Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What's Up Wednesday - August 2017

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Before getting started, I just wanted to say to all of my Texas friends that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  We have been glued to the news much like the rest of America, and we are just devastated seeing all of the flooding and damage. 

If anyone feels the urge to help out, I came across a great article yesterday summarizing the many different charities that are accepting donations as well as other ways to help. 

Now for a little summary of our August… man oh man was it a busy one!

What We’re Eating This Week

Mon – Chicken and pineapple stir fry with rice and broccoli
Tue – Chick-Fil-A because – soccer practice
Wed – Tacos
Thu – Eggs, grits, bacon, and toast
Fri – Out
Sat – Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill because – COLLEGE FOOTBALL, BABY! 
Sun – Momma and Daddy’s for Sunday dinner… I assume… Momma?  Haha.

What I’m Reminiscing About

B and I just celebrated our 14 year dating anniversary on Monday so I’ve been thinking about the early care-free days of our relationship before we got married and had babies.  We have shared some really amazing times together and I’m just so thankful to have all of those sweet memories with him.  And I’m even more thankful that I get to continue making new memories with him.    

What I’m Loving

The cooler weather and lack of humidity we’ve had!  We’ve had temps this week in the mid-eighties during the day and humidity has only been around 40%.  The temps at night have dipped into the low seventies and even the upper sixties one night.  It’s been like our own little taste of fall considering August is usually our hottest month!

What We’ve Been Up To

Oh my word, where to even begin?  August was busy.  Probably our busiest month so far this year.  Both kids had a lot of days off as their schools prepared for back-to-school, so B and I each had to take several days off from work to be with them.  We met both teachers and attended a parent orientation.  Jacob started first grade and we’ve been adjusting to aaaallll the homework that comes along with it.  Whew, it’s crazy! 

Jacob also started soccer so we’ve gotten our first taste of having after-school activities during the week.  Olivia started "nastics" so that was another thing to add to our busy weekday evenings.  We celebrated my dad’s birthday and my father-in-law's birthday, and B and I took two different days off to go to Atlanta for my doctor’s appointments.  I had a girls’ night out, and we took care of my parents’ dog while they were in Nashville.  It was such a busy month, but B and I were surprisingly able to squeeze in a date night!  Winning! 

What I’m Dreading

Honestly not much.  My favorite four months of the year are here, so I’m actually pretty excited, and I’m hoping to get out of this funk that I’ve been in pretty much the entire year.

What I’m Working On

Getting our house decorated for fall!!  I stopped by Hobby Lobby yesterday on my lunch break to grab a couple of things to fill in the gaps, and I’m hoping to have everything done by Saturday.  And don’t you worry… there will be a fall home tour post!  ;o)

What I’m Excited About


What I’m Watching/Reading

Watching – We’re (kind of) watching Bachelor in Paradise.  Is it really lame this season, too, or am I just slowly getting turned off to the whole Bachelor franchise?  I hated this past season of The Bachelorette and now BIP has been a disappointment, too.  In addition to BIP, we’re watching America’s Got Talent and also Ozark.  We haven’t watched Ozark in almost two weeks, though, since Hubs worked so much last weekend. 

Reading – I’m just finishing up The Identicals.  This is my first Elin Hilderbrand book, and she definitely lived up to all the hype.  I will most definitely be checking out other books by her! 

What I’m Listening To

When I’m in the car with the kids, they’re still on a Trolls and Moana soundtrack kick, and Jacob just also informed us that we need to get the Secret Life of Pets and Sing soundtracks as well.  Lol. 

When I’m in the car without the kids, I’ve been jamming to Taylor Swift's new song because I AM OBSESSED WITH IT.  It has the best beat!  #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo

At home we’ve been settling in with a lot of old standards and cocktail jazz because they make me feel cozy and warm and that’s the best way to feel now that fall is approaching!

I’ve also been on a Paul Thorn kick since we went to his concert a couple of weeks ago!

What I’m Wearing

We’ve experienced a little bit of a cool-down and a drop in humidity this week, so I’ve actually been wearing my fair share of pants in lieu of skirts!  On weekends, I’ve been hanging out in comfy tees paired with these shorts from Target that I still can’t get enough of.  Why oh why are they discontinuing the Mossimo brand?

