Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Red, White, and Blue Apparel for Women

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Summertime always makes me think of red, white, and blue since there are so many patriotic holidays during the spring and summer months.  Today I’m sharing a few festive finds that you can wear for Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and pretty much any day during the summer!

First up, is this floral red and white printed cutout midi dress.  I have this exact dress in blue and white gingham, and it’s one of my favorites!  It’s so comfortable, and it’s especially great for the beach.


This blue and white striped dress is another great option, and it has pockets!


I am head over heels for this crossover halter backless maxi dress!  It is STUNNING.  It’s on my wish list.


This red button down midi dress has such a classic silhouette, and it looks easy breezy for hot summer temps.


The back of this dress is so sweet and feminine!  I just love the ruffles and the bow.


This dress screams USA!  It’s the perfect option if you want a true American flag option.  And it also has pockets!  :o)


And this dress is cute for cooler summer evenings.  I have this dress in a couple of different colors and I love it so much. 


This sweatshirt is so patriotic, and it would be perfect to slip on over a tank or tee on a cool summer evening.  We don’t have cool summer evenings here in Georgia, so I would never have a need for a sweatshirt like this.  I really want one, but I just can’t justify it because I would never be able to wear it.  Haha.  It comes in lots of colors, too, if navy isn't your thing.


This bomb pop tee is SO CUTE and it makes for a great casual option.


This tee does, too, and it would be super cute paired with some cutoff jeans.


I love this top, too, and it would be perfect with white jeans for a slightly dressier event. 


These jean shorts are SO festive, and I’m adding them to my wish list!


And let’s not forget the accessories!  These beaded USA earrings are perfect for any of the patriotic holidays and they’re so affordable.  I can’t believe how inexpensive they are!


These beaded star earrings are gorgeous, too!  And they're super affordable as well!


And I love these red, white, and blue star earrings!


These earrings caught my eye because they’re so unique.


And this is another option if you like the beaded look but want something a little more understated.


I bought these for the Taylor Swift concert, but they will be perfect for Memorial Day and Fourth of July.  I loooove them.


And these oversized red sunglasses are ah-mazing!!  They give off total Wendy Peffercorn vibes even though she technically wears white sunglasses in the movie.


And that’s it, y’all!  I want to buy all of these!  Haha. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I like how the first few are appropriate but not overly meant just to be patriotic!

  2. My favorite time of year - LOVING all your picks especially that maxi halter dress <3

  3. So many pretty pieces, Lindsay!! I love that white dress with the stars, just gorgeous!

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