Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What I Wore - January Recap

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This is probably the most boring month EVER for outfit recaps since I’ve started posting these monthly recaps, but nevertheless, it was still documented.  It has been positively frigid this winter here in the south, and January already makes me want to hibernate so between that and the cold (and the fact that I no longer have a job to get dressed up for) I’ve pretty much just been living in PJs and workout clothes.  

Thank goodness for these Zella Live-In leggings!  Y'all, if you've been thinking of buying them but you're on the fence because of the price, I'm here to tell you, JUST DO IT!  They are worth every single penny.  I want another pair!  I got my first pair when they were on sale, and the next time they're on sale, I'm snagging another!

And speaking of the Zella leggings, I have heard several people say that these leggings on Amazon are the copycats of the Zella leggings, but I haven't tried them for myself.  You can get a two-pack for just $39.99 and they come in loads of different colors!  Has anybody tried these?  If you have can you please let me know what you think?

Aside from the Zella leggings, I think my other favorite piece from this month is this adorable Coffee Till Cocktails sweatshirt from Target.  it is soooo soft and cozy.  I sized up so mine is a little bit oversized, and it's the perfect thing to wear when you're bumming around the house!  You can see how I styled it on 1/3.

Finally, one more thing to note, the boots that I wore on 1/25 that I love so much are currently on clearance, so if you've been wanting some, get 'em now!

Here’s the recap!

And as always, I have linked as many items as I could… links for the different pieces are under each picture.

January 1 - Zella Live-In Leggings

January 2 - Skinny Jeans // Boots

January 3 - Coffee Till Cocktails Sweatshirt // Skinny Jeans // House Slippers

January 4 - Skinny Jeans // Boots 

January 5 - Skinny Jeans // Boots 

January 6 -  Boots

January 7 - Skinny Jeans // Boots // Toddler Boots

January 8 - Skinny Jeans // House Slippers

January 9 - Skinny Jeans // Boots 

January 10 - Zella Live-In Leggings // Nikes

January 11 - Open-Back Top // Zella Live-In Leggings // Nikes

January 12 - Cross-Front Blouse // Skinny Jeans // Belt // Boots 

January 13 - // Boots

January 14 - Skinny Jeans // Belt // Boots // Toddler Skinny Jeans // Toddler Boots

January 15 - Skinny Jeans // Belt // Boots // Toddler Boots

January 16 - Zella Live-In Leggings // Nikes

January 17 - Zella Live-In Leggings

January 18 - Boots 

January 19 - Skinny Jeans // Belt // Boots 

January 20 - Peplum Top // Skinny Jeans // Boots // Toddler Boots

January 21 - Skinny Jeans // Belt // Toddler Boots

January 22 - Skinny Jeans // Boots 

January 23 - Skinny Jeans // Boots

January 24 - Zella Live-In Leggings // Nikes

January 25 - Skinny Jeans  // Boots

January 26 - Boots 

January 27 - 

January 28 - Skinny Jeans // Red Hunter Boots

January 29 - Zella Live-In Leggings // Nikes

January 30 - // Boots

January 31 - Skinny Jeans // Belt // Boots 
And if you’re bored with my post today and you want to see something a little more stimulating, go check out my post from yesterday… it’s all about our Valentine’s Day decorations!  That might be a little more interesting than seeing 15 pictures of me in my work out clothes!  Hehe.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. i'm always so impressed with your different outfits. I tend to wear the same thing every day. Or rotate between about 3 different outfits! haha

  2. Awesome!! Zella leggings are the best! I especially love your Nikes and That keyhole lace front pink blouse!! You bring it girlfriend sooo CUTELY!!

  3. Those pink nike sneakers are getting a lot of wear which is awesome! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I'm still impressed with your outfits given you are now a SAHM!! I need that coffee til cocktails sweatshirt!!

  5. I just love your style, but you already know that. ;) I've wanted those Zella leggings for so long, maybe it's time to finally give in and just get them...but I'll wait until they're on sale, of course! Oh and girl, this is soooo not boring. You know that I love seeing these kinds of SAHM outfits. It's helps me a ton. Yesterday I wore an old sweatshirt to Henry's school pick up and yoga pants with holes everywhere and I mean everywhere - yikes! His school just started doing pick up so that the parents don't have to get out of the car and let me tell you, they saved themselves from seeing a train wreck of an outfit! LOL! It was bad. It was reaaaaally bad, but hey, I was really comfy! Haha! Have a great day, girl! I'll be flying over Georgia and over your house soon!! I'll wave as I go by!

  6. I love your outfits!! you always hit it out of the park!!

  7. Love all your outfit choices and you get more variety in than I do but I really should try to take a photo everyday just to see what I actually wear...I would be curious to know!

  8. Your post reminded me that I need to wear my scarves more. I haven't been wearing them much this winter for whatever reason!

  9. I love your outfits. I need some more soft sweatshirts!

  10. I love the tie front purple top! All praise those leggings for sure, I am grabbing another pair when they go on sale again too. Good lord January was long, seeing you in the Georgia gear reminded me that game was just last month, not eons ago like it feels!

  11. Love how dutifully you take daily pics!!! Such great outfits! I’m partial to the comfy looking ones lol

  12. I love your style. I may need to grab those boots. Clearance, yes please.

  13. You have convinced me I NEED those Zella leggings. Next time they are on sale, I am getting them for sure!

  14. Zella leggings are the BEST! And I need that coffee til cocktails top <3
    Green Fashionista

  15. I think you look so comfortable in most of your outfits!! Definitely has me wishing I were in something comfy right about now!

    1. Thank you! Yep, now that I'm staying at home, I'm always wanting to be extra comfy!

  16. I love all of your comfy sweaters -- and your pink sneakers!

  17. Zella leggings are seriously the best! I bought my first pair last summer and I basically live in them. Love all the Georgia attire :)

  18. I've been living in leggings this Winter! I will check out your recommendation!

    1. Let me know if you like them! I want to try them so bad!

  19. Such cute outfits! I am going to Primark tonight (you would LOVE Primark!!!) and this totally gave my some inspiration!

  20. So many great outfits! I'm jealous, with Tatum I've been in sweats the majority of January haha!

  21. I love my Zella leggings!! I just ordered those leggings from Amazon to compare! I love your pink Nikes, too!
    Now, we need to see a day in the life post! :)

  22. I really like the Zella Live in leggings, too! I finally ordered a pair to compare them to my favorite Lulus and they are great!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  23. So may cute pink looks for January Lindsay. Any shade of pink suits you. And look how warm your January was.

    Welcome by tomorrow and every Thursday and linkup with me. Thanks, Ada. =)

  24. You know these are my fav posts! Love it all friend! Can you teach me this angle? haha! It seems so easy and I fail every time!

  25. I think you had a great balance between legging vs non legging. But this comes from a gal who has been living in fleece pants


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