Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What I Wore - September Recap

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Another month has come and gone and our little family is welcoming October with open arms.  We are hoping that October brings on some cooler temps, too, as this past month was a very warm one!  We had several nice cool fall-like days leading up to Hurricane Irma, but the rest of the month was pretty miserable, and that is definitely reflected in my wardrobe. 

As I’ve said in prior posts, I’ve been living in these open-toe booties and they have at least helped it feel like fall despite the fact that the weather still has us thinking it is summer.  I have so many cute tunics, sweaters, and other tops hanging in my closet just waiting to be worn, so I’m exercising some serious patience while the weather takes its natural (HOT) course.

A couple of things to mention... first of all, we have a new go-to dress for Olivia.  These are so easy to throw on with sandals during warm weather or leggings and boots during cold weather.  They come in four different colors and they are on sale for only $8!  Olivia is wearing it in mustard on 9/30... the very last picture below.  And she loves it because it's twirly.  ;o)

Also, I'm madly in love with this top and it's currently on clearance for only $12.58.  You can see how I styled it on 9/27.

Finally, I have already expressed my love for these shorts repeatedly, but they have been sold out for months.  Well guess what?  They have completely restocked!!  I just bought another pair yesterday!

On to this month’s looks…

As always I have linked as many items as possible.  Links for each look are under each picture.

September 1 - Denim Shorts

September 2 - Denim Shorts

September 3 - Denim Shorts // Black Sandals

September 4 - Denim Shorts

September 5 - Wedges

September 6 - Wedges

September 7 - Booties

September 8 - Wedges

September 9 - Swing Dress // Black Sandals

September 10 - Denim Shorts // Converse // Toddler Converse 

September 11 -

September 12 - Converse // Toddler Converse

September 13 - Wedges

September 14 -

September 15 - Black Sandals

September 16 (AM) - Denim Shorts // Converse // Toddler Converse 

September 16 (PM) -

September 17 - Black Sandals

September 18 - Booties

September 19 - Booties

September 20 - Skirt //  Booties

September 21 - Swing Dress

September 22 - Wedges

September 23 - Black Sandals

September 24 - Top

September 25 -  Booties

September 26 - Booties

September 27 - Top // Booties

September 28 - Swing Dress // Booties

September 29 - Wedges

September 30 - Mustard Dress // Toddler Gladiator Sandals

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. All that red and black!
    I love the grey jeans!

  2. Looking like the doll you are all month long!!! LOVE your style girlfriend!!

  3. I'm always so impressed when you share this post! Remembering to take this picture must be second nature to you now! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  4. Love your Georgia apparel at the beginning of the month! I think it's so cute you get the kids into it, too!

  5. I love your Friends shirt!!! That's such a funny episode!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. So ridiculous that we are still dressing for summer the entire month right? Haha...I agree about the open toe booties....helps me at least feel like it's fall.

  7. Aren't you so over the summer clothes?! fall comes here on Tuesday. I see nothing about 71 for days after that, most temps topping out in the 60's. SO hopefully I will be sending those cooler temps your way soon.

  8. So many cute combos this month! My favorite might be your September 26th look. That color looks so good on you and I love your booties! xoxo ERIN

  9. There are so many great looks in this post! I love those peep toe booties too!

  10. You have so many cute tops here! The one you mentioned from 9/27 - I have it too but in a different color!

  11. You are always so stylish! Where did you get your necklace that you have on on 9/30? It's lovely and I've been looking for something similar. Thanks

    1. Thank you, Jane! My MIL got that necklace for me at Nordstrom last Christmas and sadly they don't have it anymore. If I ever see it again I'll let you know!

  12. I need that Happy tee! And yes to all the peep toe booties this time of year <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. So cute. I will check out those dresses for my girls. Love how versatile they are.

  14. Ok, now I want to buy Annabelle all of those twirly dresses! So cute. I love your outfits this month friend! You always impress me with how you change it up!

    1. Olivia loves them! And they are only $8!! Load up, girlfriend!

  15. Your wardrobe is much more summer-y than mine ;-) I just love how you and Olivia have match Converse!

  16. So many cute looks! I love all you girls' game day looks!

  17. Such great style and so much sweeter when it's you and that beautiful little doll by your side. Precious!

    1. Thank you so much, Carrie! I do love my sweet little sidekick!

  18. It's been so hot here too! Loving all the outfits of you and Miss O!


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