Friday, January 27, 2023

Five on Friday - Sequin Little Black Dress, Concert Plans, Books, and More

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Well, after my good news that I received earlier this week, I’m in a much better frame of mind this Friday than I was last Friday.  Last week was rough, and I’m so grateful to have it behind me.  And if you don’t know what I’m referring to, see #5 below in this post. 

Are y’all ready for some favorites from the week?

O N E – Another Amazon Dress

Ok y’all, the dress saga continues, and I think I’ve finally found the one!  Turns out, it was none of the ones that I posted about on Monday.  While I loved each and every one of those, there was something lacking from each – they were either not good for dancing or they weren’t quite as dressy as I wanted them to be – so I ended up ordering three more from Amazon earlier this week.  Face palm.

This one has the one shoulder fit that I love so much, it’s fitted but not tight, it’s easy to dance in, and it’s covered in SEEEEQUINNNNSSSS.  The sequins really take it up a notch and I feel like it’s more cocktail-y than some of the other choices from my post on Monday.  It runs true-to-size – I’m in a small – and the quality is fabulous!  


T W O – Concerts, Concerts, and More Concerts

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I loooove live music.  Love it.  it’s my most favorite thing in the whole wide world.  I would choose to go to a concert for an artist I love over pretty much any other activity/event.  Because of Covid, a lot of artists have put their tours on hold for these last couple of years, and therefore, we’ve only been to a few concerts since the beginning of 2020.  However, in 2023 it’s looking like things are back in full swing!    

So far this year, we have Paul Thorn lined up in April, Ed Sheeran in May, and then we’ll have Dave Matthews Band in July as soon as the tickets go on sale.  I’m also still on a mission to get Taylor Swift tickets.  I’m completely and utterly obsessed with her new album and I just have to see her live on this tour, y’all.  HAVE TO.  If we can somehow manage to get tickets to see her, then dare I say, I may just be able to see four of my favorite artists of all-time in 2023?! 

Oh, and DMB is also releasing their first studio album in five whole years!!!!  May 19 can’t get here fast enough!

And speaking of live music, I also get to hear some tomorrow night, and even though it’s just a local band, I’m just as excited about it because I get to daaaance! 

Give me all the live music, y’all!  All of it!  Time to get my girlfriends together for a night out somewhere to hear some live music!

T H R E E – A New Book Stack on My Desk

I’ve always had a stack of books on the corner of my desk that hold a plant, some sticky notes, and a small bowl of stuff I use while at my desk – Chapstick, headache medicine, CBD oil, blue light blocking glasses, etc.  I recently switched out my stack of books, and I’m in love with this combo!  I love that they’re all uniform, and I love that they make a mini rainbow on my desk.  I’ve actually read all of these, too, and I highly recommend each of them.  When Less Becomes More and Growing Boldly are my favorite two, but Grace, Not Perfection and A Simplified Life were good, too. 

F O U R – Cousin Group Chat

My oldest little brother rounded up every single one of my cousins on my mom’s side of the family (12 of us) and threw us all in a group chat on Facebook Messenger this week with the intent that we could all catch up and keep up with one another, and we’ve all been reminiscing since then.  I’m very close with several of them, but some of us aren’t as close as we used to be due to location and all of the busyness that life brings as we get older, so it’s been nice to catch up and hear from each of them.  Our ages range from mid-50’s to mid-20’s (my grandparents had six kids spread out over 20 years so the grandkids are even more spread out) so we’re all adults now which just blows my mind.  But catching up with everyone and being reminded of some of the fun things from my childhood has definitely been a favorite from this week.

Here's a picture of all but one of us 18 years ago... can you tell by my outfit that this was 2005?!  Haha.  OMG with the tiny, short cardigans of the early 2000's.  Hahahaha.

And here is all of us at my Big Daddy's funeral back in 2015... 


F I V E – Good News

And if you read my post on Wednesday, my very favorite thing from this entire week was the good news I received on Tuesday.  You can read more about that here in case you missed it.  Thank you, God, for answered prayers.

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. Gabbie keeps telling me about $400 floor tickets people are selling in various places and I just can't tell her I'd spend that much! We have a family whatsapp group. It gets more active when some of us are together and share a lot of pictures!

  2. Girl, that dress looks ahhh-mazing on you! Also, YAY for all of the upcoming concerts!!!! Lots of goodness!!! How cool about you and your cousins - it got me thinking about my cousins, too. It must've felt so great to catch up!

  3. I love the dress! Amazon makes it so easy to order many styles and sizes and return what you don't want to keep. The cousin group chat is a great idea. What a huge span of ages! Have a good weekend!

  4. You cracked me up about the dress saga continuing, haha! You picked a beautiful one, it looks so perfect Lindsay!! I am still so thankful that everything worked out for you last week and that this week is much better for you!

    Make Life Marvelous

  5. I love the sequin dress! I love the cousin chat idea. I too have a ton of cousins that span a large age gap. In fact I even have second cousins that are older than me. I am so glad you received good news.


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