Friday, September 22, 2017

Five on Friday - Favorites

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Due to holidays, hurricanes, and days off for doctor’s appointments and baby-watching, I haven’t worked many five-day weeks in the last couple of months, so working Monday through Friday this week was loooong.  I got up on Tuesday thinking it was Thursday and I got up Wednesday thinking it was Friday, so I’m actually in disbelief that Friday is finally here.  I thought I would never see it!  Haha. 

Today I’m sharing some faves! 

O N E – Fall Decor

Did you catch my post on Tuesday?  I shared our fall home tour and this year’s décor is by far my favorite.  Every year I put up the same things from previous years but I try to mix it all up and put it in different spaces each year to come up with new looks.  I also try to add a couple of new things each year, and this year was no exception.  My mantle this year is so good that I don’t think I’m going to want to try anything different next year!  That surely won’t stop me from doing a fall home tour post next year, but don’t be surprised if next year’s décor looks pretty much the same as this year’s.  ;o)

Anyhoo, you all know just how much I adore fall, so snuggling up on the couch with B each evening after the kiddos have gone to bed has been even better lately since we have this lovely view of fall goodness. 

The post is here if you missed it, and I tried to link as many items as I could in case you want to create your own little fall wonderland, too.  Spoiler alert – almost everything is from Hobby Lobby.  No surprise there, though.  ;o)

My sweet friend Laura also featured it over on her blog today so you can head over there to see it as well!  Thank you, Laura!

T W O – Boutique Quality Tunics & Leggings for CHEAP

I’m always on the hunt for good basic leggings and tunics that won’t break the bank and for some reason they’re really hard to find.  Well, I stumbled on these leggings and these tunics the other day, and I couldn’t even believe my luck!  They both have loads of reviews, most of which are excellent, they come in a bajillion different colors and patterns, and they. are. so. cheap.  I’ve looked all over creation for a cream colored tunic these last couple of years and I have never found one, so I ordered this one yesterday.  I am so excited to get it and I’ll let y’all know how I like it!  If you want to see whole post, you can find it here.

T H R E E – Top 100 Holiday Toys

Amazon put out their list of the top 100 toys for the upcoming holiday season and I was really happy to see it.  I love online shopping, but sometimes it’s really hard when you’re not looking for something specific and you just want to browse… you know, since you don’t have the same visibility to everything as a whole like you do in a store.  This list makes it easy to browse the popular items, several of which have already been purchased to put under our tree this Christmas.  A lot of the items are already on sale, too, which makes them pretty much irresistible.  From this brand new Lego Ninjago Lego Set (which I'm actually hesitant to post on here because I don't want it to sell out in case we decide to get it for Jacob - haha) to this awesome new Etch A Sketch ( I think I would like to have one of these for myself!) to this adorable toddler drum set to this giant stuffed unicorn.  I mean, I'm not a fan of unicorns, but if I was I would have to have this.  Well done, Amazon.  Well done.  Walmart and Target who?!

F O U R – Baby Girl Can Write

Jacob was recently working on homework and Olivia decided that she wanted to color at the table with him.  I handed her some paper and crayons and started helping Jacob with one of his problems, and a couple of minutes later she said, “Look Mommy, I wrote my name!”  I didn’t have it written anywhere for her to see nor did she ask me how to spell it or how to write the letters, but she wrote almost her entire name from memory!  I couldn’t believe it!  We know that she knows her letters and that she can even write some of them, but I had no idea that she could do all of that from memory.  And that handwriting!!  Not too shabby for three years old!

F I V E – These Booties

The weather this week has been sunny and beautiful but also scorching hot.  I am already in that fall mindset so it’s been really hard waking up and putting on sleeveless blouses and skirts all week.  Momma’s ready for pants and scarves!  Since I can’t quite rock cooler weather clothes, I have been wearing the one thing that makes me feel like fall but keeps me feeling cool for the summer-like temps.  These booties!  Aren’t they cute?  I know I've mentioned them before, but they are so comfy and affordable that they are definitely one of my favorites for the week... and they are also on sale!

I hope you have the very best weekend!

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  1. Olivia did SO GOOD writing her name!!! That's awesome! And Amazon did do good with that - I usually buy toys online for family and I just always end up searching by brand because there are too many dang options!

  2. Yay Miss Olivia!!! so cool!! You know I adored your Fall decor post!! And of course bootie swoon, I got some similar and absolutely love them! You are a doll, I tell ya, a doll! Happy Weekend!

  3. Hahaha I saw that unicorn too! Yay for Olivia! That's awesome!! Have a great weekend!

  4. I need to go look at the toy list asap. I kind of have a running list in my head of ideas for our kids for their big gift but I am not sure! I hope you have a great weekend. Those booties are cute! xoxo ERIN

  5. Yay Olivia! Those booties are SO cute. I have always loved them but never gone for the open toe since fall is pretty much non existent around here. We have endless summer, a week of fall, then it is freezing in no time. I hope y'all have the best weekend!

  6. Woohooo for Olivia! Those booties are so cute. I also love your mantle! I wish I had one to decorate. Happy Friday!

  7. sweet is Olivia's writing! & your booties -- obsessed!
    Love your home decor, Lindsay, so warm, cozy and inviting.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  8. Love your booties. Thanks for sharing those tunics. Added to my wish list

  9. Love your home decor post!! And those booties are perfect!! So cute!!

  10. I can't believe she wrote her name-so awesome!! And I am loving those booties!

  11. Oh, thanks for posting the Amazon list. I always like something I can browse. It's the inner-shopper in me ;) That is amazing that Olivia is writing. Can she come tutor Ben?! Haha j/k. Hope you guys have the BEST weekend and enjoy the first of FALL!

  12. I wish Amazon would put out the top 100 things to get teens! Shopping for them isn't easy! ;) And I love your mustard color top... a great Fall color!

  13. Way to go, Olivia!!! She did so good writing her name! And loved your decor post!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  14. I love your fall outfit! I'm with you - I'm so over the heat! Olivia did so good writing her name!! Have a great weekend!

  15. I am so eager to shop at ON this Fall. I am lovin' the things they have online and in stores. I'll be looking for black booties this Fall and hope to score a good deal. Happy 1st Day of Fall, Lindsay!

  16. Yay for Olivia! That's really great! I can't wait to find out how you like the tunic when it comes. Have a great weekend!!!

  17. Yay for Olivia writing her name.
    I ordered leggings and a top
    Love al your fall decor.


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