Friday, March 12, 2021

Five on Friday - My Birthday Wish List

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For the last few years, I’ve posted my birthday wish list on this same Friday in March, and for the last two of those years, something pivotal has happened on the very same day that changed the entire course of our year… and not for the better. 

Last year on this Friday, Covid shut down the whole world, and two years ago on this Friday, I had a major panic attack that landed me in the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack.  Thankfully, it wasn’t a heart attack, but that whole episode kicked off a very long year of medical issues and anxiety for me.

With that said, I’m praying that today ends up being a little LOT more uneventful than this Friday in history has been.  Hahahaha.

My birthday is right around the corner, and as I do every year, I thought it might be fun to share some of the things that I currently have my eye on…

O N E – For the Home

Safavieh Noemi Solid Woven Round Rug (Color – Ivory, Size – 4’ x 4’) – We haven’t had a rug in our entryway for nearly a year, but I finally found the one that I want!!  This one is stunning!!  This is the same brand that makes the lamps we just purchased for our living room, and if their rugs are anything like their lamps, they’ll be top quality for sure.


Anthropologie Flatwoven Yara Rug (Color – Neutral, Size – 2’ x 3’, Quantity – 3) – We’ve been using the same rugs in our kitchen for 14 years… since we lived in our old house!  While they’ve held up very well, they’re a bit outdated and the pattern clashes with our granite, so I’d like three new rugs to replace them… one for the garage entry, the back door, and the kitchen sink.  I love that these rugs are totally neutral and therefore don’t have elaborate coloring that will clash with everything else, but they still have a unique pattern on them to give them a bit of interest.  I also loooove the tassels.  These are a bit more than I usually like to spend on rugs, but it was impossible to find anything like this anywhere else.  Why are rugs so hard??  I do feel a little more comfortable spending a little more on rugs that I know will hold up over time, though, and since these are from Anthro, I would expect they’ll do just that.


ModDRN Natural Boho Round Jute Floor Pouf (Color – Natural) – I’ve been spending more time in my reading nook in our bedroom, but I’ve found that I can’t get as comfortable as I’d like without something to rest my feet/legs on.  This pouf would be absolutely perfect in that spot, and it would also complement the woven trays on our nightstands. 


Polka Dots Decorative Throw Pillow Cover Case (Quantity – 2) – This have been on my list for quite some time as I’d like for them to be an addition to our front room.


Pillow Inserts Set of 2 – These are the inserts for the pillow covers above.


Rae Dunn Hey Y’all Mug – This has been on my list forever and it’s impossible to find around here… the only place I’ve ever seen it is eBay!


T W O – Clothes

Pink Lily Loving Soul Eyelet Babydoll Blouse (Color – Pink, Size – Small) – Loving this beauty for summer… it’s perfect for the beach!


Pink Lily A Faithful Love Lace Tank (Color – Sage, Size – Small) – Another beautiful find that would be perfect for the beach!


Pink Lily Follow You Everywhere Tank (Color – Light Blue, Size – Small) – Love this basic top for summertime… it would be super easy to throw on for anything!


Pink Lily Unique to This Love Blouse (Color – Mauve, Size – Small) – Another fun summer basic!  Can you tell that I’m loving Pink Lily?!


Heart Graphic Tee (Shirt Color – Heather Mauve, Font Color – White, Size – Small) – The perfect, comfy, cool tee for summer... because let's be real... there's a very good chance we won't be going many places this summer yet again, so I'll probably be living in t-shirts.  Sigh.


Women’s Summer Ruffle Hem Smocked Tank Top – (Color – Blue Floral Print, Size – Small) – This tank from Amazon is feminine, affordable, and perfect for keeping cool during our hot southern summers.


University of Georgia Women’s Intramural Tank Top (Color – True Red, Size – Medium) – I’ve been wanting a Georgia workout tank and this one is perfect!  I prefer to wear a loose-fit like this one when I work out, and for some reason most of the UGA women’s tanks are fitted.  I noticed that it also comes in grey, and I wouldn't mind having that one, too.  Georgia apparel will never go out of style for this girl!  ;o)


Amazon Essentials Women’s 2-Pack Slim-Fit Tank (Color – White, Size – Small) – I’ve been wearing basic tanks under other tops more often lately, and I could use a couple more since I only have one. 


Women’s Summer Henley Scoop Neck Tank Tops (Color – White, Size – Small) – This is the perfect little tank to wear with cute, fluttery skirts!


