeans // Lace Watch Band

August 31 - Green Twist Front Top // Jeans // Lace Watch Band


Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. There comes a time every summer when we just want to wear fall clothes!

  2. You mixed in some jeans more days than I would have thought! We turned our calendars to September and it was like a lip switched and suddenly our temps are in the 60's this week. I love it but I was hoping to mix in some fun summer tops with my pants. I'm fine with early fall temps... as long as that doesn't mean early winter temps!

    1. That's so awesome that you've already had cooler days! We had several rainy days this month so it was a little cooler, although it was still pretty hot because of the humidity. I'm basically just wearing jeans on all the days that it's not 90+ degrees now! Haha.


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