Monday, August 21, 2017

Another Three-Day Weekend

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We had a three-day weekend and it flew by as all of them do.  B and I took Friday off to make the trip to Atlanta for my final treatment.  We dropped both kids at school, grabbed a couple of donuts, and then hit the road.  My appointment was quick and we were out of there just before lunch time so we headed to our favorite place, Tin Lizzy’s for some guac, queso, salsa, and the very best chips that you will ever eat.  Seriously.  I had a grilled chicken taco as well, but the highlight is and always will be the chips and dips.  Goodness gracious I have no self control around them. 

After we finished lunch, we stopped by Trader Joe’s again since we don’t have one at home.  We loaded up on all the things we could that didn’t have to be refrigerated.  I grabbed a tub of their mini chocolate chip cookies, some organic chia seeds, some granola bards, fig bars, and a few other things that we wanted to try. 

We also decided to stop at the Old Navy that was nearby to see if they had anything that our store at home didn’t have.  We have been looking everywhere for navy uniform shorts for Jacob in a 4T and they are impossible to find.  Our local store hasn’t ever carried them and Old Navy has been sold out online forever, so we were hoping to snag some in a store elsewhere.  No luck. 

I did do a little bit of window shopping while we were there, though, because Olivia needs new fall/winter clothes and we have some Old Navy Super Cash that will be ready to use on 9/5.  There were lots of things that caught my eye for her, but this tunic was the main one.  How stinking cute is that?!  She will be getting that one in just a couple of weeks when I can use our Super Cash.  Unfortunately they don't have it listed on the website yet, but I did find this one that is very similar.

They also have some new jeggings called Ballerina Jeggings and they could not be more perfect for little girls who hate wearing jeans!  Olivia pretty much lives in dresses eight months out of the year, but during the four-ish months out of our year that it’s cold, I make her wear pants and she hates it.  I love jeans because they go with everything, but she always whines about them being uncomfortable.  Well, these Ballerina Jeggings are the softest things and they look like real jeans.  The best part is that they have the adjustable straps at the waists so I’ll be able to buy them a little bit big and hopefully she can wear them for two years.  She’ll definitely be getting 2-3 pairs!  #Winning

I also stumbled upon these leopard flats in the little girls’ section and I was crushed that they weren’t in the women’s section.  Well, I started rifling through the different sizes and I saw that the largest size looked like it could possibly fit me.  And what do ya know, it did!!  It fit perfectly!  So FYI, if you wear a 7.5/8 or smaller in women’s shoes, you can totally buy shoes in the little girl’s section at Old Navy!!!!  They are every bit as cute and substantial as the women’s shoes, but they are way cheaper!  I’m already thinking about others that I might want.  I’m in need of new gold shoes and these gold lace-up flats are darling.  They’re on sale right now, too!  This is like a whole new world, guys.  A whole new world. 

We got back in town just in time to pick up the kids from school about an hour earlier than normal, and then we had a nice leisurely evening at home.  I was in a good bit of pain from my treatment so after our pizza dinner we made some popcorn and had another family movie night – this time to watch Sing.  I dozed off for a few minutes in the middle, but all of the parts that I saw were really cute!

Saturday the kids were up playing with their marble run while B and I lazily laid around and then I made some homemade waffles for breakfast.  Jacob requested Halloween sprinkles in his (he knows that fall is coming!), and Olivia requested “pink ones” so I threw some heart sprinkles leftover from Valentine’s Day in hers.  (I have these.)  I also loaded the waffles with some of the organic chia seeds that I had gotten at TJ’s and nobody even noticed.  #WinningAgain

Saturday it was hot, it finally wasn’t raining, and our yard wasn’t too overgrown (seriously, our yard has looked like a jungle for much of this summer from all the rain we’ve had), so we finally had a chance to get out the kids’ slip-n-slide.  They both struggled to understand how to push themselves down it, so B put on his swim suit to show ‘em how it was done.  He was fine after doing it twice, but later in the day he was walking around and holding his back.  I guess he’s not as young as he once was.  Haha.  He also exceeded the weight limit maximum and about 15 minutes later the slip-n-slide busted so the kids just ended up playing in the sprinkler.  Womp womp. 

