Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fall Bucket List 2018

Yesterday was my fall home tour and today is my fall bucket list… oh what a festive week it has been on the blog!!  Here are some things that we have on our list for this fall!

O N E – Decorate the House for Fall

A given!  This will always and forever be my number one!  I always decorate September 1 so this is already a big check on the list.  You can see the tour here.  And psssst, this year’s décor is my favorite!

T W O – Drink Plenty of PSLs

They’re only available for a few months of the year so I always take full advantage.  I rarely drink coffee the rest of the year, so during September, October, November, and December I get my fix to hold me over through the rest of the year!

T H R E E – Attend the Gala at My Alma Mater

My alma mater, which is also our kids’ current school, is hosting a gala for the school’s 60th anniversary.  The gala is actually tonight and there will be a guest speaker as well as a delicious dinner by one of the best chefs in our entire city.  Everyone is encouraged to wear red (one of the school’s colors) and I just so happenned to have the perfect dress in my closet for the event.  To say I’m looking forward to it is an understatement… date night on a Thursday night?  Well, sign me up!

F O U R – Attend Homecoming Festivities at My Alma Mater

This week also happens to be Homecoming week, so lots of other fun events are on tap… the kids have had themed dress-up days all week, there’s a bonfire, a pep rally, an alumni social, and then, of course, the football game.  Olivia gets to cheer this week and she’s OVER THE MOON.  

F I V E – Fall Weekend Getaway in the Mountains

YAAAASSSS.  This is probably my FAVORITE thing that we do all fall.  My aunt and uncle have a house in the mountains in North Carolina and we’ll be heading up there in just a couple of weeks.  The first couple of years we went the weather was gloriously chilly, and one year it was downright cold.  However, they moved fall break up by a couple of weeks last year so it was blazing hot when we went.  Sigh.  I’m hoping that the weather will somehow throw us a bone and cooperate because we could use some relief from the heat. 

Lord, whatever you’re baking outside, it’s done.  (ß I saw that meme on Facebook the other night and I have not been able to stop laughing about it since then.  Lol.)

S I X – Go Apple Picking

This is part of our mountain trip, but I like to count it as a stand-alone item on the bucket list since it’s just SO MUCH FUN!

S E V E N – Go Wine-Tasting at Our Favorite Vineyard

Another mountain trip activity… we go every year (kids included) and we always have so much fun!

E I G H T – Visit the Top of Brasstown Bald

This will also be part of our mountain trip, but it’s something we’ve never done.  It’s the highest point in the state of Georgia.  We’ve never been but I’m sure it’ll be neat!

N I N E – Spend the Day in Helen, GA

Another mountain trip favorite, this is on our list again!

T E N – Visit Rock Ranch with Friends

Rock Ranch is a place in The Rock, GA that has all sorts of fun things to do.  They have multiple playgrounds, a zip line, a pumpkin patch, a train, a jumping pillow, a corn bin, and so many other fun fall-ish activities.  We went for the first time last year and we loved it so much that the kids have been begging to go back since.

E L E V E N – Watch Football on the Back Porch

Last year we bought a projector and a HUGE screen to watch movies and football on the back porch, but it ended up being a pain to hook up each time, plus we couldn’t see very well during the day when it was sunny.  So, we ended up selling those things and we bought a big ol’ TV instead.  Now we can watch football out there during the day and actually see the screen!  And since it’s easier to set up, I’m hoping that we’ll spend way more time out there doing that… if the weather ever decides to cooperate, of course.

T W E L V E – Watch a Movie Under the Stars

And we definitely want to have another movie night out there under the stars and the twinkle lights!

T H I R T E E N – Introduce the Movie Hocus Pocus to the Kids

I am a child of the 90s so I was raised on the movie Hocus Pocus.  We watched it all the time it’s one of my favorites ever.  Brian, on the other hand, has never seen it?!?!  And we have yet to show it to the kids.  We most definitely need to remedy that this year.  Although I have a feeling it’s going to scare the crap out of Olivia.  She may not be afraid to pick up a beetle and lick it (true story), but she is sure terrified of everything in movies. 

F O U R T E E N – Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Ever since our favorite pumpkin patch closed a couple of years ago we have yet to find one that we truly love.  I’m hoping to find one this year.

F I F T E E N – Carve Pumpkins

We have only done this with the kids one time ever.  Isn’t that crazy?  Time to get to carving!

S I X T E E N – Trick-or-Treat

Neither of the kids knows what they want to be for Halloween yet.  Normally they both know by July what they want to be!  Haha.  We’ll be doing some shopping in the coming weeks and then putting those costumes to good use the last day of October.  :o)

S E V E N T E E N – Go to the Georgia/Auburn Game & Then Ed Sheeran??

