Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Experience with LipSense

*I was gifted a LipSense Lip Colour and Lip Gloss in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support Lindsay’s Sweet World.

Okay you guys, I drank the Kool-Aid. 

I jumped on board the LipSense train.

When I saw that April of Smidge of This, one of my favorite bloggers EVAH, (who also sells LipSense) was looking to collaborate with a couple of bloggers to review the product, I couldn’t message her any faster!  I had seen LipSense all over social media, and my curiosity was definitely getting the best of me.

You may remember about a week ago that I had mentioned that I had purchased the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour Lipcolor to try?  Well, it stunk.  Mine barely lasted for three hours and every time I wiped my mouth on my napkin at dinner I could see traces of it on the napkin.  No bueno.  So yes, while it lasted longer than traditional lipstick, it did not anywhere remotely come close to lasting 24 hours like it states.


I was ecstatic when my LipSense happy mail arrived from April a few days later!  I had chosen the shade Luv It and April sent a gloss along with it.

LipSense claims to be waterproof, kiss-proof, smear-proof, and rub-proof.  It supposedly does not budge and it is said to last up to twelve hours. 

So how did it work for me?

Sunday morning I got up, got ready, and applied mine.  LipSense is not applied like a traditional lipstick.  To apply it, you first have to make sure that your lips are clean and dry.  You then put on three coats, taking care to brush it on in the same direction each time and waiting about 10 seconds in between each coat.  Once the top coat is dry (around 10-12 seconds), you apply the gloss.

I applied mine around 11 AM Sunday morning and I had B take a few pictures of me so you can see the shade.  I chose Luv It because it’s perfect to wear every day.

We then headed to lunch with B’s family.  I ate a big lunch, drank a glass of sweet tea, and wiped my mouth a ton of times in between.  I then followed up lunch with an ice cream treat, and then it was time to inspect.  At that point I could tell that all of the gloss had come off (which is expected), so I thought for sure that the color would be gone as well. 

Nope, it was still just as vibrant as when I had put it on. 

That afternoon we spent some time out in the sun, I kissed on my babies, I kissed on Brian, and by evening I could tell that all of the gloss had worn off again.  The color, though?  Still perfect.  I could not believe it.  I reapplied the gloss and got B to snap a few more pictures of me around 6 that evening to show you.  This picture right here is after almost seven hours of wear!! 

Sunday evening we had salad, spaghetti, garlic bread, and shared a bottle of wine, and after all that?  STILL THERE.  Y’all, this stuff is just crazy.

I washed my face for bed around 9 that evening and at that point the color had faded a bit, but it was still going pretty strong.  I will spare you the makeupless picture of yours truly.  ;o)

When I woke up the next morning, it was finally mostly gone, but there was still a trace of color on my lips after all that time… almost 19 hours later!  That is just crazy.

Not once did it wipe off on my napkin, my wine glass, my babies’ faces, or Brian’s lips.  He won’t ever kiss me when I wear lipstick because obviously he doesn’t want to wear it, too, but with LipSense we don’t have to worry about that.

So not only did I drink the Kool-Aid… I freaking loved it.  I will definitely be wearing this all the time and I already have my eye on a couple of the fall shades, as well.

If you want to try it for yourself – and believe me, you do – you can contact April several ways:


Not only will you love the product, you will love her as well!  If you don’t already follow her blog, you definitely need to check it out!  Hers is one of the first blogs that I started reading (I even included her in my post last year about the bloggers who inspired me to start my own blog) and she is just great.  She’s down to earth, she’s super sweet, and she’s real.  That’s what I love the most about her!

I just know that you will love her, too, so be sure to check her out, and tell her I sent you!

LipSense comes in tons of different shades so you are bound to find the perfect one for you.

So do you currently wear LipSense?  What’s your favorite shade?  I’m trying to decide which one I will want to try next!

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  1. I have been wanting to try Lipsense, as well! But couldn't get my self to pay $50 and then hate the color on me or it not work. HA
    Thank you so much for the review!

  2. Did you experience any dryness? One of my friends tried it and her lips got super dried and cracked, so it makes me a little nervous since I am forever applying chapstick!

  3. i Love Love Love lipsense and april! I have gotten several colors from here and am obsessed. I totally drank the kool-aid as well. praline rose if my favorite color right now!

  4. That color is perfect! So pretty on you. I'm a fan of April's blog too, and I thought about getting on board the Lipsense train but haven't yet. :D You're making me want to give it a try!

  5. So pretty! I don't wear lipstick but I do wear chapstick..

    1. Thank you! And yes, I wear chapstick a lot as well! I can't live without my Carmex!

  6. I am actually in the process of collaborating on a LipSense post right now too! Lololol. What color did you pick?

  7. I love that color!! I have been hesitant to try lipsense but it seems like the real deal!

  8. I LOVE that color. It is perfect for everyday use. One of my co-workers sells Lipsense and the hardest part for me was applying it one direction, I kept wanting to go back and forth. Great color and great review!

  9. I've been interesting in LipSense but since it's so much more than what I'd normally spend on lip color, I haven't jumped the gun yet. But it really does sound like it's worth it, so it might be time to try it!

  10. I need to hop over to her blog because I have never been but I will remedy that today. I love lip sense as well. I have never been a regular lipstick wearer but I wear it way more frequently with lip sense. I saw it's the official lipstick for Broadway now! xoxo ERIN

  11. Looks like a great product! I'm trying to talk myself into becoming a lips girl. Not sure I have the personality to pull off color!

  12. I have definitely been wanting to try this as well. It is just so expensive. Ugh.

  13. Yup, I had that same experience! The gloss needs reapplication but the color lasts!

  14. All I can tell you is once I started shopping, I couldn't stop. I have so many colors and often have to talk myself out of buying more.

  15. That's the shade I have, too! I don't wear it every day, but it's amazing for special occasions!

    1. Yes, it really is great! So perfect because it goes with everything!

  16. That shade is so pretty on you! I've heard so many wonderful things about LipSense, but haven't jumped on board yet.

  17. You chose the perfect color for you! I bought into all the hype too, and picked up a set. I still haven't decided if I love it. It worked perfectly sometimes, and then other days when it kind of wore off strangely. And it's not like it's easy to wipe off and start over. I dunno, jury is still out!
    - Kristen

    1. Weird, maybe it has something to do with the types of food you're eating? I've heard that eating certain foods can make it wear down faster!

  18. I have mixed opinions about Lipsense. I own two colors and the gloss. I like that it stays on for a long time. What I don't like is that it makes my lips dry and it has a weird alcohol (the rubbing kind, not the drinking kind) tingle and taste to it. I found that baby wipes are good for removing Lipsense before I go to bed.

    1. You're not the first person I've heard say that it makes your lips dry. I haven't had that problem at all so far! And thank you for the tips about the baby wipes. I will try that!


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