Friday, September 8, 2017

Five on Friday - Favorites

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This has been a humdinger of a week, y’all.  It was only a four-day work-week and I feel like I’ve already worked eight days.  I don’t talk about work much on here (other than the fact that I’d like to quit and be a SAHM.  Haha.) but I’m in sales and marketing for a big corporation and the few months leading up to Christmas are our busiest months of the whole year.  In addition to that, my counterpart has been on vacay this whole week, so I’ve been covering her work load, and on top of that we have had added madness due to the hurricane.  It has been complete and utter chaos. 

This is pretty much how I felt all week.  And funnily enough, Wednesday was actually by far the worst day. 

In addition to the work chaos, we’ve also started worrying about Hurricane Irma looming.  We’re in Georgia, and we're now in Irma's direct path, but I’m praying we’re far enough inland to avoid the worst of it... you just never know with these big storms, though.  Back in 1995 when Hurricane Opal hit, we had wind damage and major power outages in our area for days, and we didn’t even take a direct hit.  I’m an “always be prepared” kind of gal, so we have loaded up on bottled water and batteries just in case, and I’m also going to make sure that our backup charger is fully charged.  Hopefully we won’t ever have to use it, but it gives me peace of mind to know it’s ready in case we do.  

Every single hotel in our entire city is already completely booked due to evacuations in surrounding areas, and many of our friends here in town have also opened their homes to friends and family who are trying to escape the potential dangers near the coast.  Because of the influx of people, we are now experiencing gas shortages and also shortages of other supplies like bottled water here in town.  I think it’s safe to say that we are all praying that Irma just turns and heads back out in the ocean where she belongs.

So anyhoo, I’ve pretty much been one big bundle of nerves this week... and this is definitely not helping 2017 with its case to be a better year. 

With all of that said, I’m really, really trying to shift my focus to everything that’s good because, boy, do we have far more blessings than we do worries.  I’m extremely thankful that I’m safe and healthy, that my family is safe and healthy, that our house is dry and sturdy, and that we have everything we need and more than we could ever want.  There are a lot of people out there who can’t say the same right now, and that definitely helps me put my problems in perspective.

So, today I’m going to talk about lots of happy things, because the happy things are so important, especially right now. 

O N E – Girlfriends

We celebrated two of my best girlfriends this week for their birthdays, and boy, did girls’ night come at just the right time.  Remember how I mentioned I thought I was going to lose my mind on Wednesday?  Well, these ladies right here met up with me for drinks, a delicious dinner, dessert, and a lot of laughs Wednesday night and it was just what the doctor ordered. 

I may or may not have had two drinks (Strawberry Sage Martinis) instead of my usual one, and I also ordered my favorite salad ever – Spinach & Strawberry Salad with Goat Cheese and Steak Tips.  I know I mention it on here all the time, but man oh man, I cannot tell you just how good it is.  I don’t even think I could replicate it if I tried.

We sat and talked for three full hours, and it was nice to have that time to “take a load off.”  Love my girls!  And happy early birthday, Katie and April!!  Love you both!

T W O – Funny Memes

Y’all already know my love for fall and all things pumpkin runs deep, so I had to share these with you.  Appropriate for me, no?

T H R E E – Cooler Weather

This week has been amazing weather-wise.  The highs have been in the upper-seventies and low eighties, the humidity has been low, and the lows even dipped into the mid-fifties last night.  I busted out the open-toe booties to ring in the fall weather, and Olivia busted out her little denim jacket, or her “Cokie jacket” as she calls it.  The kids call my mom “Cokie” as that’s her grandmother name, and my mom is always cold so she always has a denim jacket with her.  Apparently Olivia notices those kinds of things because – fashion – so she has now taken to calling it her “Cokie jacket.”  So stinking cute!

F O U R – Tay Tay’s New Song

So apparently I’m in the minority by saying this, but I’m OBSESSED with Look What You Made Me Do.  I loved it the very first time I heard it and I crank it up so loud every time I’m in the car… it just keeps getting better.  It will take some getting used to seeing this different side of Taylor, though.  I do hope that she isn’t about to go off the deep end like Britney did.  

F I V E – New Fall Wardrobe for Olivia

Olivia is at the point where she is finally slowing down in the growth department, but not much of anything fits from last fall/winter so she is in need of new clothes.  You may have seen that Old Navy has had some sales going on, and we also had some Old Navy cash, so I took major advantage and loaded up.  We saved a lot of money!  Here is what we purchased...

French Terry Shift Dress
Ruffle Trim Polka Dot Sweater
Graphic Fleece Sweatshirt

French-Terry Sweatshirt Dress

Scoop-Back Tutu Dress
Ballerina Skinny Jeans

Fit & Flare Scoop-Back Dress

Ballet Graphic Tee

All of these items are currently on sale, PLUS if you enter the code SWEET at checkout you get 20% off of your entire order for a limited time AND free shipping on orders of $50 or more!  Load up, friends!

Well, that’s it for today.  Please keep all of us in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina in your thoughts and prayers this weekend.  I’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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  1. OMG..Olivia in her jean jacket...SOOOO PRECIOUS!! Ok , I just told Heather of My Glittery Heart, I thought of you two because your Dawgs play my beloved Irish!! I will be thinking of you both but will not yell at your team, lol!! Going to be a great game, 5000 Dawg fans have landed in South Bend and they bought a lot to pitch a huge tent, funny thing is it's a lot in at a former Catholic HS where many grads went to ND! Love ya girl, stay safe and Have FUN!!!!