Saturday evening we went to church and Olivia went to Children’s Liturgy for the first time!  Children’s Liturgy is where the kids ages 4-8 get to leave the main church and have their own children’s church for half of the main mass, and then they come back in and join us for communion.  Olivia won’t be four until February, but one of our friends has started doing Children’s Liturgy and she told us that it was fine for Olivia to join them.  Olivia was thrilled when we told her, and she and Jacob walked down to the front of the church together for their blessing, and then they left.  B and I are loving it because it gives us a little break during church and we can pay better attention to the readings and the homily without having to tell Olivia to be quiet every five seconds/take her to the bathroom/ask her to stop climbing on the pews etc.  Haha.  And it’s good for her because she gets more out of church, too, since they explain the readings in terms that children can understand.  It’s a win-win for everyone!  When she and Jacob came running back up the aisles after it was over my heart was just bursting.  Our babies are really growing up.

We went out for margs and Mex after church with my parents and my aunt and uncle, and Jacob found another painted rock outside the restaurant.  On the way home we swung by DQ on the way home for a little treat, and then B and I watched a couple more episodes of Ozark before calling it a night.  And that show?  It’s still weird, y’all.

Sunday morning I got up early and did our grocery shopping for the next two weeks.  It was amazing because I practically had the entire grocery store to myself!  I really need to do that more often.  When I got back home, B headed out to cut the grass and the kids colored while I put the groceries away.  Jacob had to finish his star student poster and he also started on his spelling homework for the week to get a jump start!  They also played with Hot Wheels for a bit, and then it was time to go to my MIL’s for lunch.

It was 95 degrees Sunday with major humidity so we didn’t even play outside after lunch.  The kiddos just played indoors with their cousins and then we headed home for naps and quiet time.

Sunday evening I cooked to give my mom a break.  She’s had so much going on lately and she’s been spending lots of days and nights with my grandmother who is still healing from her pacemaker surgery, so she’s not had a lot of free time as she also still works full time.

I kept it simple and made baked ziti, I threw together a salad, and I baked some garlic breadsticks.  We opened one of our gazillion bottles of TJ’s wine and I whipped up some Moscow Mules for those who didn’t want wine.  My mom brought an Oreo cake for dessert, and we all treated ourselves to a good-sized piece when dinner was over.  As always, the twinkle lights were on, some cocktail jazz was playing, and I may or may not have lit my Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle already.  #Oops

Another great weekend in the books!

Everyone enjoy the solar eclipse today!  We’re getting 92% coverage so it should definitely be interesting!  I have my solar eclipse glasses ready and I’ll be outside with my eyes toward the sky with everyone else this afternoon!  Protect those eyes, everybody! 

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  1. What a great weekend. Ella will not wear jeans either. She has a few pair of the ballerina jeggings. She still doesn't love them like leggings. 😂 Everything itches. HA.
    Hope you are feeling better today. I need to stick up on wine again!

  2. Oh my gosh oreo cake....yum!! And be careful today! We're getting 96% coverage but I've been reading so much about the eye damage possible that now I'm too afraid to even use my glasses. Plus I'll have students so we're just live-streaming and will watch it get dark outside. #lame haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Those slides used to be my favorite thing as a kid in the summer!! Your pancakes are making me hungry :) xo, Biana-

  4. I am in the path of totality (sounds so ominous!), so I will definitely be out there with my glasses! As always you had a great weekend - I really hope this treatment works for you! Have you ever tried yoga or stretches? Obviously I am not a doctor, but I remember when I pulled my back really badly, I did some stretches that my SIL was recommended when she was pregnant and it's amazing the difference that made. Not the same thing, I know, but just a suggestion! I didn't go grocery shopping until like 4:00 yesterday and it was so picked over - first thing in the morning is definitely the best! And I love that you do shopping for two weeks - I need to get on board with that. And now to end the longest comment ever...happy Monday!

