Monday, June 10, 2019

Our 30A Beach Trip by the Numbers

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Oh my goodness, what a week we had!  We just got home from a nice week long beach trip and we had the best time!  We may have had a little rain towards the end, but we made the most of it, and I still think this was my favorite beach trip yet! 

I’ll be recapping the entire thing eventually here on the blog, but in the meantime, here’s a fun little recap of our trip by the numbers…

8 – Days we were on our trip

7 – Nights we stayed in the condo

4 – Days it was sunny and gorgeous

4 – Days it was cloudy/rainy (although one of those was the day we left so it really didn’t matter)

15 – Times Olivia said, “I’m hungry” or asked for snacks (and I’m convinced this number was much larger and that I forgot to record some of them because honestly this doesn’t seem like enough)

7 – Times Olivia asked when we were going to be there

2 – Times the GPS fell off the dashboard… happens every time, my friends!

4 – Holes in one scored during our putt putt game (2 by Brian and 2 by Jacob… I think we may need to get him into golf!)

14 – Adult beverages consumed

1 – Pitcher of margs consumed that was not included in the tally above

25 – Donuts consumed… y’all this makes us look like total gluttons.  Lol.  But just remember, there were four of us and we were there for eight days.  Also, National Donut Day just so happened to fall during our trip.  Hahahaha.

17 – Donut holes consumed

16 – Ice creams consumed… again, there were four of us!  Just remember that!  Ha!

19 – Hours spent on the beach

1 – Time that my “wooden box” (as Brian calls it) AKA this purse was complimented

5 – Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches consumed by Olivia alone… this number is surprisingly low.  Haha.

4 – Times Olivia and I were complimented on our matching outfits.  (Find them here and here)

200ish – Stares and doubletakes we got because of our matching outfits… for a while I couldn’t figure out why in the world everyone kept looking at us and then I remembered we matched.  Face palm.

8 – Stores we went into at the outlet mall

10 – Items purchased on the outlet mall… surprisingly only one of those were for me!

6 – Cookies purchased at a bakery at the outlet mall

5 – Cookies eaten

2 – Books I read on the trip

0 – Times we were asked if the kids are twins.  This is the first vacation we’ve taken in years where we haven’t been asked that!

1,458 – Tickets won at Dave and Busters

3 – Nights we skipped dessert… see, we do have some self control.  Hehe.

3 – Times that I reached out to grab our kids in the mirror maze and they weren’t really there because it was their reflection.  You could lose a kid quick in there.

7 – Things that our friend Bobbie bought for the kids in the three hours we spent with them… he spoiled them rotten.  <3

103 – Shells found and brought home for our collection

658.1 – Total miles driven on the trip

17.5 – Total hours/minutes spent in the car

1 – Time that my dress flew straight up in the air

100ish – People in the vicinity who potentially saw my “underpants” as Brian called them.  Good thing I was wearing cute ones.  Bahahaha.

I’ll be recapping our entire trip, but first I have to wade through hundreds of pictures!  If you want a little sneak peek, be sure to check out the “Beach ‘19” highlight in my Instagram bio! 

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. Sounds like quite the trip! Glad it was fun!

  2. I always love your by the numbers post! Hope you have an easy re-entry into normal life after your vacation! Have a wonderful week!

  3. I am surprised that the donut / ice cream numbers are not higher, haha! Still SO jealous about the blue moon ice cream...yum! Hope your first day back to reality goes well. Can't wait for the recaps!

  4. This was so fun! Of course, with national donut day been last week you had to consume lots of donuts! Good luck on this Monday back. xo

  5. I thought of you on National Donut day! Glad to hear you celebrated in style. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  6. A wonderful vacation! Can't wait to see the pictures! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I can't wait for a full recap. You all did so much and I kept making notes of indoor stuff for our trip in early September.

  8. SO much fun and yessss to all the donuts! Sorry about the rain that moved in, but looked like you guys had a blast <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. Sorry it rained half the time! Looks and sounds like such a fun trip! Can't wait for the recap. I miss going to 30 A, I need to get back. Love the family photo!

  10. Oh my gosh Lindsay, what a fun way to recap. I've got a lot of friends in Nashville who vacation on 30A. I'd love to go sometime. We always go to Orange Beach and love it!

  11. What a great trip! I had to laugh at the Olivia comments asking for snacks. I thought that was a little low too because I probably hear that much just when they get home from school lol. I'm glad the weather cooperated for the most part and glad you still made some great memories even on a cloudy day. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  12. Glad you made the most of the rain and had a great trip!

  13. I love these trips by numbers. I should do one for our Graeagle trip!

  14. These "by the numbers" posts are honestly such a fabulous way to sum up your trip! I feel like we got details about your trip that might not normally come up in normal recaps. So fun to read!! Glad y'all had a great vacay!!

  15. Yay, for family vacations. Building memories is so important. And who can stop at 17 donut holes! LOL

    1. Yes it is! And LOL. It was a random number but that's just how many were in the cup that we purchased from Charlie's!

  16. I always love your numbers posts! And omg cannot believe your dress did that!! That is my worst fear ever--especially when I have afternoon carline duty.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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