    1. Thank you! And yes, we do play your beloved Irish! And don't worry, I won't yell at your team either! I'm Catholic so I've always been a fan of ND! My aunt, uncle, and cousins are there! And we have friends there also! GO DAWGS!

  2. I so HOPE Irma just goes back to the ocean where she belongs too! However, I am enjoying the cooler temps! :)
    What a wonderful evening with your girlfriends! I know that did your heart good!
    Olivia is going to be precious in her new fall wardrobe! And all the praise hands to open toe booties!! :)

  3. Can olivia's fall wardrobe be mine?! I'm definitely nervous for Irma for my family and friends in Florida. My parents were in Aruba last weekend and the early part of this week and were able to make it back home in time to prepare!! Have a great and hopefully dry weekend! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  4. I am so sorry you had a rough week! I had one of those days, too, on Wednesday, so I feel your pain!!! At least we are on to the weekend! I love those little clothes of Olivia - so precious! And too funny about the jean jacket. My mom was telling me that Jack always reaches for one of his plaid flannels and says 'grandpa'...because my dad is always wearing one! Hope you guys stay safe this weekend!

  5. Olivia has the cutest clothes, love those new outfits! We've been worried about Irma here too, but I think its moving farther west with each day. So sorry work has been so stressful, heres to a stress free fun filled weekend for you!

  6. I need to check out the new T Swift stuff pronto! Praying y'all stay safe if & when the storm comes your way.

  7. Ughh I'm sorry you've had a doozy of a week! It felt like a super long week for me too which is odd considering it was short! I hope you guys are ok from Irma, it's just crazy what's going on with all that, I cannot even imagine! And yessssss, obsessed with TS's new song!! That how to kidnap me meme had me laughing out loud LOL!

  8. Praying for Irmas path. My cousins in TX are still getting back to normal with non drinkable water and now my inlaws and grandparents home in FL are in the path. This has been such a hard weather year as my sister in Seattle deals with fires and smoke. You are right, I have so much to be thankful for! Love Olivia's fall cloths. What do you think of the new bachelor???

  9. I hope you guys make it through the storm okay! It is so sad to see all of these disasters occurring throughout the country. Stay safe!

  10. Happy Friday! Praying you guys will be ok with this storm and that she turns around and heads out. My brother is in Orlando and it is crazy over there too. I just saw what it did to the Caribbean and my heart is breaking. On a happier note, yay for the weekend and for girls night coming at just the right time! Olivia is so cute in her denim jacket! Stay safe my friend <3 Beautifully Candid

  11. Seriously praying that Irma and her crazy self just calm down! I hate all of this -- earthquakes, fires, tsunamis happening all over the world.
    So glad you have some great girlfriends to hang out with and super cute clothes little girl clothes to shop for!
    Stay safe my friend!
    xo, Lily

  12. I really want that ruffle sleeve sweatshirt for the girls. I have some old navy bucks to use today and I plan on getting that sweater and some undies for the girls. Potty training is tough and we go through so much. Ha. I am sending prayers for you guys. I really hope Irma changes her course back to the ocean. Loving those memes. Have a great weekend. i will be thinking of you guys.

  13. Praying for you and all in Irma's path. Sounds like it's been affecting you a bit already, but it's so great to hear about people opening up their homes. Keep us posted. I'm going to check out your picks for Olivia next!

  14. I sure hope the hurricane spares you! I know how much you hate storms. And for good reason! I love that Olivia calls her jacket a Cokie jacket, so cute and smart. I love that little ballerina top too! I wonder if it comes big enough for Gabbie!

  15. I'm praying hard for your family as the hurricane hits!! <3 Love everything your purchased for Olivia! I just went shopping for fall for Lilli this week and it gave me all the feels picking out fall clothes, haha! Have a fun and SAFE weekend!

    1. Thank you, Brandi! And aren't fall clothes great?! Love it!

  16. I know exactly what you are going through with the evacuees friend. It really was depressing seeing it all unfold so close to home. Olivia looks precious in her blue jean jacket. The little taste of cooler weather has been amazing! And girl..I need one of those girl nights pronto!

  17. Your girls' night sounds so fun, and that dessert looks amazing! And I wish I had a tutu dress, haha! Hope you guys are able to stay safe!! xo

  18. Those are some cute, cute, cute little clothes and little miss is so cute and sassy in her dress and jean jacket. I hope the storm won't be bad for y'all. Stay safe and dry and have a great weekend. OH and the Pumpkin Spice Latte van...HILARIOUS!!!!

  19. I've been so busy this week that I haven't had a chance to check out Taylor Swift's new single, but I'm going to listen to it soon. So far I've liked every one of her albums, which is rare for me when a person switches musical styles a lot.
    I love the clothes you bought for your daughter. I'm planning on stopping by Old Navy later today to check and see if their in-store sale is as good as their online one.

    1. It's really good!! There's a second single out now as well, but I haven't heard it yet!

  20. Gurrrrrl - I thought this past week was crazy long, too! Next week begins a roll of full five days a week of school until November. The kids are going to be exhausted and so am I! We can do this....right?! Ahhh! At least you got out with your girlfriends. It always feels good to take a break from the "every day." Oh my gosh - and those dresses from Old Navy for little Miss. Olivia. Cute, cute, cute! Have a great rest of your weekend, lady! :) :) :)

  21. I've been glued to the tv too watching Irma coverage because we know people in FL who weren't able to evacuate and are now stuck. Hurricanes make me so nervous for people on the coast and now that this one is so much more than that, it makes me nervous for everyone in its path!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  22. So I totally want to go shopping together for our girls! I love everything you shared. Adorable!! I've been thinking of you as Irma approaches. Sending prayers your way.


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