Friday, June 10, 2016

Five on Friday - Things to Remember About Right Now Vol. 2

Friday again already.  Where does the time go?  Jeez. 

Back in January I did a post about things that I wanted to remember at that moment in time, and since it’s been five months, I thought I would do another.  These are some of life’s little things that aren’t very important in the scheme of things, but they are the day to day things that make up our lives right now, and that’s what makes them so special.  I know that things like these could easily slip my mind eventually, so I thought that it would be nice to write them down so I can remember them forever. 

O N E – Olivia Waving Bye in the Morning

During the week I take Jacob to school and B takes Olivia to school.  Jacob and I leave first and Olivia always wants to watch us leave.  She stands in the garage looking tiny next to her tall Daddy, and it just melts my heart to see her sweet little smile and excited wave as we pull out of the driveway each morning.  On this particular morning she wanted to be a “butterfly” so she was wearing her wings.  

T W O – Aaaall the Character Clothes

I always swore that I wouldn’t let my kids wear those tacky character clothes.  You know the ones – you can find them at Walmart and Target and they have Disney Princesses/Superheroes/Cartoon Characters plastered all over them… they’re bright and cheap looking and pretty much hideous.    

But now that I have kids of my own and I’ve seen how happy those tacky character clothes make them, I’ve caved and they wear them quite frequently.  Olivia would probably live in her Anna and Elsa nightgown if we would let her.

I may not miss these suckers when they’re gone, though.  (The character clothes, not the kids.)  #ByeFelicia

T H R E E – Jacob Telling Me What We’re Driving Each Day

Every time we get in the car now, Jacob holds up whatever toy he’s holding and he says, “Today you’re driving a (fill in the name of whatever he’s holding), Mommy!”  Most days I’m driving some variation of a Hot Wheels car, some days I’m driving a motorcycle or the Batmobile, and some days I’m driving weird things like a shovel.  #WhateverGetsUsThereOnTime

F O U R – Jacob Sitting on the Couch

Right now his legs stick straight out and his feet barely reach the edge of the couch.  I know that one day the backs of his knees will curl over the edge and then one day eventually his feet will even touch the floor.  But for now, they barely make it to the edge of the couch and that’s what I want to remember.  I never want to forget how tiny he is. 

F I V E – Having a Child in a High Chair

Well friends, our high chair days are coming to a close.  *Tear*  These days Olivia mostly requests to sit in her booster seat at the table with us, and even when we go out to a restaurant she’s started sitting in the booth or in a chair with us some of the time.  I fear that she’ll be wanting to make the permanent switch soon and I know that I’m going to cry the day that we haul that high chair out of the house.  We fed two babies their first solid foods in that chair, they both ate countless meals in that chair, and they both (well, mostly Olivia) threw tons of food on the floor from that chair.  It will be dearly missed.  Until it’s gone, though, I’m going to soak up these last days/weeks with it.

Now that I’ve made you wistful or maybe even a little bit sad, go have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!

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  1. Oh my gosh these are all such precious things to remember...they are the sweetest! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Count me in the sad husband and I were JUST talking last night about our high chair. I told him I thought our youngest was pretty close to not wanting to sit in it...he insisted that she wasn't and that she was still his baby. haha! I love that couch picture, just too cute!

  3. Aww Linds I love this post! I need to do one of my own soon. That is so true that you don't want to forget those little things because really they are the big things.

  4. These are very sweet. So many cute memories to remember. I said I would never let me girls where character shirts and I do now too. Jacobs little legs are almost to the end of the couch. So sweet. I love how Olivia waves goodbye to you when you and Jacob leave. So sweet.

  5. This is such a sweet post! I totally agree on the character clothing. I am not a fan, but my kids LOVE it. I tend to go all out on character pajamas because those aren't "real" clothes. You're right, it's such a short moment in life that I should just overlook it and embrace it.

  6. I love recording these little things... I need to do a post like this soon! Love it. And are you surprised Austin has those SAME baseball jammies that Jacob is wearing in the couch picture?? I saw that and thought "of course they have the same jammies." ha! Have a great weekend, twin! xoxox

  7. So sweet to remember these little things. Saying goodbye to the baby gear is so hard too. I remember feeling a little teary each time I got rid of something.

  8. Such a sweet post. This will be SO FUN to look back on.


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