Monday, September 19, 2022

Fall Home Tour 2022

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Happy Monday, y’all!  Today I’m sharing our fall home tour – one of my favorite posts of the whole year!  Per usual, we’ll have the fall décor up all September, and then I’ll add some Halloween touches in October. 

This year, I pulled out an oldie but a goodie fall wreath to hang on the front door, and I bought a new set of outdoor rugs from Hobby Lobby since the one we used for the last few years was starting to dry rot.  

Last year, I wasn’t totally sold on our mantle décor, so this year I grabbed some battery-operated candles to add to the mix, and I love the way it turned out!  It would be ideal to not have to have the large pumpkin in the middle, but there’s an outlet behind it, so that pumpkin is covering it.  I definitely prefer the pumpkin.  ;o) 

Oh, and for the second year in a row, I took down the floral artwork that hangs throughout the year and I replaced it with a simple round mirror so the fall and Christmas décor don’t have to compete with loud florals.

The rest of the room is pretty similar to last year, with the exception of our new little pumpkin patch around the base of our tree.  We had soooo many extra pumpkins leftover after we finished decorating, so Olivia and I decided to make a little pumpkin patch, so they didn’t go to waste. 

Everything in the kitchen is also pretty similar to last year’s décor, but this year, I opted to put a bunch of fall leaves on the table as the centerpiece.  I can’t get enough of the fall leaves this year! 

Next up, my office… identical to last year – rainbow pumpkins on my desk and more fall leaves on the file cabinet!

And new this year... the kids' rooms!  Olivia helped me decorate the house for fall this year, and her festive little heart wanted to decorate her room, too.  So she made her very own pumpkin garland to hang on her mirror as well as a ghost garland to hang across her bulletin board.  We added a few things I had laying around and wasn't using like a leaf garland to her headboard, a pom pom garland to her gallery wall, and a couple of pumpkins to her desk.  Boom, done!  And please excuse the mess... I didn't feel like cleaning before I photographed the kids' rooms.  Just being honest!  Haha.

And then, of course, Jacob wanted to add a couple of things to his room, too.  We added another leaf garland to his headboard, a pumpkin to his dresser, and a little spider candy dish to his dress as well.

And that wraps up the tour!  As always, I’ll link as many items as I can below. 

Happy Monday!


  1. The pumpkin patch is so cute and I love the fall mugs!

  2. I'm so impressed that you have everything already out!! I'm having a tough time this year because Mason's first birthday party is Oct. 1 and after that I can put stuff out!


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