Tuesday, January 3, 2023

What I Ordered from Amazon in December 2022

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Hey y’all, it’s time for another edition of what I ordered from Amazon, this time for the month of December.  Surprisingly, I didn’t order as much as I typically do in December because we ended up doing most of our Christmas shopping in person at actual brick-and-mortar stores.

Black Cutout Cocktail Dress

Brian and I are going to a benefit ball at the end of this month, so I’ve been in search of a dress.  It’s going to be cocktail attire this year instead of black tie, so I’ve decided to go with something short, so I ordered several options from Amazon to try.  This option has one long-sleeve with a cutout in the torso on the same side.  Y’all, I loooove this dress.  LOVE it.  It is so flattering and surprisingly classy and I absolutely love the way it looks on me.  My only hang up is that it is really short and very fitted.  I originally ordered a small, and while it fit, it was highly inappropriate to wear to this event (LOL) because it was so short and tight.  I ordered a medium in hopes that it would be less short and tight, and while it is, I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I should wear it.  If we weren’t going to be dancing then there would be no issue, but I’m worried about it riding up while I’m getting my dance on.  Haha.  Needless to say, I’m still mulling it over.


One Shoulder Ruffle Cocktail Dress

Okay, if y’all are looking for a dress that is fantastic quality, look no further than this one.  This dress is stunning and SO well-made.  I’ve owned many a bridesmaid dress from David’s Bridal and local boutiques over the years, and I’m here to tell you, the quality of this dress is every bit as nice as something you’d pay $150 for at David’s Bridal.  It is gorgeous and soooo fancy, and I would have totally gone with this one if it hadn’t felt a little too fancy for this event.  It fits true-to-size… the small was perfect on me.  It doesn’t have much stretch to it, though, so it also would have been very hard to dance in.


One Arm Cocktail Dress

This dress was also really cute and very classy aside from the fact that it was also too short and tight.  The fabric was also way on the thin side, so ultimately, I decided to return it instead of trying it in a larger size.


Cutout Cocktail Dress

Y’all, this dress was just awful.  It was so awkward to put on, the fabric was trash, and it looked really weird on me.  Haha.  Do not recommend. 


Fossil Watch

My Momma had “simple watch” on her Christmas wish list, so I bought this one for her.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It almost makes me miss wearing real watches rather than an Apple Watch.  I just can’t give up my Apple Watch, though.


Levi’s Mens Jeans

My Daddy had jeans on his Christmas wish list, so we bought this pair for him.  They fit perfectly and he loved this wash.  They have about 20 different washes in this fit so there’s something for everyone.


Capri Blue Volcano Candle

This was purchased as a Christmas gift.  I’ve always purchased mine from Anthropologie, but since this one had to be shipped to a friend somewhere else, I opted to buy it on Amazon since they make shipping so easy.


LipSmacker Best Flavors ChapStick

We give the kids new ChapStick each year for Christmas, so this was a stocking stuffer for Olivia.  She loves the flavor assortment in this pack.


LipSmacker Avengers ChapStick

This was the pack that we bought for Jacob’s stocking.  I typically try to find new packs for them to try each year, and he’d never had this one before. 


Stomp Racers

I’ve talked about the goodness of Stomp Rockets on the blog for years and years… it’s been one of our kiddos’ favorite toys forever.  Well, y’all, now they have Stomp Racers… so much fun!!  You can buy a 1-pack or a 2-pack, and you stomp them to make them roll.  These were a gift for my nephew for Christmas.


Green Sparkly Pipe Cleaners

These were purchased for Olivia’s class Christmas party.  I arranged for the kiddos to do a craft during the party, and this was exactly what we needed.


Red, Green, and White Pony Beads

These were also purchased for Olivia’s class Christmas party for the same craft.  They were exactly what we needed, good quality, good price.



I take this daily, year-round for my allergies and it was time for a refill.  It works far better for me than Claritin or any of the other allergy medications.


Smarty Pants Women’s Daily Multi Vitamins

I’ve mentioned these a million times on the blog, too, and it was time for a refill.  I love these clean vitamins that give me all of the stuff that I need without the gunk that other multi vitamins have.


Amazon Gift Card

This was a purchase for Olivia’s teacher from the third-grade class.  Amazon always has the cutest packaging for gift cards when you order them from them directly, and they don’t cost more.


Amazon Gift Card

This was another purchase for a Christmas gift, and I didn’t even have to wrap it because it came in this darling little box with a tag and everything… at no extra cost!


And that’s it, y’all!  Happy Tuesday!         

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. I love the little boxes the gift cards come in. So convenient. I like that you share the things that didn't work well as well as what did!

  2. I give Sophia smarty pants, but not sure why I dont take it myself!! Love the black dresses you got!

  3. You've just reminded me to get vitamins for the kids, too! I've been sooo bad with keeping up on all the vitamin intake!

  4. I have that same brand of vitamins but in gummies and I really don't like gummies.... I am definitely going to have to check them out in capsule form! I bet you look fabulous in all those dresses. It must be so hard to pick just one!

    1. Yes, check them out in capsule form! I just swallow one whole every morning and I'm good to go! And thank you so much!

  5. Great finds! I can't wait to see what dress you go with! I use that same allergy med and it's the best!

  6. Those dresses are so fun! I can't wait to see which one works out. I'm with your mom...I have an apple watch but much prefer my "old school" Seiko! I'm going to give the vitamins a try. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  7. Love the dresses! Can't wait to see if one works!!

  8. I'll have to remember the stomp racers for when my youngest gets older!

    1. Yes! They are so much fun! If you don't have a Stomp Rocket you should look into that as well! Our kiddos have loved that thing for years and years!

  9. The stomp racers. I am putting that in my save for later section of my cart. That is such a good gift. Love all the black dresses that you chose.


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