Friday, June 14, 2019

Five on Friday - Beach Accessories and Summer Fashion

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Man, we got back from vacation and jumped in head first to so much busyness and this week has felt loooong.  I scheduled swimming lessons for this week a couple of months ago thinking it would be fine to jump right into them after vacay, but now I’m kicking myself because I forgot just how hard it is to get back into the swing of things after being gone.

I’ve been working hard all week unpacking and putting things away, doing laundry (like, 11 loads), meal planning and grocery shopping, sorting through pictures from our trip, and doing everything else that needs to be done in the real world after a week of being away, and I’m exhausted.  Throw in several doctor appointments plus swimming lessons every day and that just calls for chaos.  Needless to say, I’ve just been trying to keep my head above water this week and I’ve been giving myself a lot of grace.  I think I almost have everything back in order so I’m hoping for some relaxation this weekend!  Woo hoo!

Y’all ready for some favorites?  I have some really good ones for you today!

O N E – Beach Bag Jelly Pouches

These jelly pouches from have been floating all over blog land lately and I’m going to go right ahead and jump on board with everyone else and say these are awesome!  We have a huge beach bag that we use, and the entire time we were at the beach, I felt like I couldn’t find anything in the bag because everything was just thrown in there.  We also occasionally had wet stuff in there and I worried about the wet stuff messing up the electronics (phones, speaker, etc.). 

This week I purchased three of these pouches to divide up our giant beach bag as follows – sunscreen in one pouch, electronics in one pouch, and then an empty one to put wet stuff in.  Then toys, books, towels, and everything else can just get tossed in to the main bag.  This makes it soooo easy to find everything.  No more digging to the bottom of the bag for the tiny little face sunscreen stick. 

The pouches are way larger than they look so they hold a great deal of stuff!  They're clear, too, so you can see what's in there!  They also come in a lot of cute styles… I have the watermelon, the lemon, and the rainbow, and they also have a Beach Please, a unicorn, a mermaid, a bomb pop, a Suns Out Buns Out, and another patriotic one.  So many cute ones to choose from and only $8.97!

T W O – Best Sunscreen Stick

And speaking of sunscreen sticks, I wanted to share this one with y’all because we love it so much.  Gone are the days of slathering yucky white lotions on the faces of your squirming kids.  These sunscreen sticks are awesome, y’all!  Just a few swipes on their little faces and you’re done.  It’s wide so it covers quickly and it also goes on clear so you don’t need to rub it in.  We used these on the kids every single day at the beach and neither of them had a trace of sunburn ever.  So good.

T H R E E – Cutest Sign

Hearth and Hand for Target needs to staaaahp with all of the cute stuff, y’all.  They make me want to redecorate my entire house.  Instead of redecorating the whole thing, I held back and I just bought this cute little reversible sign for our kitchen.  On one side it says “Let’s Go Out” and then when you flip it over it says “Let’s Stay In.”  I’m a sucker for black and white stuff, so this goes perfectly with everything else in my kitchen! 

And if you like that one, then you might also like its sister sign “Stay Awhile.”  That one hangs on the wall.

F O U R – Amazon Dress

I’ve mentioned this dress on the blog a couple of times, but now that I’ve finally worn it, I thought I’d review it and let y’all know what I thought… it is the cutest dress, y’all!!!!  I wore it one evening in Seaside on our beach trip and it is just the perfect little beach dress.  Or date night dress.  Or summer dress in general.  I’m totally into gingham right now (well, always) so I chose this pattern, but it also comes in lots of other patterns, colors, and solids.  For only $21.99 you just can’t beat it!  It’s well made, it’s flattering, and it’s soooo comfy.  I highly recommend!

F I V E – Weekly Funnies

Now some memes for the week…

A little dad humor in honor of Father's Day


Yep, I'll take all the big ones, please.

It didn't matter what you were doing... when that song came on at the club, you dropped everything and headed straight to the dance floor!

And in case you missed anything these last two weeks, here’s a little recap of what’s been happening on the blog.

And one final thing before I go, Olivia's big girl bedroom was featured on one of my favorite blogs (The Dedicated House) this past week!  You can see the post here.

Happy Friday, y’all!  And happy Father's Day to all of the daddies out there!

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  1. Oh man, Low was my JAM! And I cracked up at that office pun. I might have to use that sometime, haha. The little sign from Target is too darn cute. And I absolutely love that gingham dress! Happy Friday - hope you have a great weekend after this week of busyness!

  2. That dress is spectacular on you and I may just need it for my vacation coming up! Those jelly pouches are precious to! I hope you get to relax and enjoy the weekend girlfriend!

  3. I love the bags. I picked up a plain bag at target to stick our sunscreen in but now I wish I'd gotten a cute one!

  4. That dress looks amazing on you. I love it. And those jelly pouches are sooo cute. I may have to pick one up!

  5. I love the gingham dress! I am glad you are giving yourself grace, getting back into the swing after a week away is hard! Have a great weekend with all the dads in your life!

  6. Oh my word - that dress is absolutely adorable! Definitely ordering that!

  7. That dress is adorable on you! We've started renting vacation houses so I can do laundry on vacation and not come home to a mountain (plus we get to pack waaay less too!)… but all the groceries and putting away does make for a busy first few days arriving home.

    1. Thank you! And that is a great idea! We did have a washer and dryer in our condo but we were just always on the go and I honestly didn't even feel like worrying with it. Ha!

  8. Congrats on the feature! Re-entry from vacation has been so tough! We've been back a week, and I still feel behind! Hope y'all have a happy Father's Day!

  9. That dress looks so good on you!! I love the pouches from Wal-Mart


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