Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Our (Loose) Summer Schedule

Happy Wednesday, y’all!  We had such a busy May, had the most relaxing beach trip last week, and now I feel like this week has been just as busy as May was!  It’s all good things, but sheesh, I feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants this week, and I’m blogging in real-time which is never preferred.

With that said, I wanted to link up with Shay today and share our summer schedule.  Before we get into the details, please know that we’re pretty unstructured during the summer, and every day looks different depending on what we have going on.  Therefore, the schedule I’m sharing is a very loose idea of what our days look like, and the times are all approximate…

Let’s go!

7:15 AM – I wake for the day.  I’m not a morning person, and on the weekends, I’ll allow myself to sleep until I wake up naturally (which is usually between 8 and 8:30), but on the weekdays I set an alarm and make myself get up early-ish.  Otherwise, I get into a rhythm where I can’t fall asleep as easily at night.  At this time, I *usually* get showered and ready for the day.  If it’s rainy and yucky and I know we have no place to go, sometimes I will stay cozy in my PJs and get ready later in the day, but most days I shower first thing.

8:00 AM – I head downstairs, give Maui a snuggle, open all the blinds, turn on all the lamps, unload the dishwasher, eat breakfast, take my vitamins, and water all of our outdoor plants.  The kids usually come downstairs sometime during all of this, and they’ll make themselves breakfast, clean up, and take their vitamins.  Then we’ll all do a devotional together.

9:00 AM – The kids turn on cartoons for about an hour, so I use that time to head to my office with a cup of cinnamon tea and I catch up on blog reading and do my gratitude journal, prayer journal, devotional, and Bible study for the day.

10:00 AM – The kids get dressed, brush teeth and hair, etc. and then we’ll head out to do something fun, we’ll meet up with friends, we’ll run errands, we’ll work on a project at home together, they’ll work on summer homework, or we’ll spend time together intentionally playing games or doing whatever else the kids want to do.

12:00 PM – Lunchtime for all of us.  We eat at home most days, but occasionally, we’ll eat out.  We then clean up the kitchen together.

1:00 PM – The kids and I spend more time together, wrapping up projects, playing games, working on summer homework, etc.

2:00 PM – The kids retreat to the playroom for some screen time… we usually do this in the afternoon because that’s when peak heat is, and here in the south, it’s just too hot to be outside unless you’re in a pool.  While they have screen time, I WORK WORK WORK.  I lock in and get as much done on the blog as I can in this two hours because I don’t like being on the computer when the kids are home.  During the school year, I spend around five hours a day on the blog, so taking it down to two hours a day is a huge difference, hence the reason I only blog three days a week during the summer!

4:00 PM – The kids put their screens away, and I head to the kitchen to start thinking about dinner.  We’ll tidy the house, prep for dinner, and then get started on dinner, etc.  Sometimes I send the kids outside at this point, but most days it’s so blazing hot at this point, I just let them hang out inside.  Sometimes one or both of them will help me with dinner, and sometimes they just do their own things.

5:30 PM – Brian is usually home from work by then and we’ll eat dinner together and then clean the kitchen.

6:30 PM – This is when we do our outdoor time.  It’s usually still blazing hot, but you can’t really avoid the heat in the south during the summer.  We’ll go for a family walk, take the kids to the neighborhood playground, play basketball in our driveway, let the kids ride bikes on our street, etc.

7:30 PM – The kids head inside to shower, and I get in my workout for the day.  Typically, I prefer to go for a run or a walk/jog outside, but some days I’ll just do a stair stepper workout, a strength workout, or a mixed cardio workout inside the house.

8:15 PM – I shower after my work out and get in my PJs.

8:30 PM – We all sit down to watch some TV together.  We’re all watching America’s Got Talent together right now, and we are also watching Is It Cake? on Netflix.  We all love that show!

9:30 PM – Kids get in bed, I meditate, and then Brian and I spend some time together downstairs watching our own shows.

10:30 PM – B and I head upstairs, get ready for bed, and I read for a bit before we go to bed, usually around 11 or 11:30.

Then the next day, we wake up and do it all over again!  And that’s a typical day for us during the summer! 

As I said before, most of the days really don’t look like this.  Some days we’re with friends all day, some days we swim, some days we run errands most of the day, and of course, there will be days where the kids will have friends over, they’ll have summer camps, and they’ll have music lessons, so every day really is pretty different. 

We’re already on week three of summer with only seven weeks left after this one, and it’s already flying by.  I can’t believe it.  It’s going by in the blink of an eye!!

Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. Summer is probably the only time of the year I don't have a schedule-- at all! Though I know my oldest two will be busy working and Alec will need my help packing and prepping for college. Heck, some days this past week Evan hasn't even woken up until noon (and I know I've heard him up past 2 am!).

    1. Yes, most days we don't even go by our schedule, but I have to at least have some small amount of structure or I'll go crazy! Ha! And yes, I remember the days of sleeping in until noon! It's a right of passage as a teen/college age kid!

  2. I have a morning schedule and after that its a free for all! HA

  3. You are so right about the heat! Usually our evenings are still hot, but not quite as humid so it's a good time to get outside.

    1. Yes! Same here! The humidity is always the worst in the morning so I hate getting out then. Then the heat is awful in the afternoon. But the evenings are usually slightly less hot with less humidity making it the only time we can get out there and not die of heat stroke. Ha!

  4. I have to keep waking up regularly in the summer or I'll sleep too late!

    1. Same! I'd love to sleep in every day, but then I'd never be able to fall asleep at night so I do set my alarm every day much to my dismay. Haha.


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