Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Our Week - The One with Quarantine, Week 52 (Jacob's First Baseball Game and Booking That Vaccine Appointment)

We had a great week this past week – Jacob got to play in his first B-ball game, we had some gorgeous weather, aaaand, I was able to book my appointment for my first Covid-19 vaccine!!  I may have cried happy tears, y’all.  Let’s get to the recap…

Monday, March 8 (Day 360 of Quarantine)

We kicked off the new week with Jacob at home from school since he had tested positive for the flu on Friday.  By Monday he was feeling totally better aside from a lingering cough, but the doctor told us to keep him home from school through Tuesday just to be safe, so we did. 

He spent the morning reading, watching TV, and doing some schoolwork while B and I both worked in our offices.  Late in the morning, I got the message from his teacher that his work for Monday and Tuesday was ready in the school office, so I headed there to grab that, and I also picked up Panera for lunch per Jacob’s request. 

After lunch, Jacob spent the rest of the afternoon working on his schoolwork for Monday.  I was so grateful that his teacher let him make up his work the “old school” way instead of asking him to join the class virtually.  This was so much easier on him, and it also gave him the chance to continue to rest throughout the day… not that he needed it much, though.

I picked Olivia up from school when she got out, and then the rest of the afternoon was spent cooking dinner and hanging out on the back porch.  Jacob’s team had a baseball game Monday evening, but we obviously couldn’t attend, and that was a bit of a bummer.

On the bright side, though, no baseball meant that we could eat dinner on the back porch and soak up all the sunshine.  I made some sausage and vegetables, and B and I mixed up some Moscow Mules… a rarity for a Monday evening.

After the kids were showered and ready for bed, we watched some of American Idol that we’d missed Sunday evening, and then it was off to bed for them, and Bachelor for us.

Tuesday, March 9 (Day 361 of Quarantine)

Tuesday morning, I dropped Olivia at school and then swung Maui by the groomer for her appointment.  Jacob was home yet again, so he worked on his schoolwork while B and I both worked for the rest of the morning.  We had a light lunch at home and then I picked Maui up just afterward. 

Jacob had long been done with his schoolwork by the time lunch rolled around, and I could tell when I got home with Maui that he was bored, so he and I played a couple of games of Life together.  Then I wrapped up my work for the day and headed out to grab Jacob’s baseball uniform before grabbing Olivia from school.  While I was in the car line, I snapped this picture of all of the trees blooming on campus!  LOVE!

Jacob was dying of boredom and had been well for so long at that point that we decided to let him go to baseball practice Tuesday evening.  He hadn’t been since the previous Thursday, and his practice for the next evening had already been canceled, so we knew he needed to be there… we were worried he wouldn’t be prepared for his game on Thursday if he didn’t. 

While the boys were gone, Olivia and I worked some more on the friendship bracelet we’re making together, we played a round of matching game, and then I got in a quick workout while she got showered and ready for bed.  We had just settled in to read when the boys got home.

Wednesday, March 10 (Day 362 of Quarantine)

Wednesday morning, Jacob was finally able to go back to school – PRAISE!  He was excited to be back, and I was excited to have the whole day to get caught up.  When I arrived back home after dropping them off, I did yoga, then I grabbed a cup of hot cinnamon tea and got to work.

I worked all day, drafting blog posts, paying bills, cleaning out emails, shopping for Easter baskets, and a bunch of other stuff, and then I grabbed the kids from school.  Jacob had a great first day back and he was able to get all caught up on the things he’d missed.

Baseball practice was canceled Wednesday evening, so after dance, we had breakfast for dinner and finished catching up on American Idol with the kiddos.

Wednesday night just before we were going to bed, B saw that the governor of Georgia had just made the announcement that they would be opening up vaccinations to a few more groups on Monday, March 15 – people over age 55, adults with disabilities, and all people age 16+ with certain medical conditions including people with asthma!  THAT’S ME, Y’ALL!!!!  I haven’t felt that relieved or excited about something in a verrrry long time.

Thursday, March 11 (Day 363 of Quarantine)

Thursday, I worked all day and stalked Covid-19 vaccine appointments online (with no luck), and then Jacob had his first baseball game at 5:30.  The weather was beautiful and so warm that I was able to wear shorts for the first time in months.  Jacob’s team ended up losing 15-10 after leading for much of the game, and Jacob had two strike-outs, which wasn’t ideal, but it also wasn’t totally unexpected since he’d missed so much practice the last week… not to mention it was his very first time ever playing player-pitch baseball. 

On the bright side, my parents and my father-in-law came to watch, and I was able to chat with them for a long time during the game.  There are loads of little sisters on our team this season, so Olivia got to live her best life running around with her friends.  After the game, Jacob was in good spirits despite their loss, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a better game next time. 

After the game, we grabbed Chick-Fil-A on the way home for a very late dinner, and then the kids were in bed by nine which gave B and me about an hour to wind down in front of the TV.

Friday, March 12 (Day 364 of Quarantine)

Friday morning, the kids dressed as book characters, and then it was another workday for me.

After I picked up the kids from school, we stopped by the library to pick up some books for me since spring break is rapidly approaching.  Our libraries have opened at 25% capacity, but we’re still opting to do curbside pick-up.  No sense in going inside if we don’t have to!

Baseball practice was canceled Friday evening, so we picked up some fettuccine alfredo from our favorite local Italian place for dinner, and we spent the evening on the back porch since the weather was so wonderful yet again.  We headed inside at dusk, the kids got showered, and then we watched the latest episode of Secrets of Sulphur Springs (y’all, why is this show SO GOOD?!) plus a couple of episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+.  Star Wars cartoons definitely don’t do anything for me, so I promptly fell asleep on the couch as I do many other Friday evenings.  Haha.

