Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What I Wore - August Recap

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Another month, another OOTD recap.  It’s crazy to know that I’ve been doing these for almost two full years now!

A few things to note about this post:

1.    For the first time since I started documenting my outfits daily, I missed a day.  You may or may not notice that August 14 was a no-go.  Why, you ask?  That was the day that I came down with the stomach virus and barely left the bed. 
2.    You may also notice that my little sidekick is present in way more photos than usual.  She has taken to running out for pictures with me each morning before work and school now, and I’m certainly not going to stop her!
3.    Olivia has really started hamming it up for the camera…she has started cheesing all big and some days she has started putting her little hand on her hips.  Lawd have mercy, that girl.
4.    It rained a lot this month.
5.    I wear these shoes too much.
6.    I also wear these shorts too much.
7.    Olivia doesn't need an excuse to be patriotic.  And her dress is on sale!
8.    I lost my summer tan with a quickness this year.

On to this month’s looks…

As always I have linked as many items as possible.  Links for each look are under each picture.

August 1 - Toddler Gladiator Sandals

August 2 - Toddler Gladiator Sandals

August 3 - Skirt

August 4 - Wedges

August 5 - Dress

August 6 - Plaid Dress

August 7 - Skinny Jeans

August 8 - Wedges

August 9 - Wedges // Toddler Gladiator Sandals

August 10 -

August 11 -

August 12 - Denim Shorts

August 13 - Shorts // Floral Dress

August 15 - Top

August 16 - Striped Tee // Wedges

August 17 -

August 18 - Denim Shorts

August 19 - Toddler Gladiator Sandals

August 20 -

August 21 - Wedges

August 22 -

August 23 -

August 24 - Top // Skirt // Toddler Gladiator Sandals

August 25 -

August 26 - Denim Shorts

August 27 - Denim Shorts // Floral Dress

August 28 - Cutout Choker Tee // Wedges // Plaid Dress 

August 29 -

August 30 - Wedges

August 31 -

That’s all folks!

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  1. I Love August 9ths top. Olivia is cracking me up in the pictures!!!

  2. Your houndstooth dress on the 2nd is fabulous!

  3. I always love that Old Navy peplum tank - makes me regret not buying it every time I see you wear it. Too cute!

  4. I think it's great that little miss loves being your photos with you!! The fact that you have been able to do this for almost 2 years is amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. LOVE your "notes" about the photos and that Olivia loves this!!! That coral pleated top is my favorite!!

    1. Thank you! One of my BFFs actually gave me that top for my birthday a couple of years ago. She has great taste!

  6. Love all the dresses and skirts!!! Olivia is so darn cute!

  7. Love that Olivia is stealing the show. SO stinking cute.

  8. Love the dresses you wore this month. You always look darling.

  9. Looks like the pants are coming out now, here too! Love how Olivia looks up at the camera, so cute!

  10. Love, love, love these!! I also love the fact that you and Olivia don't necessarily match, but some outfits seem to coordinate pretty well.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  11. I love that watermelon tank! And that sweet face smiling up into the camera is pretty dang cute as well. :)

  12. I love all of your outfits and wish we lived closer so I could invite myself over to borrow from your closet hahaha

  13. Aww, Olivia is just so sweet!! Love your outfits, as usual! :)

  14. Love all your outfits this month! Stomach virus = no fun.

  15. I just LOVE your outfits! And Olivia squinting up at the camera...too cute!

  16. Love all your clothes and your notes about this month.

  17. I LOVE that cutout chocked tee. As always, great outfits this month! I love all the dresses!

  18. I always just LOVE these posts-you have such great style Lindsay!

  19. I love your comments bofore you started posting. You are too cute lady. I have no idea how you don't repeat any outfits, I feel like I wear the same things each week!

  20. So cute! I still can't believe August is over. I'm looking forward to pulling out some of my fall favs! When do you guys get fall-ish weather?

  21. I give you so much credit for being able to document your outfits everyday! They are all so perfect and your little sidekick model is just the cutest! Beautifully Candid

  22. I've totally gotten out of practice taking selfies and can barely figure it out anymore lol. I just adore that you girls take pictures together.

  23. Where did you get that long bow necklace?! Looove!


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