Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmasy Weekend

Well, miracle of all miracles, everybody was well by Friday morning, so Brian and I were able to go on our date day.  We dropped the babies at school, had breakfast at Panera, did a lot of Christmas shopping, had lunch at Chipotle, and went to see Mockingjay Part II which was really, really good.  I was so busy soaking up the day and having Brian all to myself that I didn’t even take one picture, so we have nothing to show for it! 

But – as long as everyone stays well, we’ll be doing it again this Friday!  And maybe I’ll actually remember to take a couple of pictures.  Cheers to all day date days!

Friday evening, we picked the kiddos up from school, went to our favorite BBQ place for dinner, and then we met some friends and their kids downtown for the Christmas tree lighting and parade.  The kids had the very best time.  Both of their eyes just lit up when they saw the Christmas tree, and they both loved the police cars in the parade.  There were “snow” makers down there, so Olivia got to play in the snow. 

Jacob kept saying, “I don’t want it to get on me!”  Lol. 

After all of the fun downtown, both kids were exhausted, so bedtime was easy and quick.  Brian and I put a fire in the fire place, caught up on TV for the week, and ate some leftover cookie cake from our anniversary.  It was the best evening!

Saturday we originally had plans to do a couple of different things, but since Brian and Olivia had been sick earlier in the week, and since we had a big night Friday night, we decided to forgo the plans and instead do nothing all day.  I had another winning day where I never left my pajamas and it was amazing!  We watched football, wrapped presents, lounged around with the kiddos, cracked open a couple of beers, and got a pizza for dinner.  It was the perfect lazy day and the perfect way to recharge our batteries after a crazy week.

Sunday we had lunch with Brian’s family… the weather was gorgeous so the kiddos got to spend some time outside in the sunshine.  They got to pick some peas growing in Nana’s garden, and they each tried one straight from the pod.  Jacob wasn’t a fan, but Olivia gulped hers right down!

Sunday evening we headed to Fantasy In Lights at Callaway Gardens with my mom and dad, my brother, and my uncle.  It’s a five mile light display that you ride through.  It’s a bit of a drive from where we live, but it’s always well worth it.  I’ve been going since I was about ten years old, and we’ve continued the tradition with our babies.  There’s a lot to do there besides just the drive through the lights.  There is a nativity scene made of lights on the lake, tons of food and hot chocolate, games and rides for the kids, and a huge pavilion decked out with Christmas decorations for sale. 

We love this place so much, and as always, it did not disappoint.  We rode the jolly trolley through the lights, and Jacob and Olivia were both in awe.  Despite the look on Olivia's face in all of these pictures, she really loved it!  And even though I’ve been through this thing at least twenty times, it was like watching it for the first time since I had my babies there with me.  This truly is the most wonderful time of year! 


I hope you all enjoyed your weekends as much as we enjoyed ours!

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  1. Your mantle with the tree all lit up is just so pretty! Your Saturday sounded pretty perfect!! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Your weekend sounds perfect!! I'm so glad everyone was well so you and Brian could have your day date. That Fantasy in Lights looks so fun!!

    1. It was great! And yes, Fantasy In Lights is amazing! I've been going since I was little and I love being able to take my own kids to it now. :o)


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