Saturday, March 13 (Day 365 of Quarantine)

Saturday morning, we got up, had homemade waffles for breakfast, and then I got in a good cardio workout while the kids watched cartoons.  The rest of the morning was spent doing laundry, tidying the house, and installing some new security cameras and other features around the house.  We’ve had a great home security system since we moved in 11 years ago, but it was time for an upgrade since technology just keeps getting better and better. 

The kids spent the morning making jewelry, and it was the cutest thing!

It was another beautiful day, so after lunch, all four of us stayed in the back yard most of the afternoon.  I started reading one of my new library books while Brian and Jacob played baseball, and Olivia played with water guns.  Yes, it was that warm out!

I had been stalking the Covid-19 appointments online all morning, still with zero luck, and Saturday afternoon, hundreds of new appointments were FINALLY added in our area, so I was able to get one with ease.  There were so many appointments that I was able to sit down and look at my calendar to ensure that I got one on a day where we don’t have anything going on, and I was able to ensure that we don’t have anything going on the day I get my second dose three weeks later.

At this point, you pretty much have to “get what you get and you don’t pitch a fit” when it comes to the vaccines, so I was extremely grateful to be able to schedule mine at a time so I wouldn’t have to miss one of Jacob’s games or anything else important.  I scheduled mine for this Friday (EEK!!) so that way I’ll have the weekend to recover. 

We have lots of friends and family members who’ve gotten both of theirs now, and that second one has been a doozy for everyone we know, causing aches and pains, fevers, headaches, chills, and exhaustion.  I know I’ll probably be down for about 24 hours after that second one, so I’m relieved to know I won’t miss anything important.  I’m also comforted by the fact that B won’t have to pick up much slack in my absence.  Springtime is very busy for us with baseball and dance, so we often have to divide and conquer, but that’s kind of hard to do when there’s only one functioning parent.  Haha.

Saturday evening, we picked up dinner from one of our favorite local pubs and we ate on the back porch.  The weather has just been perfection lately and we’re taking full advantage before it becomes too hot. 

After dinner, the kids got ready for bed, and then we all watched the new Netflix movie Yes Day with Jennifer Garner.  It was really cute and entertaining, and it was perfect for the whole family.

Sunday, March 14 (Day 366 of Quarantine)

Sunday morning was the usual – virtual mass, cinnamon rolls, TV for the kids, week ahead planner prep for me, and then homework time.  B went to Lowe’s to grab a few things since we’ve been working on a few projects around the house, and then we shared a cheeseboard for lunch.


Jacob had baseball practice at 2:30, and since the weather was so lovely, we all decided to pile in the car and go together.  While he practiced, Brian, Olivia, and I walked around the park.  After mile one, Olivia was ready to stop, so she and B headed to the ball field while I did another mile. 

I joined them when I was done, and I read my book while practice wrapped up.  A couple of the other little siblings were there at practice, so she had some friends to play with.  And one of the other moms showed her how to make flower crowns and necklaces.

When we got home, B installed a retractable shade on the west end of our back porch.  The sun obviously sets at that end, and many evenings at dinnertime, it is right in the perfect spot to annoy all of us, so we thought it would be nice to have something to provide a little bit of relief to make dinners even more enjoyable.

We ate Italian leftovers from Friday night’s dinner on the back porch Sunday evening, and then after the kiddos went to bed, we watched some of The Grammy’s.  Taylor Swift’s Folklore album was nominated for six of them, I think, and I thought it was well-deserved since that album was so incredible. 

And that was our week!  Happy Wednesday, y’all!


  1. I love Simply Southern! I have the cutest sweater I got fro Georgia for like $10 bucks on clearance at some small boutique! It was during the summer and I was like I can't pass this up! I will just stash it away when it's time LOL!

    I still have yet to get the vaccine. Living in Florida it's ONLY available for people 50+. Lame.

  2. So glad that Jacob is feeling better! That weather you've got going on is beautiful! I can't wait until we can eat on the deck. :) And yay for getting the vaccine! It's so hard here in MI to get an appointment. I am so thankful that my parents were finally able to schedule theirs.

  3. Yay to the beautiful weather and Jacob‘s first baseball game! My husband gets his first vaccination today and I get my next Thursday, just want to get them and get it over with! So glad you got an appointment!

  4. I want last week's weather back. It has been cold and rainy here this week!
    So glad you were able to get an appointment. My mom got her first one last week.

  5. I'm glad you can get an appointment now! I still don't know when I'll be eligible, but they said by May now.

  6. Yay for baseball starting up; it screams the start of spring in my mind! Love all your outdoor pictures, the one on the porch with the sunset and the one of the trees budding... so pretty! Glad you had a great week and that you were able to get your appointment booked.

  7. I'm glad Jacob is feeling better! That's great he got to have his first game. The boys have their first soccer game this weekend and baseball will be starting up in April. I'm hoping this season feels more normal. That sunset is beautiful and what an extra treat to enjoy a drink that doesn't always happen during the week. Hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day!

  8. We watched Yes Day too and thought it was so fun (other than Netflix kept crashing and loading and the ending took forever to get through!).

    1. Aw man, don't you hate it when that happens? That movie was so cute, though!

  9. Such a great week! I'm going to be eligible here in a few weeks and I've already pre-registered and can't wait!!! xo, Biana

  10. Yay for a Covid shot. I had the first dose of Pfizer this week and all that resulted was arm pain and a bit of a bad mood. Already got my leave slip ready for the second one. I am counting on being out for the count. Glad Jacob is feeling better!


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