Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Favorite Ornaments

Each year, my favorite part of putting up Christmas decorations is taking the walk down memory lane as we hang ornaments on our tree.  My mom has bought an ornament for each of us kids every single year since we were born, and we have continued the tradition with our children as well.  That makes for a lot of ornaments on our tree, but we typically get a pretty big tree, so at this time we’re still able to fit them all on there!

Today I thought that I would share my very favorite ornaments and why they’re so special to me.


In April 1982, I graced everyone with my presence, and my parents got this sweet little ornament to commemorate my very first Christmas.  It originally had part of the picture in thread, but over the years, that came off (as did the original hook), so it’s a bit worn, but it will always be one of my favorites!  I mean, how could it not?  It’s almost as old as me!


I’m actually not sure what year my parents gave this ornament to me, but I can remember it being on our tree pretty much always, so I would assume that it’s one of my earlier ornaments.  Anyway, it doesn’t have any real significance, other than the fact that this one was always my very favorite one to hang each year when I was a little girl.  I still love it very much to this day.


December 17, 2008 – one of the saddest days of my life so far.  It was one week prior to Christmas and we had to put my childhood dog, Bill, to sleep.  He had been with us since 1995, when I was just 13 years old, so he was with me throughout my teenage years, and well into my twenties.  He slept with me every single night and he was such a good dog.  He saw me laugh, he comforted me when I cried, he watched me grow from an awkward thirteen year old girl into a less awkward young woman, he was with me when I had my first boyfriend, and he was with me when I had my last boyfriend.  He even stuck around to see me marry that last one!  I was devastated the morning that we had to put him to sleep and I stayed right by his side until the end.  That was the saddest Christmas I ever remember, and that year, my mom and dad gave this ornament with his picture in it to me.  It will forever be one of my favorites.


As you may remember from my Christmas Home Tour post, we were married in December of 2007, and we handed out personalized ornaments to commemorate our day.  We had many leftover, which now hang on the tree in our master bedroom, but we always hang one on the main tree on our living room as well.  They are all snowflakes, with personalized ribbon containing our names, champagne glasses, and the date of our wedding.  I love these so, so much!


Since we were married in December, we received several First Christmas ornaments as wedding gifts, and this one is my favorite because we were able to put a picture from our wedding in it.


These next two ornaments need no explanation.  In 2011 we were blessed with a perfect baby boy, and this is his sweet little handprint from his first Christmas.  We made this together, and he loved sticking his little hand in the clay.


In 2014 we were blessed with our sweet Olivia, and of course, she and I had to make an ornament just like her brother’s.  Her hand was quite a bit larger than his by Christmas since she was several months older than he was at his first Christmas.  I will always treasure both of these tiny hands frozen in time forever.

I hope you enjoyed this personal little peek into our lives!  Only two more days until my favorite day of the year, Christmas Eve!
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  1. All of these ornaments are so precious. I love, love hearing stories behind people's ornaments & what makes them so special!

  2. These are all so darling! Our first married ones are my favorite!

  3. These ornaments are great!! I actually think I have the same 1982 ornament!! The Precious Moments one is darling too... definitely relics from my past!

  4. I love all of these! Meaningful ornaments are just the best!

  5. Love your stories about your ornaments. The hand print ornaments will always be a favorite of mine! Just the sweetest. LOVE the 1982 ornament, I have one almost identical for 1984. Dare I say, our ornaments are now practically considered vintage? Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. Aw those are all so pretty and I love the stories behind them!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  7. Love all your ornaments but the stories behind them are the best :)

  8. I loved the stories of all your ornaments. Gosh and I even teared up about the story of your dog! So heartbreaking, but I love that you still put the ornament on your tree with his picture.
    The kids hand print ornaments are so cute! Thank you for linking up with us today =)


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