Thursday, July 6, 2017

Panama City Beach, FL 2017 - Days 6 & 7

Well guys, this will be my final beach post!  Some of you may be relieved because – overload – and some of you may be sad because – no more pretty beach pics.  I’m going to miss these recaps because it’s always nice to relive a trip, but I surely won’t miss the editing of eighteen billion pictures that come along with each of the posts!

Anyway, Friday was our last full day in PCB so we wanted to make the most of it.  We had another sunny day upon us so we were up and at ‘em bright and early.  We had a quick breakfast of cereal in the condo and then it was down to the beach.  It was pretty much the same as the previous day – jump in the waves, play in the sand, find shells, repeat.

After playing for several hours at the beach, we stopped by the pool on our way up to the condo.  Again, the kids had zero interest and we only stayed for 20 minutes or so.  On the way back to our room, we stopped by the beachside café and grabbed ice cream to enjoy after lunch!!  Olivia chose some sort of Sponge Bob popcicle and Brian, Jacob, and I chose chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches.  Is there anything better?! 

After lunch, we bathed the kiddos and put Olivia down for her nap, and then it was back down to the beach for me for some alone time with my book.  Or so I thought.  Hehe.  Y’all remember in our Beach Trip by the Numbers post I had mentioned that we had found a container of marijuana?  Well, it’s finally time to tell the story…

When I arrived back down to the beach, somebody had taken over our chairs and they had stated that the people at the condo had given them those chairs when they had checked in today.  I decided not to argue as the people next to us had told us earlier that morning that we could use theirs if we needed more room because they wouldn’t be using them that day.  So I plopped down in the set of chairs that were next to our original ones and proceeded to read my book.

About 15 minutes after I had laid down, an elderly lady who was is the set of chairs next to me said, “Excuse me, I tossed a bottle under your chair earlier and I just wanted to see if it was still there.  Can you please check?”  So I said, “Okaaaay…” and hopped up so I could raise the chair.  Sure enough, there was what appeared to be an extra large ibuprofen or Tylenol bottle under there with the label ripped off.  I picked it up and reached out to hand it to the lady and she said, “Oh no, I don’t want it!  I just wanted to know if it was still there!” 


After she told me that I was getting ready to put it back inside my chair when the elderly lady’s daughter-in-law hollered, “Wait, give it to me!  I wanna see what’s in it!” 

And you guys, before I go any further, I need to paint a little picture for you.  This lady (the daughter-in-law), who was probably in her late 40’s or early 50’s, was about the country-est lady I’ve ever met.  I’m from the south and I may have a slight southern drawl, but this lady was straight country.  And she was LOUD. 

So I hand her the bottle and I’m just smoothing out my towel and getting ready to lay back down and I hear, “OHHHH MY GAAAAWD, YOU HALFTA SEE WHUT’S IN THIS BOTTLE!!!!  OH MYYYY LOW-ERD!”

So I turn around and she and her mother-in-law (the elderly lady who originally asked about the bottle) are looking in the bottle and cracking up. 

The lady started hollering, “THERE’S MARIJUANA IN THIS BOTTLE.  OH MY GOOTNESS, IT’S WEEEED!”  And she proceeded to stick the bottle in my face.

Sure enough, it was filled to the top with some good ol’ Mary Jane. 

I was like, “Uh, okay, well it’s not mine.  Your mother-in-law was the one who asked me to look for the bottle.  Can you please quiet down and please for the love of all that is holy, wipe my fingerprints off of that bottle?” 


Next thing I know, her husband starts walking down from the condo and she starts yelling, “BABY, JUST WAIT ‘TIL YOU SEE WHUT’S IN THIS BOTTLE!!!!” 

At that point half of the people on the beach are staring at us.  Some are cracking up and some are looking judgy and I’m totally just trying to ignore them and get lost in my book, but the lady continues to drag me into the conversation. 


I’m like, “Uh, I have no idea.  Turn it in to the people at the front desk at the condo?  Throw it in the trash?”

Turns out, her husband is in law enforcement and as soon as he looked and realized what it was, he told her to hush and to get rid of it. 

I was finally able to enjoy about another hour down there after the whole weed debacle, and I still have no idea what exactly they did with the bottle.  All I know, is that there is somebody somewhere who is PISSED to be missing it.  Lol.

