Thursday, October 12, 2017

Girl Chat - Favorite Halloween Costume

By now y’all should know that I always overshare on the blog and I post way more pictures than your average blogger.  When I started preparing my post for this prompt to share my favorite Halloween costume I went back and forth and just couldn’t pick a favorite, so instead of picking one, I’m going to share all of my favorites!  And guess what?  That just so happens to be almost every single costume I’ve ever worn.  Lol. 

Childhood Costumes

An aerobics instructor, Cyndi Lauper, a clown, a ballerina, a Southern belle, a Christmas present, a witch, a vampire softball player, a Catholic school girl, a Geisha… those are the things that I was for Halloween when I was little, and I may even be forgetting a couple.  Unfortunately pictures do not exist of the Cyndi Lauper get-up, but if they did, it would be on here!  Here are the pictures of my faves… and Laura, check out those sweet wire hanger braids.  ;o)

A clown when I was four-ish?

A ballerina when I was five

A Southern belle when I was seven-ish?

A Christmas present when I was eight, I think.  My mom MADE my costume out of an old box!

Adult Costumes

Okay, so I tried to narrow down my adult costumes to just my very favorite and I absolutely couldn’t because I love them all so much!  We used to go to an adult Halloween party every year before we had kids and every year we had the best time dressing up.  I, of course, always wanted to be “themed” (much to B’s dismay I’m sure) and we really did come up with some great get-ups over the years.  Enjoy! 

2004 - A witch and Shaggy... this was the one year that we didn't do a theme.

2005 - A nurse and a doctor

2006 - A Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner... B even dyed his hair grey!

Another one from 2006... I LOVED that skirt!

2007 - A spooky bride and groom... that was one month before we got married, so we HAD to do it!

2008 - Santa's helper and a Christmas elf

2009 - Hippies.  And I LOVED that dress!  So cute.  Short, but cute.

Another one from 2009

Another one

And another
Our Kids’ Costumes

I also couldn’t pick favorites for our kids’ costumes, so here they all are as well.  

2011 - Jacob as a pod of peas

2012 - Jacob as a vampire bat

2013 - Jacob as Elmo and Maui as Cookie Monster

2014 - Jacob as Superman, Olivia as Bat Girl, and Maui as Wonder Woman


2015 - Me with my coworkers... I'm a leopard.  :o)

2015 - Jacob as Spider Man and Olivia as Anna from Frozen

2016 - Olivia as Belle and Jacob as a Storm Trooper
We love dressing up! 

What was your favorite costume that you ever wore?

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  1. Oh my goodness - chubby Olivia in her little Batgirl costume is ADORABLE! And I love that you got Maui in on it, too. Also, loving that we were both presents at one time - I definitely like your costume better than mine, haha!

  2. Oh my goodness you as a Christmas present - AMAZING!!!! Love Olivia as batgirl, just the cutest!! What are the kids being this year?

  3. How fun and a walk down memory lane! Y'all were rocking the Halloween parties!
    Ella was a pea in a pod her first Halloween! HA

  4. Oh my gosh, love it. Look at you girl, rocking those halloween looks. Love the playboy look and Hugh Hefner grey hair. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun. Have you decided on this years costume theme?

  5. What a fun walk down memory lane. I love a good Halloween party! I love Olivia's BatGirl cute! I also love Jacob as the Storm Trooper! Did he leave his mask on the entire time? My kids only make it about 5 minutes with a mask! :)

  6. Oh my goodness Lindsay I am DYING! Love all of these so much!! I f i n a l l y talked my hubby into dressing up with us this year and I'm so excited!

  7. It was way too hard to narrow them down! You have so many fun costumes! Jacob as that little bat is just too adorable!! Beautifully Candid

  8. These are just sooo cute. I love how many you posted.

  9. oh gosh, I was NEVER into Halloween before kids, but after kids all about it. especially now that I have a real job and don't have to scrounge for outfits like I did in college,haha!

  10. I love looking at costumes from back in the day. That hippie dress looks great on you. I love that your dog dresses up too. That batgirl costume on your little girl is too adorable.


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