What I’m Doing This Weekend

We are hosting a football party with friends this Saturday because college football is back, BABY!  Did I mention that already?  Hehe.  Our friends and their two kids are going to come over and we’re going to let the kiddos play to their little heart’s content while all of the adults gather around the TV to watch the game.  B is going to fire up the grill and make some burgers and hot dogs, and I’m going to make some apps, drinks, and a dessert.  The house should be all decorated by then and there will definitely be a fall candle burning.  I’m just so excited for the start of college football/fall/pumpkin season I could just cry!  

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

September is always a great month!  I’ll be looking forward to lots of lazy weekends at home watching football, Jacob’s first soccer game, having that first sip of pumpkin spice latte for the season, and maybe – hopefully – dipping into my scarf collection… fingers crossed for some cooler weather!

What Else Is New

Well, we officially have a gymnastics dropout.  Womp womp.  Olivia loved her first class so much and she was eager to go back the following week.  However, during her second class, the kids were all flipping over the high bar (only a few feet off the ground since they’re so little), but the coach wasn’t spotting the kids appropriately and Olivia ended up falling on her head not once, but twice, y’all.  I was BESIDE MYSELF.  I mean, I know they’re going to fall and get bumps and bruises, but for a three-year old who was taking only her second gymnastics class ever, someone should have been spotting her every single second that she was on that high bar.  Both times that she fell, I had a mini heart attack because it looked so awful.  I’m just so thankful she didn’t break her neck.  And yes, I had a chat with her coach after the class was over because I was not happy.

Anyway, after that happened she was terrified to go back, and with good reason.  I wouldn’t have wanted to either.  We did make her go to the third class last week and try one last time, but she didn’t want to go, and she cried half of the time that she was there.  They didn’t practice the high bar that day, so who knows if she would have even been spotted appropriately.  All this past week we have been asking her if she wants to go back, and every single time she responds with a firm, “No.”  So we have decided to pull her from the program.  I’m not going to make her do something that makes her feel unsafe.  And honestly, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my chest, too, because the last time we were there my anxiety was through the freaking roof the whole time. 

Yes, this all sounds a bit dramatic, but when you watch your baby fall on her head from several feet off the ground and start screaming and you can’t do anything about it (parents aren’t allowed to go out on the floor), it really sucks.  And it’s scary.  The momma bear in me definitely came out that day!

So anyway, Olivia has now informed us that she wants to do soccer, but since it’s too late to sign her up for this season, she’s going to have to wait until the spring. 

On the bright side, our Tuesday evenings just got a little easier!  ;o)

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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  1. Oh my goodness, poor Olivia (and you)! That definitely would be scary! On a much happier note, I am with you on being excited for all things fall! And the nicer weather is just lovely - even if it isn't 'cool', being cooler than normal is definitely a treat! Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh my goodness, I would have freaked too! Why on earth were they not spotting her?? That is just crazy. Ella took gymnastics till she was in 1st grade and she always had a spotter.
    I can't wait till Saturday!! I decorating heavily for this football game because we have the "Bulldawg bash" but then it is all things FALL!!

  3. Poor Olivia, oh mom, those are the kinds of things that hurts a parent's heart. Scary. Maybe soccer will be great for her!! Bring on all things FALL!! I cannot wait to see your decor!! I know it's so cute!! I decorated some this weekend as it looks so homey and the house goes on the market next week!!

    1. Yes, it definitely hurt my heart. Every time I think about it and I picture her falling like that it makes me sick. I'm just so thankful that she's okay! And yay!!!! Good luck! I hope you guys sell really quickly!

  4. Sounds like that gymnastics place needs to hire some extra workers to make sure everyone is watched! I taught gymnastics when I was in high school but we had small groups we stayed with and there were 2 girls per group so it was much easier to watch everyone. I'm so excited about fall, too, and I may sneak away Saturday during a game I don't want to watch to go to Hobby Lobby to stock up on stuff! Or maybe Friday after school after I get my PSL!!! Yay!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. I can totally see why you and Olivia weren't thrilled with gymnastics - too scary!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Oooo The Identicals is next on my list! And OMG about Olivia! That's crazy she didn't have a spotter!! Ella would have never wanted to go back either if that happened to her, poor girl! Sorry that happened. And my goodness, we cannot even believe what is happening in Houston

  7. whoa whoa whoa - I cannot believe she fell on her head twice. i would have died. hadley is three and just started gymnastics last week too, so i can't imagine us having that experience, but it's possible. sorry, friend. i hate you had to watch that! in happier news, enjoy your weekend with friends watching football. my husband is about to lose his ever-loving mind over football returning. he's watching past-year's games on repeat on weekend just getting ready! haha!

