Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What I Wore - August Recap

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Hello, Wednesday!  This week is just flying by!  I guess that always tends to happen when we have a long weekend. 

Well, I sat down yesterday to edit my pictures for this post and I realized a couple of things – a) You can tell just how much I dislike August simply based on the outfits I chose… by August I’m totally over the hot weather and I’m equally as sick of my wardrobe so I pretty much just stop trying.  And b) COULD I HAVE WORN THESE BROWN SANDALS ANY MORE?!  Haha.  Seriously, I wore them almost every day that I didn’t work out.  And if I wasn’t wearing those, then I was wearing these gold ones.  I sure do love them both!  

I also wore my favorite denim shorts a ton, but unfortunately they were discontinued so I can't link those.  I did want to also let y'all know that my favorite peplum AE tank is on clearance right now for just $7.99!!  You can see how I styled them on 8/18 and 8/24.  They are SO soft and comfy and I love how it dips down in the back.  

Here are my looks for the month of August!  As always I linked as many items as I could under each picture.

August 1 - Leggings

August 2 - Cross-Front Blouse // Native Shoes

August 3 - Leggings

August 4 - Brown Sandals

August 5 - Gold Sandals // Olivia's Pink Natives

August 6 - Leggings

August 7 - 

August 8 - Brown Sandals

August 9 - Leggings

August 10 - Brown Sandals

August 11 - Native Shoes

August 11 (evening) - Gold Sandals

August 12 - Shorts // Brown Sandals // Red Tassel Sandals

August 13 - Leggings

August 14 - Cross-Front Blouse 

August 15 - Brown Sandals

August 16 - Leggings

August 17 - Tank // Shorts // Gold Sandals

August 18 - Tank (On Clearance for $7.99!) // Brown Sandals // Red Tassel Sandals

August 19 - Gold Sandals // Olivia's Dress

August 20 - Brown Sandals

August 21 - Leggings

August 22 - Brown Sandals

August 23 - Leggings

August 24 - Tank (On Clearance for $7.99!) // Brown Sandals

August 25 - Gold Sandals

August 26 - Gold Sandals // Olivia's Pink Natives

August 27 - Brown Sandals

August 28 - Leggings

August 29 - Brown Sandals

August 30 - Gold Sandals

August 31 - Converse

That’s it, friends!  Here’s to hoping we get some cooler, crisper weather in the near future! 

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  1. You observations of your August looks cracks me up. I do have some sandals I tend to wear over and over just cause they are my comfiest and go with a lot. I bet that is how you feel about your brown ones. Looking GREAT always girl!

  2. I love that floral top with your pink shorts - too cute! And I felt the same about August - hoping September wear is better!

  3. Your outfits for August are so cute, but I agree with you in that I'm over the heat and am ready for summer temps to go away! I like to pretend September is cooler, but let's be real, my September wardrobe will look very similar to August's ha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. I love those pink Nikes! I'm hoping to find a bright new pair for this next season!

  5. Oh man that floral sleeveless is my fav!!

  6. I love all of your outfits. I love the workout clothes and your graphic tees. Such great looks (as always) Lindsay!

  7. August is so dang hot and HUMID here that there is no point in trying to dress cute. You just end up a sopping wet mess. No point in ruining cute clothes like that! Ha. But girlfriend, you still looked cute every single day! Okay, wait. Hold up. They make Natives in adult sizes? Have I been living under a rock?? I’ve always loved those. And the white is just adorable.

  8. Love your outfits! I have a cross-front blouse like yours. It looks so cute on the hanger, but it drapes weird when I wear it...such a disappointment! I hear you about August. Our hot weather streak is still continuing, and I'm over it. I don't want it to get cold, but I'm ready for Fall temps!

    1. Such a bummer! I haven't had that problem yet. I do worried about mine getting stretched out and doing the same thing, though!

  9. Why can't we wear monogrammed smock dresses forever?!! You amaze me with your ability to stretch your closet so well!

  10. I love all of your outfits. I will have to check out that cross front blouse.

  11. You always look great. I wear the same clothes on repeat a lot and most days I don't really get dressed out of a workout tank.

    1. Thank you so much, Adrienne! I definitely dress down more now that I don't work but I still try to wear non-workout clothes most days.

  12. Still way better than me. I think I repeated the same outfits several times. I just want it to be cool...

  13. Those pink Nikes are adorable! I have some in powder blue but now I think I need them in pink :)
    As much as I love the warm weather, I am ready to pull out some Fall clothes too!
    Hope you're having a great week <3


    1. Thanks, girl! I think these Nikes are my favorite ones that I've ever had! I'm going to be sad when I wear them out.

  14. I love these posts. So cool to see what you wore in a month. I would love to do this just for my own benefit. I am not great at taking selfies.

  15. How cute is that Namaste tee! Since I grew up in the northeast, August was always bittersweet for me because all the summer fun was winding down. Fall meant winter was coming, and that was brutal up there. Down here in the south, I don't dread any seasons and am so much happier <3
    Green Fashionista

  16. I love these posts! What size are you in the peplum tank? going to grab one!

  17. I love that you have Natives! Are they comfy??

  18. Love all your outfits.
    I’m so ready for flannels and boots!

  19. Always fun to see what you wear! I love all the athleisure looks, now that school is back in session. I feel like that's on repeat since I rarely change after the gym! Do you go home and change?

  20. August is SUCH a hard month for me too. It's still hot as all get out and I have the urge to wear sweaters. Worst month EVER!


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