Thursday, June 20, 2019

30A Beach Trip 2019 - Day 3

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Day 3 of our trip was probably my very favorite of all!  We had perfect weather so we got tons of beach time, and we ended the day at one of our favorite places ever!  But let me back up…

We were up and at ‘em bright and early on Tuesday to make the most of our sunshine.  We knew that there was a good chance of rain later in the week (and spoiler alert – there was a lot of it) so we wanted to get in every second of beach time we could before that rain settled in.  We had donuts leftover from the previous day, so we ate those for breakfast and then headed straight to the beach.

We were down there and settled in by about 8:30 AM CST and the rest of the day was spent pretty much the same as before.  We had the beach mostly to ourselves at the start of the day, and gradually more people came down as the day progressed.  We filled the morning with sand castle building, shell hunting, wave splashing, and reading, and then we went up for a quick lunch in the condo around noon.  

And before I go any further, you can find my bathing suit here... I got lots of questions about it when I posted it on Instagram.  And all swim suits are buy one get one 50% off right now + free shipping and free returns!  Target for the win, y'all!

When we got back down to the beach after lunch (about 30-45 minutes later), I was shocked to see that a group of three ladies had totally set up their beach umbrella and chairs literally right in front of us (like, just a few feet away) and they were blocking our complete view of the ocean.  It was baffling because these beaches are not very crowded and there was plenty of room for them to have set up on either side of us instead.  I was honestly just so appalled that I didn’t even know what to do, and it took every ounce of my being to not say something to them.  I mean, who does that?!

We ended up doing the KIND thing and we dug up our own umbrella and moved all of our stuff over a few feet away... but not before I started blasting Old Town Road to annoy them.  Lol.  I mean, what kind of people set their stuff up right in front of someone else, especially when it was apparent that we had small kids?!  If I can’t see the ocean from my chair, then I can’t watch over my kids.  Some people, I tell ya.

And yes, I totally took a picture of them and, yes, I’m totally going to publicly shame them on the internet.  Lol.  This picture was taken after we moved our stuff.  See that yellow bucket and all of the other beach toys and how close they are to the ladies?  That is where our stuff was originally.  Is that not just ridiculous?!

Anywaaaay, despite the fact that the crazy old ladies pulled some shenanigans, we still had the best day.  Later in the day, I pulled out my big camera to take some pics of B and the kids, and the nicest guy on the other side of us got up and walked out to me and told me he’d love to take a picture of our entire family for us.  And just look at these shots he got!  I’ll treasure them forever!

And more that we took…

We ended up staying down at the beach until almost 4 CST and then we hauled everything up to get ready for the evening.  And naturally, we had to take some pictures on the way out!  Brian pointed out that each of them matched a stripe in my dress.  Lol.

One of our favorite places in all of 30A is this little place called The Hub.  It has a big outdoor green along with loads of tables and twinkle lights right in the middle of it, and it’s surrounded on all four sides by restaurants, food trucks, shops, and a stage.  They have live music some nights, a DJ some nights, and family movie nights some nights, and it is just the best place ever.  I wish I could just take you there because I can’t even explain how cute it is.  And if you want to see it in better detail, just check out the “Beach ‘19” highlight in my Instagram bio.  I took lots of videos there.

We all opted to grab burgers and chicken fingers from Mile Marker Fifteen, and we carried our food outside to the patio.  Because again, if you’re not eating outside on a beach vacation are you even doing it right?!  B grabbed us a couple of IPAs and it we had the most relaxing time eating and recapping our day on the beach with the kids.

After dinner, we miraculously found a couple of chairs on the green (they usually get occupied pretty early on), and we settled in while the kids ran around and played.  There was live music that evening, and it was a solo act.  They guy played lots of old songs that we know and love, and the kids had fun dancing. 

Once the kids had their fill of dancing, we walked to Mr. Freeze for ice cream and then we made our way back to the green to sit and enjoy it while listening to the music some more. 

By 8:30 CST (so 9:30 our time back home) the kids were exhausted, so we made the short three minute drive back to the condo and called it a night.

Keep checking back because I’ll have more beach recaps soon!  In the meantime, you can see Days 1 and 2 below if you missed them.


  1. Some people are just rude! Where we go in Michigan, the beach isn't always the biggest so you sometimes have to deal with that, but I can't imagine someone doing it when there is a lot of room!

    I love how everyone coordinated with your dress - too cute! And The Hub seems like the neatest place!

  2. I can't believe those ladies did that! I mean they saw all the toys they knew you had kids why would they want to sit so close to you! SMH!

    The HUB looks so cool!

  3. That is so rude! I'm glad you didn't let you ruin your beach day. Love the family pictures you took as well as the pics of the kids of the Hub. Did you take them with your phone or a big camera? Great quality!

  4. Ooh rude. But the nice guy who took your pictures shows that there are still normal people in the world! I really like your striped dress!

  5. So rude of those ladies. I bet at least one of them is a mom and would have gotten pissed when they were in your shoes if it had happened to them! I love that striped dress so much! These are all such great family photos!

  6. What a great day at the beach! I can’t believe those ladies. Some people have no respect!! Mercy! The Hub is definitely one of our favorite places as well. You guys got the greatest photos on this trip!

  7. 2 things--I love your hat and I just finished that book!!! It wasn't my favorite but it wasn't terrible too!


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