Friday, December 11, 2015

Five On Friday - Christmas Randoms

Brian and I are headed out for another date day today, and I can’t wait!  I love having him all to myself for an entire day.  And today is the day that we’re finishing all the Christmas shopping, and by the end of the weekend, I will have everything wrapped and ready to go.  #ChristmasGoals 

O N E  

Attention wine drinkers, another amazing find at the Target Dollar Spot!  They have the cutest wine bottle sweaters for only $3!  Seriously, how adorable are these?!  I love giving bottles of wine as gifts, and what a cute way to jazz them up and make them even more special. 

Target, you continue to be the keeper of my heart.  <3

T W O 

Tuesday of last week, Brian’s company had their tree lighting and it was a lot of fun.  I haven’t had a chance to talk about it here on the blog because of the nine million other things we’ve had going on, so here’s a quick recap. 

We headed over at 6:30 with a toy in hand to donate, and then we got in the long line for cookies and hot chocolate.  They had a band and a choir singing carols while we waited, and they lit the tree at the end of the performance.  Immediately after the tree was lit, there was a spectacular fireworks display over the river and the kids loved every second.  I was a little worried about Olivia being scared since it was so loud, but she watched, wide-eyed, and when it was over she started clapping and shouting, “’GIN!  ‘GIN!!”  (Again!)  

After the fireworks were over, we let the kids hang out by the tree for a little bit.  Jacob kept sneaking peeks of all of the donated toys, and shouting, “Look at this!!”  For a minute there, I was a little worried that he was going to try to swipe one to take home with us, but apparently, we’ve done our job as parents because he put them all back.  ;o) 

There was a horse and carriage ride which I would have loved to ride, but the line was very long (as you can probably imagine) so we decided not to wait since it was a school night.  Both of the kids loved every second of the evening, and so did their Mommy.  :o)

T H R E E  

This is the first year that we’ve really done Elf on the Shelf.  We introduced our elf to Jacob two years ago when he was two and a half, but we never really named him or moved him around since Jacob was so small.  That first year, we asked Jacob what he wanted to name him, and he replied with, “Sombine, Bumbone, and Boy.”   

Uh, no.   

Maybe we’ll just try again next year.

Well, the next year (last Christmas) we had our hands full with three year old and a ten month old baby, so our elf never even saw the light of day.   

This year, we decided it was finally our year… finally time to start taking it seriously.  So we pulled him out the day after Thanksgiving, read the story to the kids, let the elf kiss each of their cheeks, and then I asked Jacob what he wanted to name him. 

He quickly responded with, “Cheek!”   

Because he had just kissed both of their cheeks.  #Duh 

So, anywho, meet Cheek!  (And I promise not to bore you with his new location every morning.)

He’s already a pain in the butt because we’ve forgotten to move him almost every night since he’s come to stay with us.  Every morning this past week one of us has had to scramble down the stairs bright and early to get him to his new spot before the kids came down.  Sigh… 

Enter the new alarm.


F O U R 

Yesterday I shared my very favorite Christmas movies and why they are my favorites.  Watching Christmas movies has always been a huge tradition in our family, so if you’d like to see my top five and the reasons why you can head on over here.   

And if you don’t want to see them then, “Congratulations, you’re an idiot.”  Hehe.  #IKid #HomeAloneQuote

F I V E 

Earlier this week I shared our Christmas Home Tour.  The Christmas season is just so magical I can’t help but to decorate everything in sight.  And now that we have kids, that just makes it even more special.  This year we put up four different trees… that’s a personal record.  You can see our decked halls here.

Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. That tree is gorgeous! So beautiful!

    Target is killing me lately. I have to intentionally look the other way from the dollar spot. lol! Have a great weekend!

  2. Ok - those wine scarves?! Adorbs!

    That tree is gorgeous that Brian's company does!!

    I literally laughed out loud at your new alarm name!! LOL! Why haven't I thought to do this!?! I am ALWAYS forgetting and twice now I've had to try and explain to Brayden why he didn't move #fail. Putting an alarm in my phone, now!!

    1. Hahahaha I had something even worse for the alarm name, but I changed it so I didn't go overboard with the language on the blog. Lol.

  3. Hi, Cheek! LOL! So fun. What a great idea to set your alarm at night. Soooo funny! I can't tell you how many times I'm in bed, about to fall asleep when I suddenly remember that I forgot to move Elmer! Ahhh!!

    Those wine scarves are so cute. Oh, Target, why must you be so awesome?!

    That tree...that beautiful tree! Soooo pretty!!!

    1. That dang elf!! Set an alarm and you won't forget again!


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