Thursday, June 16, 2016

Panama City Beach, FL - Day 2

We started day two with a bang!  B went out early and grabbed a dozen donuts for us to have for breakfast.  We have donuts every now and then at home, but on vacation it’s an absolute must!  

After donuts we changed into our swimsuits, took on the daunting task of slathering every inch of the kids’ bodies in sunscreen, packed aaaall the things, and headed down to the beach.  We rented beach chairs with an umbrella, so they were already set up and ready to go when we arrived.  So much more convenient than having to haul our own chairs and umbrellas down and totally worth every single penny.

When we got down to the beach we were itching to get the kids in the ocean.  Last year (and all previous years before that) Jacob was terrified of the ocean, and Olivia seemed indifferent.  I love the beach and I’m hoping to have kids that love it as well, so I was hoping this would be the year.  Well after this trip, I think we officially have one beach lover and one beach hater.  I’m sure you can probably guess who’s who.

Jacob refused to stick a toe in the water.  He wouldn’t even get within three feet of where the water was gently lapping up on the shore, but he would go out in the water as long as B was holding him.  Olivia, on the other hand, would have run all the way out until the undertow swept her away if we had let her.  She wasn’t afraid at all, which is great and also terrifying.

We stayed down at the beach all morning – the kids played in the sand and Olivia kept wanting to put her “footsies in da o-shun” and then went up to the condo around lunchtime for a little break.  We made some sandwiches and had chips and fruit to go along with them for lunch, and afterward, B gave the kiddos baths while I tidied up the condo a bit.  Once bath time was over, I put Olivia down for her nap.

While she napped, B and J hung out in the condo and I headed back down to the beach for a couple of hours of peace.  Just me, my book, and the ocean.  Heaven.  Pure heaven.  Around mid-afternoon, I came back up, showered and got ready, and Olivia was still sleeping when I was done so I had to wake her.  At that point it was nearing dinnertime back home (PCB is on CST and we’re on EST at home so there was an hour time difference), so we went ahead and headed out for dinner to beat the crowds.  

We chose to go to Pier Park, one of our favorite places.  They have tons of restaurants, ice cream places, shops, live music, a carnival, a movie theater, and tons more!  And it’s right near the beach. 

Our first stop in Pier Park was Red Brick Pizza for dinner, and then we walked down to the carnival at the other end of the park.  Jacob requested to ride the roller coaster first, so B rode that with him.  He rode it for the first time last year on our trip and he loved it which was shocking.  Olivia saw Jacob riding it and she decided that she wanted to ride it as well, so B took her on it.  I was terrified for her because even though it’s a small roller coaster, it jerks you pretty hard in a couple of spots.  Turned out I was worrying for nothing because she loved it, too.  #BossStatus

After the roller coaster, Jacob saw this thing called The Tornado and he wanted to ride that as well.  I thought he was crazy and I told B I didn’t want him riding it because it seemed like way too much for him since he’s still so tiny.  Well, he begged and begged, and we I finally caved. 

He.  Had.  A.  Blast. 

Yep, our super cautious, super-afraid-of-every-little-thing-Jacob adores thrill rides.  Who woulda guessed it?

After he was done, Olivia begged to get on The Tornado as well, but I had to put my foot down.  It’s just crazy to me that she’s even tall enough to ride that thing.  I mean, she’s two.  No Tornado for her.  Maybe next year.  #ButProbablyNot

She and I headed over to the carousel instead and she enjoyed it, but I’m sure she was wishing she was on The Tornado instead of the most babyish ride there.  Oh well.

After the carousel ride was over, we walked down to find some ice cream.  We stopped at Kilwin’s and it was delicious.  I splurged and got mine in a waffle cone and everyone else had cups.  

When we finished our ice cream we walked down to the beach by the pier.  The weather was absolute perfection… it wasn’t the least bit hot.  There was a nice breeze and everything was so peaceful.  Olivia wanted to go put her “footsies in da o-shun” again, so we did.  Jacob stayed about 20 feet away from the water and played in the sand instead.  Lol.  We stayed down there for a good hour and then we headed back to the car for the two minute drive back to the condo.  

When we got back, I went straight out to the balcony to sneak one last view of the sunset and it was just beautiful.

After the kiddos went to bed, B and I busted out the brewskies (these are really good… they have a hint of watermelon in the aftertaste) and then enjoyed them in the bed while we caught up on The Bachelorette from the night before.  B was able to stream the episode straight from our TiVo at home.  Modern technology is so awesome!  And Chad is a d-bag. 

And just for fun - here's a look at last year's beach duckface pic versus this year's.  My, how she's grown!

Another perfect ending to another perfect day! 

I’ll be back tomorrow with something other than a beach post and then next week sometime I’ll recap day three… I don’t want to have beach overload!

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  1. What a great day! I love Olivia's sun hat! I bet next year Jacob will be about the water, it took Brayden FOREVER too, but not his sisters, they are little daredevils just like Olivia!

    And that's crazy Jacob likes those rides!! But awesome at the same time!

  2. Mila was the same way as Olivia when we took her to the beach. Funny because I won’t go more than ankle deep if it’s not the clear water you find in tropical areas. And, girl, I LOVE your bikini. Where is it from? You look fabulous, by the way. I can’t believe that both of your kids had no fear of any of those rides. Love all the pics!

  3. Your bikini is so cute!!!! And B looks like he's having way more fun on that roller coaster than the kids! haha! I have major vacation envy right now... I NEED to live closer to a sandy warm beach!!!!

  4. Looks like Day 2 was another success! So many adorable pictures and I just love your swimsuit!

  5. Day 2 looked like a lot of fun. I love the dress you are wearing to dinner and the beach. So good to have beach alone time for sun, relaxation and book reading. I can't believe how brave Jacob and Olivia are for riding all those rides. Way too go!!!

  6. I'm a total dork, but I've been really looking forward to more trip pics! First, love your swim suit. Second, love your dress. Third, yes Chad is crazy! Fourth, that carnival looked so cute! And, finally, glad you guys had so much fun.

  7. You had me at donuts! Haha! Love all the pictures so far. It looks like you had a great trip!

  8. Those donuts!! And I love your matching toenails on the beach together! Looks like a great trip!

  9. You have the absolute cutest little ones, Olivia looks adorable in her suit and beach hat!! Love that you are sharing your fun memories with us!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  10. All the best days start with donuts and end with ice cream (and beer). I am also LOVING your suit and that sundress too. I really want to get a new suit before we go but I can't find anything I love :(.


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