Friday, February 23, 2018

Five on Friday - Old Navy Sale, A Day with the Kids, & Celebrating B Again

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This week felt extremely short.  Monday the kids were off with me, and today Brian and I are keeping Olivia home from school to spend the entire day with her for her birthday. That only left three days for me to get some things done, but I managed to be super productive during those days!

And now some favorites from the week!

O N E – Old Navy Sale (Toddler Girls)

This past week my friend Katie texted me to let me know that Old Navy was having a HUGE sale, so I did what any other Old Navy loving person would do and I immediately pulled up the website on my phone and I LOADED UP.  Olivia has outgrown pretty much everything from last summer so she will need a whole new wardrobe, so I figured it would be smart to go ahead and get it while the gettings good! 

And FYI today only you can get 30% off of your entire order, and always free shipping for orders over $50.

As of yesterday, these dresses were still only $6!!!!  SIX DOLLARS, Y’ALL.  An entire outfit for only $6!  It comes in light pink, yellow, and baby blue and I bought one in every single color!

This dress right here was on sale for $12 and it comes in lilac, rose, and black.  I picked up two of those… they are perfect for really hot days and aaaallll the heart eyes for those ruffles!

How darling is this one??  I am a sucker for gingham so this one is on its way to our house as well!  It is currently only $6 which is even cheaper than what we paid for it!

And y’all, they also have the tutu dress for summer!  Olivia had one of the long-sleeve tutu dresses this past winter and she wore it out!  I’m so excited to see a sleeveless version!  And it comes in six different colors.  Only $10 today!  It would make an adorable Easter dress.

And I’m SO SAD that I didn’t see this one the other day.  I would have definitely ordered it!  I love the chambray so much!

They also have all of the fitted shorts to wear under dresses on sale today as well… they are only $4 each and they come in 10 different colors and patterns.  I love this floral version!  Olivia pretty much lives in dresses so she always wears shorts under them during the summer so she can still flip and roll around and play and feel comfortable.

We also picked up these shoes because they’re perfect for playing on the playground during the summer, but they still look cute with all of the dresses she wears!

And she needs some new sandals, so these are also on their way.  That little ankle strap kills me!

And y’all, THESE!  Are these not the cutest freaking shoes you ever did see?!

And these are darling as well.

T W O – Old Navy Sale (Ladies)

I’m LOVING this off the shoulder jersey dress… it looks so comfy and cool for spring, but the off-the-shoulder makes it so fun!  It would be perfect for a date night.

And my FAVORITE jersey knit swing dresses are back yet again in new colors and patterns!  I LIVE in these dresses during the summer, y’all.  They are comfy, cool, and you can dress them up for work or you can dress them down.  I think I have four of them!

This cold shoulder top is fun as well!

Y’all know I’m a huge fan of graphic tees!  How cute is this one?

My go-to for skinny jeans in fun colors has always been these Rock Star Jeans.  They have them in lots of new colors this spring, and I’m loving these mint ones, which is funny, because I’ve never really gotten into the whole mint craze…

Has anybody ever tried leggings from Old Navy?  I love the knotted details on these, but I’m so spoiled by my Zella Live-In leggings I’m not sure I want to ever buy another brand.

My love for Old Navy runs deep, y’all.  DEEP.  I swear I feel like they design most of their pieces to target me directly.  Haha.

T H R E E – These Tanks Are Only $5.88!!!!

Walmart has really stepped up their fashion game these last few years, and although I never go there specifically to shop for clothes, every now and then something will catch my eye as I’m there shopping for something else. 

Ladies, they have THE CUTEST cage-back camis right now for only $5.88 each!  They come in 12 different solid colors and patterns, they are light, and LOOK AT THE BACK!  The fabric is extremely soft… they almost have a linen feel.  I tried one on and they are true to size.  I wear a small for reference. 

Load up load up load up!  These are PERFECT for summer!

F O U R – Soccer is Back

Soccer started for Jacob a week ago yesterday and he’s already had three practices.  He’s on the same team as last season, but only two of his teammates are the same as last season.  He has been enjoying practices again and I think it’s going to be another great season!  He is already looking a little more confident this season than last season!

F I V E – Day Off with My Babes & Celebrating B

Monday was President’s Day so the kids were both out of school.  We met B for pizza for lunch, played on the playground, and then we got everything set up for Brian’s birthday.  His birthday was Tuesday, but Jacob had soccer that evening, so we celebrated Monday instead.  For part of his gift, I bought 40 different craft beers (40 beers for 40 years!) and we also got a cookie cake.  I had asked B where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner, and he randomly said IHOP even though I think we’ve only been there twice together ever… and not even in the last ten years.  Not to mention it’s a weird place for a birthday dinner.  Haha.  He wanted to go there because he knew the kids would enjoy it since they love breakfast for dinner so much.