This is a HUGE rivalry game that’s always near the end of our season.  It’s the one game that we ALWAYS go to when it’s in Athens.  As a matter of fact, B and I have never missed a Georgia/Auburn game in Athens since we started dating in 2003.  And the Georgia/Auburn game of 2007 will forever be my favorite football game EVER!!!!  Anyway, due to soccer and other activities we are struggling to make it to many Georgia games these days, but we always make room for Georgia vs. Auburn.  This year’s game also happens to fall on the same day that we have tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Atlanta, so we are praying for a 3:30 game so we can go to the game and then hightail it to ATL for the concert.  It’ll be #crazytown but it’ll be worth it.

E I G H T E E N – Fall Family Photos

Gotta be prepared to send those Christmas cards!

N I N E T E E N – Friendsgiving

I’m putting this one on here with every intention of making it work, but I can also say that if there’s anything we don’t accomplish from this list, it’ll be this one.  It is nearly impossible to gather all of my friends at the same time these days because we all have multiple kids in different activities and everyone is just so busy.  However, one of my very best friends is moving away forever this fall and I just want to spend every single possible second with her until she’s gone, so fingers crossed we can make this work.

T W E N T Y – Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

I always end every fall bucket list post with this one and I always will because it is officially the doorway from fall to… Christmastime!!!!

Now let’s get to crossing stuff off of this list!

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Happy Thursday, y’all!

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  1. So many great things on your bucket list!!! Have a great time at the Gala!

  2. So much fun to be made!! I can’t wait to see y’all accomplish things on your list! We want to take the kids to a GA game this year!!

  3. I love Friendsgiving. We haven’t done one in years. I can’t wait for the recaps to your mountain trip. Hocus Pocus is on my list too. Along with football!

  4. I am loving your graphics!!! Too cute with the black and white! So many good things on the bucket list. I really want to get family pictures done for all my family. Even though my brother's family is adding a little one in the spring, we have yet to get a really good one with all of us as it stands now. Think you just motivated me to get that done!

  5. I love your list!! Lots of those are things I want to do, too! And I have Hocus Pocus recorded on the dvr and turned it on the other that movie!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. I can’t pick a favorite!! I love that you’ll be traveling a lot and of course showing Hocus Pocus to the kids!! Friendsgiving sounds like a great idea! I’d love to do that too sometime!

    1. I'm sure hoping we can make it work! It's just so hard to get all of us together at the same time!

  7. How has Brian never seen Hocus Pocus!!! You need to fix that this season for sure!!!

  8. What a fun list. We love Hocus Pocus. I am so excited for a good ol' fashioned movie night. It seems like we don't have them until fall/winter when it gets darker earlier. I am so excited for fall! Your list is so much fun.

  9. All of the festiveness makes my heart so happy! I’m sharing our fall home tour soon! You have such a great list! I can’t wait to see pictures from your fall getaway weekend in the mountains!!! You already know I love #13. Can’t wait to watch you guys adventure through fall.

  10. I'm still working on my list but I'll post it tomorrow! Yours looks great. I just wonder when fall will actually get here!

  11. My husband has also never seen Hocus Pocus... I mean how could he have lived in the 90s....

  12. I put "decorate for fall" on my list too, even though it's done over here as well. :) Your fall weekend get-a-way will be fun!!!

  13. Oh man, I bet watching football games out in the porch is going to be fun! Along with all of your other picks — I wish Texas was more fall-like, but I’ll take what we get. LOL!

  14. Oh going back for homecoming is such a good one! We haven't been in years but it would be fun to check out. Yes, Eric and I went to the same high school :) Sierra Beautifully Candid

  15. Great list! This year I'm crossing one off my list I've always wanted to do and attending a fancy Halloween party.

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    1. Ooooh that will be fun! We used to do that every year before we had kids, but sadly, our friends stopped having it once they had kids. It was always one of my favorite nights of the whole year!

  16. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the best parts of fall!

  17. What a great fall list! We are going to Ed Sheeran too! Can't wait!

  18. What a wonderful list! The photos will be amazing - I've been to North Carolina and the Blueridge Mountains (although that may be south, not north - forgive my Britishness here :)) - cannot wait to see those photos! Also looking forward to the pure Americana of the homecoming pics - I miss all that American school spirit! Totally know what you mean about friends and schedules - it is so difficult when friends have children - most of mine have tiny children too, its difficult - hope you get something sorted - always worth it when you do! :) J xx

  19. Sounds like a great list! My younger two aren't quite sure what they want to be for Halloween yet either and that is so unlike them. Normally they start planning next years costume WHILE we're trick or treating!

    1. Haha. Same here! And Jacob completely changed his mind this year when we went to the store. We couldn't believe it!

  20. I'm seeing Ed Sheeran tomorrow- can't wait! Visiting a winery, decorating, and drinking PSLs are on my list too (surprisingly I didn't even have one last year!). Good luck with all of your bucket list goals!

  21. I love all your fun to come in the mountains! It sounds so peaceful, so serene. Those will be some lovely recaps. Oh and how did I forget the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. That's one of my favs, too. I'm usually pretty grumpy on Thanksgiving morning if we're traveling during any part of the parade. Womp, womp. You have so much good stuff planned! Here's hoping you get some cooler temps down there!


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