Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Our 2017 Christmas Card with Shutterfly

*This post is sponsored by Shutterfly.  Thank you for supporting the brands that support Lindsay’s Sweet World.

It’s officially December and my mind is completely and utterly focused on all things Christmas.  One of the very first things on my list each year is to order holiday cards and get them mailed around the beginning of December.  Brian and I have sent one out together every single year since we first got married, which just so happens to be ten years ago as of this past Friday.  :o)

My absolute favorite source for holiday cards and other paper goods has always, always been Shutterfly.  We have been using them for years and we have had nothing but great experiences with them every single time. 

Their website is very easy to use, they have a huge selection of cards to choose from, and they are very quick with order processing and shipping. 

I was torn among several options this year:

But we ultimately settled on this one:

Designing the cards is easy peasy and you can do so in just a few easy steps:

Step One

Once you have found the card that you want to use, click personalize.

Step Two

The next page will bring you to your card editor where you will choose your type of card (Signature or Pearl Shimmer Cardstock – we opted for Signature), choose your design color (we opted for gold), upload the photo that you want to use, edit the photo, and add your caption.  Simple.  And it took me all of three minutes.

Step Three

Clicking on back above the card allows you to design the back of your card, and there are lots of options for this as well.  There are loads of different backgrounds you can choose from, there are different layouts (single picture vs. multiple pictures), and there are lots of different fonts and font colors for you to add a caption or a note on the back as well if you so choose. 

Step Four

The next step is designing your envelopes.  You can choose from many different colors of envelopes or you can choose to add an envelope liner inside.  You can also choose from different designs to add on the outside of your envelope and some of them are just gorgeous! 

Step Five

You can also opt for Shutterfly to add your return address to each envelope, or the recipients’ addresses to each envelope, or both.  Talk about a major time saver!! 

Step Six

Finally, it’s always wise to preview all of the different parts of your project before ordering – front of the card, back of the card, envelope, and addressing.  If everything looks good you just add it to your cart, select how many you want, and place your order!

Shutterfly also offers matching address labels to accompany your cards, and that’s always a great idea if you didn’t already include them on your envelopes already.

Aaaand if you’re like me, then you’re also wanting to add a few photo gifts as well as a 2018 calendar to your order as well!  I’ve ordered a wall calendar from them every single year since 2008 to hang in my office, and I get so excited when I flip to each new month because I know that a cute little pattern and lots of lovely pictures of my favorite people await!  ;o)

My very favorite thing about Shutterfly is that they almost always have some kind of sale or coupon code so you can save a ton of money.  I’ve been ordering cards from them for so long now that we receive their annual catalog along with two 40% off coupons each year and you better believe that I use them! 

And finally, I can’t let this post go by without sharing the finished product!  I present to you our 2017 Christmas cards! 

The rest of our photo shoot will be posted soon!

Thanks again to Shutterfly for sponsoring this post!  I truly love their brand and I’m proud to be a long-time customer!


  1. Love your card this year!! Love Shutterfly, as well!
    Can't wait to see the rest of the photo shoot!

  2. What a pretty card! It's so hard to choose, but you did a great job. 😊 Love your family photo!

  3. Such a great card! I need to get our printed soon!

  4. I love shutterfly!!! Your Christmas card is beautiful.

  5. Yours came out so good! Great minds think alike for card options ;) Sierra ~Beautifully Candid

  6. Your card turned out beautifully :). xoxo ERIN

  7. I love how you added the kids' photo on the back. I love shutterfly calendars too and always get them for each of my kids!

  8. Beautiful! I got mine from CVS this year as in a rush and don't love them. I adore yours.

    1. Aw bummer! I've never tried CVS. We've used Shutterfly for ten-ish years now and we have zero complaints!

  9. We actually went with the "cherish every moment" card. :) Love your card! You have a beautiful, happy family. <3

  10. Shutterfly has the prettiest cards! I can't wait to make ours. I am so behind this year. Our photo shoot isn't until Sunday! ahhhh..

  11. Beautiful! I started making my holiday cards long before I had kids and while I love photo cards I just can't make myself give up my tradition of making them. Sometimes I throw a family photo inside... If i remember to get our picture taken.

    1. That is awesome that you make your own! My husband's aunt does that as well and hers are always extra special. I love knowing that she has taken that little bit of extra time to make them so personal.


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