Little did he know, I had arranged for his best friend and his family to meet us for dinner to surprise him, but they love IHOP, too, so they didn’t mind his restaurant of choice.  B’s BFF practically used to live at our house before we had kids… we hung out all the time.  Now that we all have kids (five among the two families to be exact) and now that Casey (his BFF) has a job that requires him to travel the majority of the time, we rarely get to see him.  Sometimes a year goes by without us seeing him and he lives in the same city that we do.  So it was great to catch up with him and see him and it was a great evening celebrating our old man!

Finally, before I go, I wanted to mention it here on the blog since I think it’s so important.  Lately I have had many new ladies commenting here on my blog and I so appreciate all the love!  I respond to every single comment via email, but if your email address is not attached to your Blogger account I can’t respond to you directly and it makes me so sad!  If I can’t respond to you directly via email I always respond right here on the blog, but I don’t think most people ever see the responses.  Anyway, I just want all of the ladies who never hear back from me to know that I’m trying to respond and I want to – I REALLY DO – but there’s no way for me to get in touch with you if your email address isn’t available. 

If you want to find out if you are a no-reply blogger, check out this blog post here by my friend Emily.  Just follow the steps real quick and she’ll show you an easy way to fix it!

Well, that’s it for today!  As I said before, B and I are spending the entire day with just Olivia for her birthday so it should be a fun day!  We have always taken off from work and kept each child home for all of their birthdays because it’s something extra special to do.  Not to mention it gives that child a chance to have Mommy and Daddy all to themselves for the day.  We are going to let her pick where to go for breakfast and lunch and I’m sure we’ll also spend some time outside at the playground.  Not sure what else is on the agenda, but it should be a fun day! 

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  1. Those swing dresses I have worn from bathing suit cover ups to family pictures! I LOVE them!

  2. SO many celebrations in our house this month!! enjoy the day with B and Olivia and happy birthday to her! xo,Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Olivia is going to be SO well dressed this summer. So many cute dresses and shoes! I rarely go to WalMart (Target is closer for me and usually a little less crazy), but now I want to go check out those tanks. I have been on the hunt for a white one forever and it looks perfect! Happy Birthday again to B - what a sweet surprise you did for him with having his friend meet you guys out. I am sure he just loved it! And yes - I always hate seeing that darn no reply blogger email. Hopefully the tutorial will help some people!

  4. Love all the cute finds for Olivia! I need to go through closets and hammy down bins to see what we have for summer soon because we are going to AZ for spring break and will be wearing warm weather clothes again -- all the jazz hands! xoxo ERIN

  5. You are so cute in your swing dresses, I just placed my 2nd Old Navy order and have loved everything I have gotten so far. Those little Olivia dresses are darling and what a steal!! Keep on celebrating right into the weekend girlfriend!!

  6. Old Navy is such a great store!! I haven't been to one in far too long!! And I love that you were able to surprise Brian! How fun. :)

  7. I love Old Navy. I sometimes wish Gabbie was still a toddler to fit into those adorable clothes, lol! I did notice the swing dress comes in yellow this year and I want it! I am glad you had fun celebrating Brian's birthday!

  8. For athletic leggings at Old Navy, SIZE UP. I ordered a few pairs over the holidays and got a small and holy waistband. Thankfully, I only took the tags off of one pair and was able to return the rest. They were so tight!!

    1. Thank you! You're the second person to tell me that! I will definitely do that!

  9. All the gingham from Old Navy - LOVE! Old Navy has some really cute items right now!!!

  10. I saw on FB that there was an old navy sale and I went and bought the girls little jumpsuits for Easter and those cute simple sandals that you posted. I love it and can't wait to see it all put together. What a great birthday. Have fun celebrating Olivia today!

  11. We drove past Old Navy today and I saw that they were having a huge sale in the store but we didn't have time to stop. :( I'm going online right now to see if they have any of the same deals! I have tried their leggings and I really love them! They are one of my favorite pairs!

    1. I hope you found some great deals! And thank you! I might have to try their leggings!

  12. I just placed a huge Old Navy order the other day but somehow messed those six dollar dresses!! I think I'm going to somehow have to get them ! I hope you guys enjoy your day with Olivia 😊

  13. Old Navy is just the best! I could seriously get the boys whole wardrobe from there. I'm glad it was a fun time celebrating his birthday. I hope you all have a great weekend! Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  14. I think it is such a good thing that I had all boys; I would go broke outfitting a little girl! Those are such cute dresses and shoes!

    1. Right?! I feel the same way!! They have the cutest stuff!

  15. This is the post with all of the cute clothes! I really want to get a tank top style swing dress this year. I need to watch for a good sale on them. I wear ON leggings all the time. They are typically my go too. I can't remember which ones I buy though. The ones with more of a rise to them really keep things pulled in, which I love.


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