Women’s Summer V-Neck Tank Top Tie Front Button Up Sleeveless Shirt (Color – Khaki, Size –Small) – Another great casual find that would be perfect to throw on and go!  It comes in 11 different colors, too!


Georgia Bulldogs Pressbox Women’s Big Team Logo Sweatshirt (Color – Heathered Gray,Size – Medium) – These Pressbox sweatshirts are my absolute favorite, and I love this one with the Georgia G!


Strappy Sports Bra for Women (Color – Purple, Size – Medium) – Since the pandemic started, I’ve been living in athletic apparel which means I’ve also been living in sports bras, and therefore, could use another one. 


T H R E E – Accessories

Bala Bangles (Color – Blush Pink) – I’ve been working out at home since the pandemic started, so I’ve been having to get creative with my workouts.  I’d love to have a set of these Bala Bangles to supplement my walks.  Adding even the tiniest bit of weight to a walk or run burns so many extra calories!


Phone Arm Band Sleeve (Color – Gray) – Another thing I’ve started in quarantine is running (although, I haven’t run the last couple of months because the weather has been so cold), so I’d like a sleeve to put my phone in so I can be hands-free!


Star Necklace – Love this simple star necklace from Amazon so much, and the chain length is perfect… it hits at just the right spot!


Draper James Gingham Mask 3-Pack – If you told me last year I’d have some cute and stylish face masks on my birthday wish list in 2021, I would have laughed in your face, but here we are.  Sigh… Anyway, I LOVE these gingham masks for summer and they’re highly rated.  I’m soooo picky about my masks, and these meet all of my requirements.  Hopefully they’re as comfortable as they appear to be.  It looks like masks will be here to stay for a good bit longer, so they might as well be cute, right?


F O U R – Books

The Return by Nicholas Sparks, Hardcover – I love all of his books, so I like to buy them to keep for my home library.


The Heir Affair by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, Hardcover – This is the sequel to The Royal We (which I loved), so I’d like to have this one for my collection, too.


The Home Edit Life by Clea Sherer and Joanna Teplin, Hardcover – I love these ladies so much, and I’d love to have this book… can’t wait to read it, and it would also be beautiful on display.


F I V E – Gift Cards

Amazon – My Amazon wish list is always bursting at the seams, so these are always wanted.


Pink Lily – As you can see, I have a new obsession with Pink Lily, and there are several items on my wish list in addition to the ones in this post!


Friday Funnies

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Happy Friday, y’all!

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  1. My birthday is in 3 weeks, a big one, and I’m not looking forward to it but I had a wishlist in draft last year for the first time ever and then just couldn’t pull the trigger, lol. All I want this year is a trip, but Mr. Nine says no.. ugh. But I sure do love your Pink Lily picks and the books sound good.

  2. Hoping it's a lot more uneventful for you this year! In a good way. So many great things here. I love that circle rug and have seen it styled a few different ways. I'm all for a neutral look. The cover of the Home Edition reminded me of your office bookshelf! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I'm still keeping my eye out for the hey y'all mug!

  4. Hope you have a nice uneventful day today! LOL.

  5. Let's hope for an uneventful weekend. Great list - I added a few to my shopping list!

  6. Happy early Birthday! Also, I hope that nothing crazy happens today. That's so insane bad things have happened the last two years. Love seeing people's wish lists. I hope you get most of these items. I could really use a pouf or something for my feet when I'm outside and trying to read. Those masks are adorable!


  7. I love your variety of items that you want. I do the same thing and my family shops my blog. I love it. I hope your birthday is uneventful this year. I have those Bala Bangles and I love them. They really kick up your workout. Have a great weekend!

  8. I cannot even believe that it's been a year! Like holy cow! Those white henleys, I think I need to get them, I decided this summer is all about skirts and dresses. At least that is what I have been buying lately. Also that sports bra you picked out, I bought it recently and it's so soft and comfy, highly recommend! And that color goes perfect under white workout shirts :) Happy Weekend!

  9. well i sure do hope today was uneventful for you!! I still have those bala weights on my wishlist LOL! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  10. Oh wow, Lindsay! I had no idea, obviously, but I am SO sorry to read this! Praying this year is a wonderful year ahead! Love your birthday wishlist! So many fun things. Love that star necklace.

  11. I seriously love it when I find a Rae Dunn piece I have been hunting for. It's like finding $100 bucks in a parking lot. SCORE!!!

  12. If I find that Hey Y'all I will ship it to you ASAP!

  13. How on earth did I not realize we both have birthdays in March?! Happy birthday! Lots of fun stuff on your list, all those shirts are super cute!


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