Monday, July 24, 2017

Jacob's Birthday Weekend

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What a whirlwind of a weekend we had!  Goodness, I feel like we need a weekend to recover from our weekend.  We were going going going nonstop and it was all to celebrate someone special who turned SIX yesterday!

Friday was the last swimming lesson for the kids, and they both did great.  Well, except for when Olivia started getting too cocky, fell off of the rock (that is used for the diving board), bumped her head on the way down, and went straight to the bottom of the deep end.  Sheesh.  Three parents jumped up to get ready to fish her out, and I normally would have majorly panicked, but I figured since we were at a swimming instructor’s house that she was in good hands.  Sure enough, the swimming instructor said, “Let her try to get herself up and to the side.”  A split second later, Olivia had floated to the top, and started inching her way to the side.  She did, however, struggle to pull herself up and she looked like she was in drowning mode all gasping for air and splashing around, so another one of the parents and me pulled her up.  I thought for sure that she was going to be super upset and not want to go back into the water, but she ended up jumping right in again and finishing her lessons. 

Never a dull moment when that girl’s around.  At least she learned a good lesson.

The kiddos ended the lesson by picking up money off of the pool floor again, and then they were both rewarded with ice cream again.

When lessons were over, I loaded the kids and my extremely sweaty self in the car and we headed home to get ready for dinner with my father-in-law later that evening.  The kiddos watched a little bit of TV while I finally got myself cooled off, and then when B came home from work we headed to Red Robin to meet my FIL and the rest of B’s family for the first of many birthday celebrations for Jacob.

We got caught in a major downpour on the way to the restaurant… thank goodness it held off so we could finish our swimming lessons!

After dinner, we headed back to my FIL’s house for cake and presents.  My SIL and niece also have birthdays around this time, and since they live a couple of hours away, we went ahead and celebrated the two of them as well as Jacob this weekend.  The two of them had requested a cookie cake and Jacob had requested a key lime pie (LOL), so we had two desserts full of candles for the three of them to blow out!

We wrapped up Friday with two more episodes of Bloodline, and then B and I called it a night.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to get the day started because we had a TON going on.  First up was a pancake breakfast at Chili’s for my nephew who plays little league baseball.  They won state and they are heading to regionals next weekend, so they were trying to earn money for their trip.  Our local Chili’s let the baseball team take over the restaurant and we got to pay to have pancakes and bacon and the proceeds went to the team.  The kids acted as the servers and they did such a great job!  It was the cutest thing ever!

After our breakfast, we shot over to Walmart to pick up a few things and the kids proceeded to ask to buy a billion things… seriously, why do they have to put Anna and Elsa on every dang thing?!  Band-Aids, shampoo, vitamins… sheesh!  While we were standing in the checkout line I glanced over at the little fridge and I saw this:

I just had to buy it because that’s the name of my little nephew in Texas.  Goodness, how I miss him!!

The next stop was the bakery to pick up Jacob’s cake and then we swung by our house to drop everything off.  After that it was time to meet my FIL, both of my SILs, and our nieces and nephews at the entertainment venue that we love so much for some games and bowling for Jacob’s birthday. 

We played loads of games to start… I was able to win two of the huge bouncy balls from the claw machine and Olivia won the second highest number of tickets on another one of the games… it was 500 tickets which is HUGE considering most games only pay out around 10-25. 

After everyone was gamed out we all played a round of bowling and that was a ton of fun.  Jacob had just recently bowled for the first time at a birthday party so he was really excited.  This was Olivia’s first time bowling and it was pretty hilarious because she couldn’t even hold the ball.  All of the little ball ramps for the little kids were taken, so I helped her by sitting each ball by the lane and then she pushed it down.  By the time we were almost done she had decided to try to throw each ball herself, and boy, was that a hoot to watch.  Jacob’s little bowling stance was even funnier because he would chunk the ball and then throw his hands up in the air the whole time he was backing up.  It was so cute.

Each of the kids was able to pick prizes on the way out with the tickets that they had won.  Olivia chose a skunk Beanie Boo and Jacob chose a little gun that shoots balls.  We headed to Jason’s Deli next per the birthday boy’s request, and then it was time to head home for very quick, short naps before church and for me to work on laundry and Jacob’s birthday chalkboard.

Olivia only squeezed in about a 30-45 minute nap so she woke up in a pretty foul mood, but fortunately she was good to go after her bath and snack, and then we headed to 5:30 mass like we always do.

Before leaving, I snapped a few pics of Jacob with his chalkboard!  You can see more in my post from yesterday.  And please excuse the chalk dust on his shirt and the half untucked shirt… that’s what happens when you’re in a hurry!

Both kids were very well-behaved (never mind that Olivia talked the entire time… at least she was whispering!) and then it was time to go to dinner.  We met my parents and uncle and his GF at our favorite local pizza place, and then it was time to head home for yet another late bedtime.  The kids were WHOOPED so they both fell asleep right away, and then B and I YOLOed and stayed up ‘til after midnight watching two more episodes of Bloodline. 

Sunday was Jacob’s actual birthday, and he kicked off the morning by coming in our bedroom and hopping into bed with us (something he never does anymore) and he laid with us for a good 30 minutes before we finally all got up just before eight.  B left to pick up donuts, and then we spent the morning opening gifts and playing with new toys.