After finally relaxing for a bit longer it was time for me to head up to the condo and get ready, and then we all headed out for our last night.

We drove to Pier Park for one last hurrah, had pizza, watched the sun set on the beach again, and then headed to the carnival just one more time.  The kids had a blast riding all of the rides again and then Jacob decided that he wanted to ride this crazy ride that jerks you all around in circles.  He was tall enough to ride with an adult, so I told B to have fun.  Lol.  I wanted to puke just watching them on it, but Jacob LOVED it.  Sometimes he really surprises me.

We ended the carnival with a game of ball toss, and the kids won prizes – a water gun for J and a big blow up dolphin for O. 

We then stopped by Marble Slab for one last round of ice cream and it was time to call it a day.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Panera we always go to for breakfast.  Olivia serenaded us with several rounds of “Old McDonald” and then it was time to hit the road.

The drive home was a little more crazy as Olivia was not excited to be contained in her seat, but it definitely could have been worse.

All I know is that it was good to be home!

If you missed any of the other recaps, you can see them below.  

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  1. Oh good, that story!!! Definitely a vacation you won't forget!

  2. Oh my goodness I would have died. How embarrassing??
    I wonder how they knew it was under your chair.
    Your beach babies are precious. Such great pictures!!

  3. That story is hilarious and your reenactment of the woman is the best! What a great end to ya'lls trip!

  4. Bahahahha I was laughing out loud reading the weed story!! SO funny!! Love all the pics!

  5. Haha that weed story was hilarious! So glad you guys had a great vacation. I will miss the beach pics! I'm going to the Jersey shore tonight but it's not nearly this pretty!

  6. OMG! That story and I can totally imagine her yelling and you thinking SHUT UP!!! So glad y'all ended up having such an amazing trip. I'll miss the beach photos for sure.

  7. Oh man, that is the best story ever!!! Thank you for sharing! Looks like you all had a blast!!

    1. Haha. I'm glad you enjoyed! That lady was a trip, that's for sure.

  8. HAHAHA. I love this story. People are so darn strange!

  9. That bottle story is too funny! People are so crazy sometimes. Why would she be so loud about it?!?!? Hahaha, I would have wanted my fingerprints off of it and nothing to do with them or the bottle too. What a fun trip!

  10. OMG..I'm DYING over this story! People are crazy lol. Great pictures.

  11. That weed story is too funny! And that lady sounds crazy!! Those pictures of the kids on the beach are SO sweet. I love your recaps!

  12. I am dying over the weed story. It definitely lived up to the hype of the story. So much fun on your trip though!!!

  13. Ok that's a funny story. At first I thought it belonged to the old lady! lol! I love your pictures as usual and it looks like lots of fun there. I love ice cream cookie sandwiches! Also I was going to say I hate rides that are all dizzy like that but I saw the picture and I used to love that ride as a kid!

  14. Too funny! I bet you it was the old lady's! Why else would she be asking for it- isn't the beach relaxing enough, grannie?!

  15. Hahahaha, that's so funny about the weed. Why was the old lady asking you to look for it if it wasn't hers...hmmm...hahaha. Looks like you guys definitely made the most of your last two days. Love how you got some alone time too. Such a special trip. I really enjoying following along throughout the years as you continue this tradition.

  16. This is by far my favorite vacation post yet - for reasons other than the Mary Jane story lol!! That photo of Brian and Olivia jumping the wave - Olivia's smile made me smile so much! Also, love love love your family photos at the end of your post! You have one gorgeous family. :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Brandi. You are always so sweet!

  17. So many fun beach pics! I can't believe how crazy that weed story is. At first I thought it was the old lady's! How did she know it was under your chair?!? Beautifully Candid

  18. Oh how we miss the beach! I mean, I love the mountains and I am glad we got to retreat to cooler temperatures, but I also miss the beach. The people staying next to us were from Santa Rosa Beach and were traveling for the summer. Just talking with them made us miss the 30a something fierce. I love and adore all of these sweet pictures. The marijuana story…I am dying! Those two ladies sound hilarious.

  19. Um, hmmm....that weed story feels off to me - like why would she have put the bottle under your chair if she didn't know what was in it and then ask you to make sure it was still there?? I suspect maybe it was actually hers and then when her daughter discovered what was in it she had to play dumb. So crazy!


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