Monday, May 1, 2023

What I Ordered from Amazon in April 2023

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April was another heavy Amazon month mostly because I was in charge of putting together the auction item for third grade at the kids’ school, and also because we needed refills on quite a few items that we buy frequently.  Let’s get to the items!


Lavender Flutter Sleeve Shirt

I used most of my birthday Amazon gift cards to put towards everyday items so I could spend the money on my beloved white Spanx jeans that I’ve wanted instead, but I did have a little bit leftover to shop for myself on Amazon, so I decided to buy this lavender top that’s been on my wish list for so long.  I wanted to love it so much, and I really, really did, but the chest and neck opening was just too wide, and it gaped weirdly so I had to return it.  I’m not sure if I just got a bad one, or if they’re all that way, so I may try another one again in the future eventually.  Other than the neckline fitting oddly, I loved every single other thing about the top, and I’m really sad that it didn’t work out.


Lavender Button Down Tank

Since that one didn’t work, I returned it, and then I grabbed another one of these button down tanks instead.  I bought this one in green earlier in the year, and I LOVE it, so I definitely wanted it in a couple of other colors.  This shade of lavender is so pretty, and the tank is perfection.  I love that I can wear it with cutoff jean shorts for a super casual look, or that I can wear it with my new white Spanx jeans to dress it up a little bit.


Workout Tank

I’ve been in need of some more workout tanks, and these are my very favorites to wear with leggings, so I grabbed this one.  As you can see, I am obsessed with lavender right now!  And if you missed my original posts on these tanks, they are just perfect.  They have a built-in shelf bra with removeable pads, so you don’t have to wear anything underneath.  They hit my torso just above my belly button which is perfect since my leggings hit right at my belly button.  They do run small, though.  My true size is a small in tops, but I buy mediums for these.


Pink Sparkly Dress

This dress was a contender for the Taylor Swift concert, but I ended up choosing a different one, so I returned this one.  I loved the dress and it was very well made, but the hips were a little boxy on me.  Everything else about it was perfect, though, and I love that it has adjustable straps.


Women’s Athletic Shorts

I also bought a new pair of my favorite running shorts in a smaller size.  I lost a little bit of weight after I had Covid in October, and my old running shorts haven’t been fitting properly ever since then.  In case you haven’t heard me rave about these shorts yet, they are ah-mazing.  They are the perfect length, they hit at just the right spot on my torso, and they have a little zipper pocket in the back where you can store a key or whatever else you may need that’s small.  The fabric is excellent, and the overall quality is top-notch, too.


Star Earrings

These were purchased for the Taylor Swift concert, and I loooove them.  They are THE CUTEST on, and I know I’ll get lots of good use out of them.


Bar Cart

Our school does a big fundraiser every year, and each grade has to provide a themed item to auction off.  I was in charge of the third grade auction item, and I decided to do the bar cart theme again since it’s been successful the last couple of years that I did it.  I bought this bar cart from Amazon, and I was pleasantly surprised at the size and quality.  It’s large, and I love that it has the wine bottle holders and wine glass rack built right in.  It also has wheels so you can move it around easily, and its neutral design should look great pretty much anywhere.  You do have to put it together, and it was a little bit of a process, but it was totally worth it for the price!


Light Up BAR Sign

These were also a purchase for the bar cart to dress it up a bit.  The letters are large, and they take batteries so you don’t have to worry about needing an outlet. 


Bartender Kit

This was another purchase for the bar cart auction, and it’s so nice!  It comes with cocktail shaker and various other items that you need to make cocktails.  The best part is the holder because it keeps everything organized and in place, and it looks fantastic sitting on the bar cart!


Disco Ball Napkins

These napkins were also a fun little item to jazz up the bar cart a little bit.  They have disco balls on them, and I can’t think of anything more festive than that!  The design on the front is foil, too, so they’re shiny, and the quality is great!  Foil napkins are usually pretty pricey, but these are very affordable.


Encyclopedia of Cocktails Book

I’ve mentioned this book numerous times on the blog because I love it so much.  I bought one of these for the auction last year, and I loved it so much that I bought one for myself, too.  This book is gorgeous – it’s big and it’s sleek – the page edges are black and there are little spots on the cover that are foil, so it’s great to use as a decorative item in addition to an actual recipe book.  I also love how organized and uniform all of the recipes are inside.  It’s truly a gorgeous book and it would make a great gift for anyone who loves cocktails.


Love and Other Words

I needed a book for our trip to Huntsville and none of my library holds were available, so I grabbed this one.  I don’t usually buy books anymore unless I read them first and love them, but I’m so glad that I bought this one because it was fantastic.  I absolutely adored the characters in this book and their story.  It was beautifully written and this one is one that I’ll always remember. 


Ed Sheeran Divide CD

This was an Easter basket gift for Jacob.  He and Olivia love listening to music in their rooms, and since they don’t have phones, we decided to go old-school and we give them CDs instead.  He loves Ed Sheeran, so I knew this one would be a hit with him.


Pokemon Cards Binder

Both of our kiddos have decided to start collecting Pokemon cards, and their collections were getting out of control, so they both used their own money to purchase binders to keep them organized.  Olivia chose this one, and she loves it.  It holds 700 cards (I believe) and the binder zips up to keep everything contained.  Jacob purchased a binder, too, but his is no longer listed, and therefore, I can’t link it or provide a picture.


Maybelline Pro-Matte Foundation

I made the switch to this Maybelline Pro-Matte Foundation after they discontinued the Pro-Glow version, and I love it.  It provides good coverage without being too cakey, and it does a better job of controlling shine on my face throughout the day than the Pro-Glow did.  I love it!


Covergirl Lipstick

This shade of Covergirl Lipstick is my absolute favorite, and I was in need of a refill, so I grabbed three tubes.  This lipstick is so affordable at just $5.48 each, and the quality is excellent.  It goes on smoothly, it’s long-lasting, and it doesn’t flake or get weird as it fades.



This was another refill!  I’ve mentioned a million times on here that I have terrible allergies, so I take this daily, year-round.  Xyzal works much better for me than Claritin or any of the other allergy medications and it has zero side effects.


Smarty Pants Daily Multi-Vitamins

I’ve been taking these vitamins every day for years and it was time for a refill.  These provide so many great nutrients including Omega-3 DHA, and they don’t have any junk in them like so many other vitamins do. 


Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes

I’ve kept these in my purse since the kids were babies, and it was time for a refill.  I love to have them on hand if there’s ever an instance where we need to eat something, but we don’t have access to a sink and soap.  We do use hand sanitizer, too, but sometimes it seems that hand sanitizer just smears the dirt and germs around on your hands.  I like having the wipes for times when you need to actually wipe away dirt and germs.


Swiffer Dusters

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned these on the blog before, but these are the only things I use to dust!  When you buy the starter kit, it comes with a plastic wand, and you just slide one of these dusters on the wand and go to town.  They make dusting quick and easy, and they do a great job of trapping dust instead of just pushing it around.  We needed a refill, and Amazon had the best price!


And that’s it, y’all!  Whew! 

Happy Monday!

And if you want to see everything that I ordered in previous months, just check out the posts below!

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  1. So much goodness. Love the lavender tops and all the bar cart stuff!

  2. Lots of fun finds! Love and Other Words is so good.

  3. Your bar cart is such an awesome auction idea! I really need to try xyzal. I take zyrtec, but think I could find something better. I already have the swiffer handles, and will not order the refills. I have been using a "reusable" duster, but I think that's kind of gross since you never get rid of all the dust. Thanks for linking up as always!!

  4. I have that same button up tank (in a different color) on my Amazon post this month.


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