  5. Looks like a great weekend. I love that Old Navy tunic. So cute!! Emmy may need that too. We are supposed to have an excellent view of the eclipse, so the kids and I will head outside to take a look at some point.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend!! you had me at oreo cake haha. I love all things mexican so I'm loving that you had it two days in a row haha. Hope your back is feeling better today and the treatment worked!!

  7. I'm excited for the eclipse too! We are only going go get about 75% coverage but I think it'll still be interesting! Of course I scheduled an afternoon meeting in a building with no windows so I'm going to have to make it quick so I can be outside at 2:44 p.m.!

    That's so cool about the children's liturgy. I remember when they started that at our parish. I think it's great for young kids! Dinner sounds so nice and relaxing!

  8. So awesome you were able to get those flats in the kids section!! I always try the kids section first. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend, and yayy for the eclipse!! We are so excited but now we have tons of cloud cover all day so not sure what that will mean for it, but I do plan to take Brayden out of school for a half hour to view it - they are keeping all the kids indoors today but I feel like he should have a chance to see it!

  9. That show never stops being weird. We finished it this past weekend. Someone once told me that a kids size 6 is the same as a womens size 8. CRAZY! I really don't understand why they do that, but it must be nice for most people to have twice the options. Glad y'all had a great weekend. We will be about 95% here. our plan is to head to the library for an eclipse party and hopefully score some glasses there.

  10. What a fun weekend y'all had minus the ouchy procedure on Friday. You had me at guac, queso and chips - my weakness! I love your Old Navy finds. Stripes and those cute sleeves, yes ma'am. I love that I can wear kids shoes! It comes in handy! xoxo ERIN

  11. Sounds busy and fun! We're watching the eclipse too!

  12. Sounds like it was a great weekend. Great old navy finds! I so need to check out old navy, haven't been in forever.

  13. Target's Circo brand jeggings are pretty fantastic, too! They come in a ton of different colors and my girls both love wearing them for school. We only do "soft pants" at our house, so I feel your pain. :)

    Are you loving Ozark?! We binged it so fast and I wish there was more. Jason Bateman is a dream.

  14. I can't EVER control myself around chips, guac and queso...who can?!
    Glad you guys had a good weekend...I still think 3 day weekends should be mandatory!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  15. So many little ones hate wearing jeans, don't they? My best friend's little girl just fights wearing them!

  16. I have zero self control with chips and dips, and of course donuts too! Loving your Old Navy finds, and glad your procedures are done <3
    Green Fashionista

  17. Maddi is all about leggings and jeggings so I will have to look into these! Such cute outfits in this post. I know your back appointment must be painful but it sounds like you are able to make the most of it! Happy Monday and enjoy the eclipse!

  18. I'm just catching up after being gone all last week with very little service. Saw your confessions post and definitely thinking of you Hun. Sorry things have been so hard lately. Glad you guys had a nice weekend and also sending up prayers for your Grandmas.

  19. Yes to the final treatment. I had to smile, Tin Lizzie is our paint color. Love chia seeds! Have a great day doll!!

  20. Throw chia, flax, and coconut into EVERYTHING! They'll never know!

  21. Hope your last treatment went well. Sorry you were in pain that evening, though. Tin Lizzy’s sounds amazing. I have no control when it comes to chips, guac and queso either. I love it. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. How fun for Olivia to get to move up to the Children’s church a little earlier than expected. Did she love it?

  22. So glad it was a fun weekend! I hope your back is feeling better and the treatments helped. That's great Olivia was able to go with Jacob to the class in church. It's always more rewarding for everyone when we can all get more out of the service. Beautifully Candid

  23. A lovely weekend indeed. I can always find some great items on Old Navy's clearance racks. It's amazing how different stores carry different items too.


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