The first thing Jacob wanted to open was this new marble maze toy that B had picked up for him.  You guys, this is the coolest thing ever!  You can build the pieces all sorts of different ways and then watch the marbles go through them.  It’s kind of like a big Mouse Trap game, but way better.  You can find the exact one that we purchased here.  It would be the perfect gift for Christmas!  (And yes, I’m already thinking about Christmas gifts!)

Before heading to my MIL’s for lunch, I wanted to snap a few pictures of J for his birthday, but he was not happy that I had dragged him away from his new toys, so this was the best I could get:

And yes, he got a lecture about his sour attitude, because even on your birthday it’s not okay to be rude to people when you don't get your way.

Since he wasn’t interested in the photo shoot, I knew a little lady who would be, so I rounded her up and handed B the camera!  My littlest little eats it up.  And y’all, seriously… look at her with her little fringe purse.  I literally can’t.  If she’s not a tiny little me then I don’t know who is!  I swear, she reminds me so much of myself when I was her age!

The birthday celebrations continued at my MIL’s, and once again we celebrated all three July and August birthdays.  We had more cookie cake and opened presents once again and Jacob got lots of great stuff!

Sunday dinner at my parents’ house was slightly different yesterday evening because my grandmother wasn’t able to join us.  She is okay, but she had an episode with her blood pressure yesterday and had to be admitted to the hospital.  If you could say a little prayer for her that would be much appreciated.

We were still able to celebrate our Boo one last time and we finally got to dig into his Star Wars cake that we got for him.  All he wanted was a Boba Fett cake, so his wish was granted!

Another birthday is in the books!  And we will be spending the rest of the week detoxing from all of the junk we ate!  EEK!

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  1. What an awesome birthday weekend that Jacob had! Happy Birthday!!
    Poor Olivia! So glad that her little fall didn't get her back with the pool!
    Hope you guys catch your breathe today! Happy Monday!

  2. What a fun filled birthday weekend!! The sign you created is amazing and I'm loving that Olivia is wearing a cross body bag!! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Happy birthday to Jacob! I LOVE his cake - that is so awesome! Sounds like you guys had the best weekend celebrating him and others!

  4. Wow what a birthday weekend!! Perfect ways to spoil your favorite boy!! I love his birthday sign and cake! Brayden is obsessed with Star Wars so his birthday presents looked a lot like Jacobs with the legos :)

  5. Your family is always leading in the CAKE GAME! There are always so many cakes and fun celebrations for birthdays, and I love it! What a weekend of fun and love. <3

  6. Wow, what a weekend, and what awesome cakes to choose from. Gotta love it! We have a bowling alley just like that one around us...we just went this weekend. It must be the same company. That marble toy is amazing. I saw your story on IG and showed Andy. He was so jealous. I told him not to worry that I added it to the Amazon list! Happy Birthday to your handsome boy!

  7. What a fun Birthday weekend! Sorry to hear about your grandma and I am glad she is ok. Marble runs are so much fun! I like building them just as much as the kids. My kids have been into setting up Dominos and watching them tip. What a great weekend full of lots of love and lots of fun!

  8. What a fun birthday weekend! Happy belated birthday to sweet little Jacob! And when did Olivia get SO big -- she looks all grown up with her little crossbody bag. Such a doll!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  9. what a fun birthday weekend! Those pics with the six balloon are priceless! I know this sounds horrible but I've learned to take the pic first and then do the treats after lol. Theses are still awesome though and will be a fun memory <3
    Beautifully Candid

  10. Birthday Celebrations are just the best! Tell Jacob that my mom makes me a key lime pie every year for my birthday. Now I want a cookie cake too, lol!!! Olivia is such a sweet fashionista like her mama!!

    1. Really?! That's so awesome! It's so funny to me that that's what he chooses to get for my FIL's celebration! And thank you!

  11. Wow! what a fun day!! I love your daughters wink in the photo shoot! Can always count on a girls girl ;) Also, that pool is beautiful!! Is it at your house!?

  12. So cute! You were busy busy busy this weekend and looking darling too! I love that he requested key lime pie! Xoxo Erin

  13. Kiddos are SO resilient in the pool! I did ISR when I was in college, and you'd be amazed how well they do when they're given the tools to succeed!

    Also, happy birthday to Jacob! He's so so cute!

  14. Oh my goodness, birthday weekends are so much fun!! Jacob looks so happy! It looks like he had the best weekend ever! <3

  15. Yay for an awesome birthday weekend!6 years old! Happy belated little man! You looked great by the way! xo

  16. I love your birthday celebrations. Looks like it was a good weekend!

  17. Ah so fun! The marble maze looks like lots of fun- even my middle school students would be mesmerized by it! Hope your week is calm and happy!

  18. So many sweet treats. It sounds like the perfect weekend if you ask me, lol! I giggled over the key lime pie because it is one of Emily's favorites. Oh those two would be a comical pair.

    So glad Olivia did alright and kudos to you for not panicking friend.

  19. Holy cow what a weekend! You guys really packed a lot of fun in. So awesome! I'd say Jacob had an amazing birthday.

  20. What a busy fun filled week! That marble race looks awesome!! I remember loving them as a kid. :)

    1. It is really cool!! B and I were loving it just as much as the kids!

  21. Wow, you guys were busy! Glad you had a good one. Scary about Olivia hitting her head and falling into the pool!

  22. That is one packed weekend.

    Have you recovered yet?

    Thanks for linking up.

  23. I love the Boba Fett cake! That's just perfect for a little boy. The chalkboard is awesome too. Where were all of these great ideas when my kids were little?


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