Thursday, June 9, 2016

Confessions {6.9.2016}

Well hello, hello!  It’s Thursday, and as usual I’m not short on confessions so I’m linking up again!

I confess…

… that I’m still driving my tank (see previous confessions post) and I’m pretty much loving it.  It’s still a bit too big, but I have a feeling I’m going to be wanting it back once I’m back in my tiny SUV again.

… that it frustrates me to no end that Jacob wants to buckle his own car seat all the time.  He’s still in one of those harness seatbelts and it takes for-eh-verrrr  for him to get it buckled each time.  And I have to tighten it at the end so I can’t just go ahead and hop in the car while he buckles.  I have to stand by his door and wait… in the heat, in the cold, in the rain… sigh.  This too shall pass and I’m sure one day I’ll be missing it.

… that I rarely like any song the first time I hear it.  Weird, because I love music so much.  Maybe it’s because I don’t like new things because I don’t like change?  Who knows?  But either way, I typically have to hear a song a few times and get used to it and then I start to love it.  There are some exceptions, though… for example, DMB and JT… I pretty much always love their stuff immediately. 

… that we had a grill for approximately 8 years and we never even touched it.  Not once.  We’ve now had a new one for several months and we have yet to christen it either.  #WishIWasJoking  #PleaseSendGrillingInstructions  #OrAGrillMaster

Hope y’all have the very best day… and if you’re not, keep in mind that tomorrow’s Friday!!

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  1. Still driving the tank? What's going on? I am the same way with some songs. And then once I like them I get sick of them quickly because they are so overplayed. HA ha!

  2. OMG that's so funny about Jacob! Brayden was like that last year and now he gets in and buckles himself super fast!! He's still in a 5 pt harness too. And now Ella is starting the whole do it herself and girlfriend is just too damn slow! LOL.

    Omgggggggggg about your grill situation!!! LOLOL!!

  3. I loathe the buckling and my husband takes forever doing it so I cannot imagine if E was doing it herself. Oh the grill. I had one for two years and we never used it now J uses it all the time, you need to pop the grill cherry!

  4. Henry and Eliza both like to buckle themselves, as well. Eliza.Takes.Foreveeeeeeeer. Oh my gosh. We had to be somewhere on Tuesday and so I just did it for her, so I got to listen to a lot of screaming because she was soooo mad at her Mama! Lesson learned. *eye roll emoji*

    1. Hahahaha that sounds way too familiar! Jacob is the same way! He will freak out if you try to help him. And now Olivia is trying to hers as well and I'm like NOOOO.

  5. Oh girl you need to grill. We got a new grill about two years ago and we grill all the time. Always fun to learn on it. I hate buckling the girls in. They let us do it, but they fight it, want to sit forwards or grab things and it takes forever to get them in there.

  6. haha, what?! You haven't used your grill?! The only thing I hate about grills is having to clean them afterwards, luckily I grill and Mr. cleans, it's the perfect set up :) Happy Friday!

  7. OMG the buckle themselves carseat phase. Uggggghhhhhhh.. Yes, I'll stand out in the weather for 10 mins as you go at a snail's pace!!!! I hope he get faster soon!!!

  8. We have the same car seat buckling problem at our house. And now my 18 month old wants to do it too, since he sees his brother do it. Ummmm no thanks. I don't have time for that!!!


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