  8. Oh poor Olivia. That is CRAZY. This mama would not have been very happy about it either. Maybe she'll decide to give it a go later in life... or she'll kick some soccer butt! HA! I hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

  9. Oh goodness about gymnastics! I hope she's not scared away from it forever. Yay for fall coming - I still need to change up my decor!

  10. Aww that must have been very scary, I can't believe they didn't spot correctly! I'm glad you enjoyed Elin Hilderbrand!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

    1. I know, we were pretty shocked. They are working to make it right now, though, so that made me feel a bit better about the whole situation. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Texas my sweet friend.
    I can totally see why Olivia is no longer doing "namstics" I would have been so afraid!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  12. Yay for almost-September!! I absolutely cannot wait! I've been loving the cooler temps, too! Poor Olivia! I would have felt the exact same way you did. Lilli barely made it through her gymnastics class because our class has zero structure, and she got really nervous with the kids running around everywhere. It even made me anxious, so we didn't sign her up for the follow up class. <3 Brandi

    1. Aw, I'm sorry you had a bad experience, too. Our class was definitely structured and they really do a good job of working with the girls and teaching them, but our coach really needs to work on spotting the kids appropriately. If it wasn't for that, we would have LOVED it.

  13. Y'all are the best dressed family - hands down! Love the 14 yr throwback pics - too dang cute! Cheers to almost septemeber!!!

  14. Oh wow. I can't believe they let her fall on her head twice. They should have been spotting her. Poor girl. I can't believe Fall is almost here. I am excited about all the Fall stuff too! And FOOTBALL!

  15. I am so bummed that I missed this link-up yet once again! I need to put I on my calendar. Thank you for the prayers – Texas needs them! Chicken and Pineapple stir fry sounds so dang good right now. And so does Chick Fil A. It must be close to lunch time! Haha. Cooler weather and less humidity sounds dreamy. I’m ready for cooler temps around here. You guys have had a busy month! I’ve only watched the first episode of BIP. It was pretty boring, but I am sure I will keep watching. Unless it takes a complete nosedive from here. Ha.

  16. Loving the throwback pics of you two lovebirds! And when you said Chic Fil A because soccer practice, all I could think was Chic Fil A because Chic Fil A <3
    Green Fashionista

  17. I feel like Hobby Lobby and fall go hand in hand, so many good things there! I'm having a hard time getting into Taylor's new song. I don't know if I like this side of her and not her catchy dance party songs I can jam out to with the kids. Your weekend plans sound like so much fun! Beautifully Candid

  18. I love this post! I saw your Hobby Lobby IG story and I wanted that gold sparkle pumpkin so badly! I am so sorry to hear about Olivia's gymnastics. Honestly, if they aren't spotting well for the youngest kids, that's probably not a good sign. Maybe there's another place she can do it in a year or two. So sorry to hear that. I totally would have been worried too! Your weekend sounds so fun. I want to host a football viewing party now ;)

  19. oh my gosh that is so scary with the gymnastics! I think I would have yelled at the coach the first time, and then to have it happen again! Ridiculous! For spring soccer, make sure that they don't combine age groups. Typically for spring not as many kids sign up(at least in our area), so they combined the 3 - 4 with 5-6, so Mini Fox was the youngest on the field by 1.5 years! It was a huge difference. She didn't notice, but we definitely did, she was almost 20 feet behind everyone else, she still loved it, but just be aware.

  20. Aww man that stinks about gymnastics. Is there another gym in town to try out instead? I've heard a lot of people like The Little Gym to start out with kids that little. Pandora has a great Disney station if you get tired of the same soundtracks over and over.

  21. I would have FREAKED OUT with gymnastics. Sadie has been doing it for years and I have complete faith in her gym and instructors. If I didn't, we'd be out of there! Sad she had to experience that.

  22. Sorry about Olivia and nastics. What a bummer. I don't blame her either and I don't blame you! Extra curriculars should be something they love and enjoy! Also, I cannot wait to see your home decorated for fall!

  23. Oh my goodness! We took gymnastics for years and I never ever saw that happen, so awful and scary.

  24. That stinks about Olivia's gymnastics. What bummer. I have tried to like the Taylor Swift song but I just don't think it's going to happen! It miss Taylor's cheerful self!


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